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8" x 10"
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Resonate Taupe Bubble

Pattern #: 295-66548
Brand: Kenneth James
Collection: Luna


This ombre inspired fade pattern resonates the sparse beauty of a desert sand vista, with a mod shimmer of tonal taupe intrigue.

Pattern Details

Product Properties

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Material: Non-Woven
Paste: Unpasted
Repeat: 0"
Match: Random
Roll Width: 20.5"
Single Roll Length: 16.5'
Single Roll Coverage: 28 square feet
Single Roll MSRP: $78
Washability: Washable
Removability: Strippable

Different Colorways

  • 295-66550Brown
  • 295-66549Light Green
  • 295-66544Cream
  • 295-66545Light Blue
  • 295-66547Mauve