How to Buy Wallpaper

how to buy wallpaper

Why can I only buy samples of wallpaper?

Wallpaper is a high fashion product, which has the ability to create a variety of effects in a room depending upon the style, color, specialized printing techniques as well as other décor elements. Wallpapers today are more exciting than ever incorporating a variety of sophisticated printing techniques, inks and effects that make each Brewster Home Fashions wallpaper special and unique. Because of these sophisticated techniques, it is difficult to get an accurate depiction of these actual characteristics online and we strongly recommend visiting a store that carries Brewster wallpaper collections so that you can see and feel the actual products and get a better idea of the actual colors, techniques and effects used. While Brewster Home Fashions is represented by a vast number of retailers throughout the USA and Canada we recognize that there may not be a retailer within close proximity to everyone. In this case we recommend purchasing samples of your selected wallpapers to view in person before making a purchase through a Brewster Home Fashions retailer.

Brewster Home Fashions boasts a network of highly professional and knowledgeable retailers throughout the USA and Canada, along with distributors throughout the globe from whom you can purchase our wallpapers. Many of these retailers offer the services of design professionals who are ready and able to help you select the perfect wallpaper for your decorating project.

If you have selected a product and are ready to purchase it, you should note the following information...

  • Pattern # (Under the Name on the Product Page)
  • Collection Name (Under the Brand on the Product Page)
  • Color (Hover over the thumbnails on the product page)

Once you have the information on the wallpaper you want you should use our Wallpaper Calculator to determine how much wallpaper or border you need. Then visit our Find a Retailer page to find the store nearest you. You can either visit the retailer in person or call the retailer to place your wallpaper order.