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Beacon House is a collection of classic wallpaper designs, arranged in fresh colors and scale for today's palettes. Raised inks and designer texture effects enhance traditional inspirations.

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Donald Light Brown Transitional Damask Print

Clearly inspired by a damask print, this wallpaper has a contemporary feel and very chic raised ink effects. Warm olive sea grass brown with traces of pearl shimmer.
$83.98 $9.99

Donald Light Grey Transitional Damask Print

A midscale modern print inspired by the damask, this contemporary wallpaper has chic ombre effect and a warm pearlescent taupe grey palette.
$1.49 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Dorothea Yellow Dog Rose Trail

Brighten up your room with abundant dogwood flowers and pale yellow hues. Detailed embossed white and beige florals cover this wallpaper, bringing the English countryside into your home.
$89.98 $19.99

Dynasty Black Paisley Wallpaper

The sassy stylings of black on white, enlightened by drops of glitter. This paisley wallpaper is high fashion, with a cultured allure.
$1.74 $1.30/Sq Ft.

Dynasty Charcoal Paisley Wallpaper

This boutiques style paisley wallpaper draws on Persian influences. A midnight charcoal suede motif with copper accents, on a polished pewter background.
$1.74 $1.30/Sq Ft.

Dynasty Light Grey Paisley Wallpaper

A gorgeous paisley wallpaper, exhibiting regal Persian influences in pearl and silver, with a lavender grey suede.
$1.74 $1.30/Sq Ft.

Empire Beige Lattice

A soothing beige canvas gives way to an intricate lattice print on this architecturally designed wallcovering. Etched in a chic copper metallic ink, this commanding geometric constructs a room that is both elegant and grand.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Empire Sand Lattice

An ornate lattice print shimmers with an unexpected radiance on this exquisite wallcovering that marries the old with the new. A contemporary take on a beautiful trellis design guided by rich architectural influence.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Empire Sapphire Lattice

An ornate trellis design stands tall against a captivating blue sea. This intriguing wallpaper has a regal presence, making a chic and stylish impact wherever it is placed.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Empire Silver Lattice

Constructed atop a glittering silver base, this imperial lattice print is styled to architectural perfection.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Empire White Lattice

Style walls in a splendid lattice print that's been beautifully erected atop a snow white backdrop. Outlined in subtle threads of metallic ink, this chic geometric makes a fresh fashion statement.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Eros Beige Flowing Scroll

As the light hits this pretty scroll wallpaper at different angles, your eye is seduced by a soft opalescent pearl.
$1.49 $1.12/Sq Ft.

Eros Pewter Flowing Scroll

Stroked with just the right touch of gilded glamour, this pewter scroll wallpaper is eternally fine.
$1.49 $1.12/Sq Ft.

Eros Purple Flowing Scroll

A classy pewter silver wallpaper, swirled with a perfect purple mauve scroll pattern.
$1.49 $1.12/Sq Ft.

Flourish Pink Cameo Fleur

With a vintage elegance, this warm pink wallpaper creates a nostalgic beauty on walls. Birds, flowers, and bows are all arranged in a darling display of blushing romance.
$89.98 $19.99

Flourish Taupe Cameo Fleur

This warm, subtle taupe wallpaper romances your walls with a dreamy cameo fleur pattern, swirling elegant vintage imagery together with a chic linen texture.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Frond Beige Leaf Trail

White linen rests beneath a vintage leaf trail in a soothing taupe pallette.
$89.98 $19.99

Frond Green Leaf Trail

A graceful unfurling of botanical splendor in golden greens. This leaf wallpaper has timeless style.
$89.98 $19.99

Frond Peach Leaf Trail

A fresh green vine motif lends a vintage botanical splendor to walls, bringing beauty to any room.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Frond Taupe Leaf Trail

Inspired by a vintage fabric, these gorgeous leaves unfurl a botanical beauty in warm taupe and delph blue.
$89.98 $19.99

Gemini Aqua Jacobean Trail

A contemporary opalescent turquoise trail of Jacobean style flowers on a striated texture in a transitional neutral hue.
$83.98 $9.99

Gemini Beige Jacobean Trail

A Jacobean inspired floral trail, cultured and chic. Rendered in classy neutrals, exalted with a gold leaf detail.
$1.49 $1.12/Sq Ft.

Gemini Burgundy Jacobean Trail

A cheerful and mod Jacobean wallpaper, giving walls the look of an embroidered fabric. Merlot and camel hues with raised ink effects.
$83.98 $9.99

Gemini Grey Jacobean Trail

A pleasing grey palette exalts this Jacobean wallpaper to sophisticated heights, along with chic ombre and raised ink effects.
$83.98 $9.99

Gemini Light Grey Jacobean Trail

This contemporary wallpaper brings designer style with chic ombre and pearl texture effects in a warm taupe grey palette.
$1.49 $1.12/Sq Ft.

Grand Plaid Beige Plaid

Bring softness and warmth to your décor with this lovely plaid wallpaper. Muted musings of pink, taupe, cream and blue.
$89.98 $19.99

Grand Plaid Taupe Plaid

Warm and classy, this plaid wallpaper has a timeless country-chic appeal. Cofee, ecru, cream and blue.
$89.98 $19.99

Heirloom Blue Harlequin Trellis

This harlequin pattern wallpaper dresses walls in a Victorian style beauty. Opal white is radiant behind a pretty trellis of blue and green leaves.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Heirloom Mauve Harlequin Trellis

With dainty purple buds on a lovely vine and a sophisticated harlequin motif, this wallpaper has a vintage Victorian feel.
$89.98 $19.99

Hera Beige Stria Texture

Textured walls lend style with a subtle panache. This harmonizing wallpaper has a gentle striated texture an organic oatmeal hue.

Hera Charcoal Stria Texture

An exceedingly fine iridescent gold undertone adds a luxe intrigue to this sophisticated dove grey wallpaper.
$1.49 $1.12/Sq Ft.

Hera Light Grey Stria Texture

Sometimes less is more. This wallpaper is subtle, but sophisticated with a pale grey striated texture and a trace of pearl.
$1.49 $1.12/Sq Ft.

Hera Neutral Stria Texture

Subtle, but quite fine, this ecru white wallpaper has a gentle striated texture.
$1.49 $1.12/Sq Ft.

Heritage Gold Jacobean Flower

Like a gorgeous heirloon fabric tht might have graced a screen in Marie Antoinette's quarters, this vintage floral wallpaper displays a Jacobean pattern with warm gold accents.
$89.98 $19.99

Hettie Beige Textured Pinstripe

This beige embossed pinstripe wallpaper combines a neutral colored simplicity with a slightly textured appeal. Hints of olive drift up and down for an exceptional and detailed touch.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Hettie Blue Textured Pinstripe

Bring the classic appeal of a stripe into your home with this subtle and soft pinstripe wallpaper. Detailed textured accents line a slightly embossed canvas to create a modern and timeless design.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Hettie Pink Textured Pinstripe

Revive your walls with a soft pink pinstripe wall paper. Embossed details and hand-painted stripes create a friendly and enticing space for any room.
$89.98 $19.99

Hettie Purple Textured Pinstripe

Line your walls in lavenders, slates and creams with this delicate pinstripe wallpaper. Accented dots and thin stripes tie this modern yet classic design together.
$89.98 $19.99

Hettie Yellow Textured Pinstripe

Golden pinstripes line this intricately detailed wall covering. Pops of cream and olive can be seen trailing down its expanse creating a beautifully textured design.
$89.98 $19.99

Imperial Beige Garden Chinoiserie

Get lost in this beautiful garden chinoiserie. Delightful songbirds perched between trailing vines, elegant bamboo leaves and a mirage of florals, create a truly breathtaking sight.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Imperial Green Garden Chinoiserie

Awaken your homes interior with this beautiful chinoiserie print. Placed atop a warm rice paper texture, this botanical wallcovering sings a romantic melody of trailing vines, fanning bamboo leaves, sweet songbirds and fresh wildflowers.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

January Silver Distressed Texture

A texture wallpaper with glamour and class! Turn your walls to stone with this silver marble motif.
$1.49 $1.12/Sq Ft.

January Taupe Distressed Texture

A lavish marble effect for walls in a natural taupe stone hue.
$1.49 $1.12/Sq Ft.

January White Distressed Texture

An ethereal wallpaper evoking the splendor of marble. The hue can perhaps best be described as the breathtaking glisten of fresh snow reflecting the first violet of twilight.
$83.98 $9.99

Jolie Beige Floral Toss

This romantic wallpaper flourishes a vintage toile pattern with modern scale in supple taupe and pearl.
$1.56 $1.17/Sq Ft.

Jolie Green Floral Toss

This graphic and chic wallpaper finds the alluring balance of vintage and contemporary, with toile style flowers and verdant accents.
$1.56 $1.17/Sq Ft.

Kana Beige Lantern Festival

Exquisite lanterns filled with an enchanting mix of cherry blossoms, koi fish and fabulous birds. This artistic wallpaper design is as alluring as a watercolor portrait, bringing a timeless picture of tradition and beauty to walls.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Kana Sapphire Lantern Festival

This blue and white wallpaper is an enchanting décor option. Stylish lanterns filled with beautiful florals, koi fish and songbirds, look to have been painted in watercolors for a design that's exquisite and cultured.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

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