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Bradford is a wallpaper collection of classic designs, embellished with rich fabric effects. Beautiful silk brocades, soft metallic finishes, and embroidery looks create a subtle yet luxurious feel in any space. Invite a gentle elegance with a touch of luxury into your decor with these fine wallpapers.

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Abelle Beige Damask Swirl

This tonal damask swirl wallpaper graces your décor with the depth of a soft pearl shimmer.
$109.98 $82.48

Abelle Green Damask Swirl

A regal green, cast in a golden splendor provides a fresh and luxurious look for décor. This fine wallpaper is swirled with a delightful damask trellis motif and treated to beautiful raised texture effects.
$109.98 $82.48

Bigelow Sage Fabric Damask

The look of timeless luxury with a fresh pearl finish. This beautiful damask wallpaper has a designer sea green shimmer and fine raised ink effects.

Harper Silver Elegant Scroll

A fine silver wallpaper with a European elegance. Beautiful scrolls are adorned in raised inks and metallic accents over a chic woven texture.
$109.98 $82.48

Hudson Brass Broad Stripe

Stripes, classic and chic, bring a high fashion accent to walls. This taupe and pearl stripe wallpaper has high fashion texture effects and a gentle radiance.
$109.98 $82.48

Hudson Cream Board Stripe

A fashionable stripe wallpaper with wide bands of timeless taupe and pearl. Enhanced by chic texture effects and a romantic luminescence.
$109.98 $82.48

Hudson Gold Broad Stripe

A neutral palette, exalted by a golden glow, lend a sophisticated polish to this wide stripe wallpaper. Classy and fashionable, with a timeless palette.
$109.98 $82.48

Hudson Red Broad Stripe

This high fashion stripe wallpaper alternated wide bands of striking red with shimmering taupe. Metallic brass accents and an intriguing texture effect lend additional style to this posh design.
$109.98 $82.48

Hughes Red Royal Damask

A glamorous red wallpaper with sophisticated brass accents. This dreamy damask evokes tradition and luxury in a striking palette.
$109.98 $82.48

Smyth Cream Texture

With layers of pearl and champagne hues, this textured wallpaper adds a soft radiance to walls.
$119.98 $89.98

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