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Andover Miniatures is an enchanting wallpaper collection, inspired by posies of fresh flowers. These floral wallpapers are nostalgic, delighting rooms with sweetheart designs. Warm vintage décor ideas mingle with classic stripe accents and Victorian garden patterns. 

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Anna Lavender Floral Accent

This Anna wallpaper is so happy and lovely! Featuring baby flower buds tossed about in a delicate pattern of soft purple and green.
$67.98 $57.78

Anna Peach Floral Accent

This pleasant and delicate floral toss has tiny flower buds of blushing pink and green, a charming wallpaper choice!
$67.98 $57.78

Ashley Pink Floral Garden

The softest sigh of baby pink and buttercream petals make this sweet and delicate wallpaper come to life, a beautiful garden of tiny flowers.
$67.98 $57.78

Ashley Purple Floral Garden

Ashley is a sweet flower garden, bursting with precious and delicate blooms of violet and lavender.
$67.98 $57.78

Ashley Yellow Floral Garden

Make a golden glow of tiny flower blossoms on you walls with this precious garden inspired wallpaper.
$67.98 $57.78

Ayda Beige Accent

Ayda wallpaper in beige is a cute floral accent pattern, a timeless and simple detail for a space.

Ayda Blue Accent

This subtle and pleasant pattern brings a floral accent of simple pale blue flower shapes, bright, pretty and uncomplicated.
$67.98 $57.78

Beatrice Beige Floral Bouquet

Add a beautiful depth to your wall with this wallpaper. A subtle tonal floral trail motif adds interest to the walls, while precious pansies and violet colored bouquets bring a gorgeous detail to the pattern.
$67.98 $57.78

Beatrice Blue Floral Bouquet

The beautiful blues of the sky from powder soft to periwinkle make this floral bouquet wallpaper a tranquil expression of elegance.
$67.98 $57.78

Beatrice Cream Floral Bouquet

What a darling pattern to bring a beautiful dimension to your space. Precious pink violets and bouquets are presented above a soft vine pattern.
$67.98 $57.78

Beatrice Pink Floral Bouquet

Classic country romance, this floral bouquet wallpaper in mauves and pinks brings beauty and warmth to a space
$67.98 $57.78

Blanche Blue Decorative Border

Bring an elegant border detail to your walls with this chic artistic representation of a silk scarf with a decorative gold chain set atop classy sky blue.
$19.99 $16.99

Blanche Green Decorative Border

This chic border recreates the look of a silk scarf, bound by a decorative gold chain in sophisticated greens and yellows.
$19.99 $16.99

Caroline Green Floral Garden Border

This soft vista of a beautiful watercolor painted rose garden makes a romantic border of green, pink, lilac, and violet hues.
$19.99 $16.99

Celia Beige Classic Pattern

This ultra subtle tonal wallpaper is classic and pleasant with a tiny pattern in soft taupe and beige.
$67.98 $57.78

Celia Grey Classic Pattern

Set a pleasant mood with this classic wallpaper in soft beige and dove grey, featuring a dainty country pattern.
$67.98 $57.78

Celia Periwinkle Classic Pattern

Add a subtle classic country pattern to your walls with this pleasant periwinkle pattern.
$67.98 $57.78

Celia Pink Classic Pattern

The sweetness of pink, almost a polka dot but with a classic country pattern, this wallpaper is fresh and pretty.
$67.98 $57.78

Celia Purple Classic Pattern

This wallpaper is classic and subtle with a classic, barely there pattern in soft thistle over a beige background.
$67.98 $57.78

Cindy Beige Floral Trail

This soothing wallpaper has a subtle speckled antique background with beautiful floral trails and butterflies in complimentary pale raisin and apricot hues.
$67.98 $57.78

Cindy Peach Floral Trail

This trailing floral wallpaper is soft and lovely with butterflies and flowers in soft tones of peach and pink.
$67.98 $57.78

Cindy White Floral Trail

Bright and happy butterflies and flower trails in yellow, purple and iris flourish across a soft white background.

Elaine Blue Floral Bouquet

This wallpaper is delicate, with hushed blue and yellow floral bouquets, ushering pretty hues into your décor.
$67.98 $57.78

Elaine Magenta Floral Bouquet

The understated elegance of this soft floral bouquet wallpaper brings classic and lovely country charm to a space.
$67.98 $57.78

Elaine Yellow Floral Bouquet

Elaine wallpaper gathers the timeless beauty of antique flowers into precious bursting bouquets. Accent your décor with a vintage floral.
$67.98 $57.78

Eliza Peach Floral Bouquet

Delicate little bouquets of blossoms in dewy golden peach repose in a distinct pattern atop a tiny polka dot background.
$67.98 $57.78

Eliza Pink Floral Bouquet

Precious floral bouquets rest on the most delicate polka dots imaginable. This wallpaper is serene and ultra pretty.
$67.98 $57.78

Eliza Violet Floral Bouquet

Setting a sweet country scene, Eliza is a delicate wallpaper with tiny bouquets of purple flowers set on a bed of baby polka dots.
$67.98 $57.78

Emily Beige Floral Stripe

A charming neutral floral stripe wallpaper featuring stripes the color of tea with milk and delicate flowers.
$67.98 $57.78

Emily Blue Floral Stripe

Floral stripe wallpaper with subtle sky blue stripes between trails of petals and leaves.
$67.98 $57.78

Emily Green Floral Stripe

This floral stripe wallpaper has subtle honeydew melon hued stripes between trails of petals and leaves.
$67.98 $57.78

Emma Green Floral Stripe

Creamy green hued watercolor stripes softened by trailing stripes of ivory and rose colored flowers define your walls with elegance.
$67.98 $57.78

Emma Lavender Floral Stripe

This wallpaper has all of the timeless classic appeal of a stripe, with the soft resplendence of a flower. Emma in lavender is darling.
$67.98 $57.78

Emma Peach Floral Stripe

Soft and darling, this floral stripe wallpaper brings the timeless style of a stripe and a vintage beauty of a gentle flower trail in apricot and raspberry hues.
$67.98 $57.78

Emma Purple Floral Stripe

This wallpaper design lends a soft structure from the beautiful watercolor iris hued stripes and a flowing beauty from the delicate floral trails.
$67.98 $57.78

Erica Lavender Floral Border

This floral trail border has the fine details of a Jacobean flower, gently redefined with soft and sweet details in delicate purples and pinks.
$19.99 $16.99

Erica Multicolor Floral Border

A soft palette of muted pinks, blues, and golds and a sweetly re-imagined Jacobean floral trail make this border a very pretty accent.
$19.99 $16.99

Esme Blue Floral Trail

Bright and soft, this floral wallpaper enhances the elegant warmth of a space with the sweetness of tiny flower blossoms.
$67.98 $57.78

Esme Pink Floral Trail

Soft and subtle, this floral trail sets a warm tone in a room with precious golden pink blossoms and pretty green leaves.
$67.98 $57.78

Esme White Floral Trail

Delicate but full, this dainty floral trail is a bright realization of a beautiful flower garden, set in soft violet and pink hues.
$67.98 $57.78

Esther Blue Floral Motif

This floral wallpaper is an early May burst of life, the moment when all of the flowers of spring sing a hymn of happiness. Seen in blues, greens and soft buttercup yellow, a delicate meadow.
$67.98 $57.78

Esther Pink Floral Motif

This flower garden wallpaper is spring come true, a lively collage of tiny pink, purple and white blossoms viewed through a rosy morning mist.
$67.98 $57.78

Esther Yellow Floral Motif

This charming garden motif wallpaper is so dazzling that it almost glows with a refined yellow aura, totally full of flowers.
$67.98 $57.78

Fay Aqua Gauzy Texture

Breathe the softest clouds of gauzy blue and green across the walls for a soothing textured effect.
$67.98 $57.78

Fay Blush Gauzy Texture

This delicate speckled wallpaper adds a peachy glow with it's blushing texture and subtle variations on peachy pink.
$67.98 $57.78

Fay Lavender Gauzy Texture

This airy violet texture wallpaper is as tranquil as the sky, a gauzy and soft iteration of pale purples and creams.
$67.98 $57.78

Genevieve Lavender Floral Trail

This pretty wallpaper brings sweet bouquets of blushing purple-blue petunias and hydrangeas, dancing and celebrating against a soft sky.
$67.98 $57.78

Genevieve Pink Floral Trail

Warm, pretty and romantic, this wallpaper trails tiny pink bouquets of petunias across the walls.
$67.98 $57.78

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