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Top 5 Spring 2015 Trends for the Home

bold blue decor trend spring 2015

Home Decor Trends to Try This Year

Today marks the vernal equinox which means Spring is here! Despite the actual weather calling for snow flurries here, we are delighted about the prospect of warm weather and bright days ahead. We are also giddy about all things new in color, fashion, and fun trends for the new season. Here is a list of our 5 favorite design movements to try this Spring.

Bold Blue

Marsala was declared the color of the year, but we have to say that bold blue is stealing the show. Rich Mediterranean blues are adding a regal tranquility to every room of the house. From accent walls to furniture, and kitchen cabinets to accessories, blue is a major trend in home decor this season.

images via HGTV and Brewster Home Fashions

images via HGTV and Brewster Home Fashions

images via Brewster Home Fashions


Inspired by chic lofts, artist studios, and the juxtaposition of finery with streamlined modern spaces, industrial decor is a contemporary trend to watch. Lighting, in particular, designed with a utilitarian feel that has been adapted with interesting finishes and unexpected scale, is adding a refined beauty to decor. The trend extends to furniture and wall decor, with sheet metal, steel, and exposed rivets creating drama.

Images via Anthropologie Freshome and BrewsterHome Fashions

Images via Brewster Home Fashions and the Decoist

Images via HGTV and Brewster Home Fashions


Mathematics is the language of the universe and geometrics create a contemporary and balanced look. We love the sophistication of clean lines, uncomplicated forms and chic shapes. HGTV has declared Geometrics as the front-running trend of 2015 and we could not agree more!

Images via Urban Outfitters and Brewster Home Fashions

Images via Brewster Home Fashions

Images via Brewster Home Fashions

Free Standing Tubs

Beautiful bathrooms featuring free standing tubs are giving us bathroom envy this year! Whether featuring modern lines, vintage stylings, or a transitional mix of both, some gorgeous tubs are taking center stage these days. What a beautiful spa-like decor idea for those who love to take baths and have the space for a tub that doesn’t double as a shower.

Image via HGTV

Image via Brewster Home Fashions

Images via Brewster Home Fashions

Warm Metals Copper

We love shiny things! Metallics have been captivating home decor and the trend continues to prosper this season. Shimmering gold, warm copper, and beautiful brass bring a touch of luxury to any space, radiating the light of the room. Pendant lamps, mirrors, furniture and wall decor, even sinks and hardware are all benefiting from the beauty of metallic finishes.

images via Brewster Home Fashions

images via Brewster Home Fashions WallPops and Pop Sugar Home

images via Brewster Home Fashions Southern Living and Leedy Interiors

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