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Size: 8"x 10"

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Salmon Lace Floral

Pattern #: 522-30215
Brand: Fairwinds Studios
Collection: Springtime Cottage


A lush hue of salmon, this floral wallpaper bears a classy, timeless pattern, decorated with stunning beige flowers and lace.

Pattern Details

Product Properties

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Material: Acrylic Coated Paper
Paste: Unpasted
Repeat: 23.6"
Match: Straight
Roll Width: 20.5"
Roll Length: 33'
Roll Coverage: About 56 square feet
Roll MSRP: $106
Washability: Washable
Removability: Strippable

Different Colorways

  • 7223Light Blue Lace Floral/522-30202-light-blue-lace-floral.aspx
  • 7224Pink Lace Floral/522-30204-pink-lace-floral.aspx
  • 7225Yellow Lace Floral/522-30205-yellow-lace-floral.aspx
  • 7226Aqua Lace Floral/522-30206-aqua-lace-floral.aspx