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A compilation of beautifully crafted wallpaper designs, the Brilliance Collection by Evans & Brown flourishes with antiquated artistic appeal. With a variety of luxe silk finishes, baroque inspired damasks, chic exotic medallions and exquisitely designed acanthus's, this splendidly regal collection brings a rich Venetian decadence to walls.

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Acanthus Brown Faux Silk Fabric

Surround yourself in raw silk, with this faux fabric wallpaper in a golden, natural hue.
$85.98 $19.99

Acanthus Haze Faux Silk Fabric

Add an elegant flow to your home décor with this gorgeous faux silk wallpaper on your walls.
$85.98 $19.99

Acanthus Periwinkle Faux Silk Fabric

Refined, relaxing, and rejuvenating: this creamy, light purple hue brings a rush of air to the room it's applied to and opens up any space.
$85.98 $64.48

Acanthus Purple Faux Silk Fabric

Your walls will look warm and inviting with this faux silk fabric wall covering, featuring a punchy, bright purple hue.
$85.98 $19.99

Alexi Blue Ornate Criss Cross

Light, weathered grey is a beautiful base for the subtle texture featured in this wallpaper. An emboldened grey-blue crisscross pattern stands out and creates beautiful geometric shapes, when layered atop the textured base.
$89.98 $19.99

Alexi Gold Ornate Criss Cross

A cross between vertical wood grain and raw silk comprise the background texture of this elegant crisscross print wallpaper.
$89.98 $19.99

Alexi Grey Ornate Criss Cross

Flowing and light, the wavy crisscrossed texture featured in this wallpaper is visually propelled forward with a light shadow outline and a grounded, textural base.
$89.98 $19.99

Alexi Light Grey Ornate Criss Cross

A light grey-blue vertical texture peeks out through the darkened grey crisscross design, featured in this elegant wallpaper.
$89.98 $19.99

Alexi Storm Ornate Criss Cross

Elegant and understated, this simple wavy crisscross design flows above a vertically-lined neutral texture.
$89.98 $19.99

Alexi Violet Ornate Criss Cross

A sweet violet tone with a blue leaning, is absolutely delightful on your walls. The wavy crisscross pattern, layered on top of a texturized wood grain base, is given lift with artful shadowing.
$89.98 $19.99

April Brown Acanthus Lattice

Get the best of both worlds, when you add this wallpaper to your home décor: earthy, natural tones and an ornate, regal pattern.
$89.98 $19.99

April Charcoal Acanthus Lattice

Elegant and refined, this classic trellis print is given added dimension and interest when layered atop a faux raw silk wallpaper in a deep grey hue.
$89.98 $19.99

April Light Grey Acanthus Lattice

A dreamy grey blue backdrop sets a light and airy tone to your walls, while the classic acanthus lattice print grounds this wallpaper.
$89.98 $19.99

April Purple Lattice

If you have a refined, traditional palette, this wallpaper will fit seamlessly into your décor. Using a traditional acanthus lattice pattern, this wallpaper will add depth and ornateness to any room.
$89.98 $19.99

April Silver Acanthus Lattice

Classic, authentic, and refined, this acanthus trellis print harkens back to the Victorian era while a modern clean color scheme updates the print.
$89.98 $19.99

Bali Beige Damask

You can spend all day and night picking out the beautifully laden images of birds, flowers, and décor elements in the busy flow of this damask print, inspired by Bali.
$89.98 $19.99

Bali Brown Damask

Brown and cream play off of one another in this purposefully faded damask print. Elements of Bali's surrounds and beauty are referenced throughout this sophisticated wallpaper.
$89.98 $19.99

Bali Green Damask

Especially gorgeous when paired with light-colored wood stains, this busy damask wallpaper fades in and out of rich green shades and sandy neutrals.
$89.98 $19.99

Bali Yellow Damask

Inspired by the flora and fauna found in the natural splendor of Bali, this busy damask print brings a worldly air to your living space.
$89.98 $19.99

Guinevere Black Baroque Marquetry

Modern and bold are brought to another extreme with this invigorating baroque marquetry print!
$89.98 $67.48

Guinevere Grey Baroque Marquetry

A large-scale marquetry print with a baroque flair brings drama and worldliness to your home décor.
$89.98 $19.99

Guinevere Sand Baroque Marquetry

Like a beautiful, intricately weaved tapestry, this wallpaper features clean lines and various neutral colors applied with laser-like precision.
$89.98 $19.99

Guinevere Winter Baroque Marquetry

The baroque marquetry print will jump off of your walls, when the beautiful wheat-colored pattern is offset with blue thick outlines throughout.
$89.98 $19.99

Meadow Beige Medallion

Elegant and sophisticated, this wallpaper's repeated medallions practically glow in a sumptuous white shade.
$89.98 $19.99

Meadow Blue Medallion

A gorgeous choice for a bedroom, the serene blue hues found in this print will help you drift peacefully into a glorious slumber!
$89.98 $19.99

Meadow Brown Medallion

Inspired by the natural beauty of Bali, this wallpaper features delicate stencils of flowery medallions that are heathered and subtly visible on a textured background.
$89.98 $19.99

Meadow Green Medallion

A gorgeous, spacious medallion toss looks hand stenciled on top of a faux sponge-work base in sand and sea green hues.
$89.98 $19.99

Meadow Yellow Medallion

If your décor style is cultured and worldly, this subtle and beautiful faded medallion toss will accent your taste, seamlessly.
$89.98 $19.99

Pisces Grey Faux Fishscale Texture

This fabulous geometric print looks bold and whimsical in a duotone of blue on blue!
$89.98 $19.99

Pisces Periwinkle Faux Fishscale Texture

Like a beautiful painting, this wallpaper reads differently from afar than it does up-close. Fish scales serve as a beautiful source of inspiration for this multi-layered, geometric print.
$89.98 $19.99

Pisces Pewter Faux Fishscale Texture

A very elegant color combination of sand, ale, and grey brings this fish scale-inspired geometric print to high style.
$89.98 $19.99

Pisces Pink Faux Fishscale Texture

The intricate and geometric, layered print is an abstract interpretation of fish scales.
$89.98 $19.99

Pisces Purple Faux Fishscale Texture

Three layers of texture and print create a subtle intrigue when the color scheme is monochromatic with only a slight change in color weight.
$89.98 $19.99

Pisces Yellow Faux Fishscale Texture

Bring movement and excitement to your wall with this multi-layered geometric print, meant to mimic the texture of fish scales.
$89.98 $19.99

Poppy Grey Baroque Stripe

The alternating stripes and subtle texture brings out elements in this design where your walls will look like they have custom molding.
$89.98 $19.99

Poppy Sand Baroque Stripe

Perfect for a library, you will give off a studious air with this classic baroque striped wallpaper.
$89.98 $19.99

Poppy Winter Baroque Stripe

Elongate your walls and invite friends over for tea with this classy, vertically striped baroque wallpaper on your walls.
$89.98 $19.99

Shalene Charcoal Silk Acanthus Fabric

Masculine and sophisticated, this faux raw silk gives your décor the luxurious feel of fabric, with the ease and durability of wallpaper.
$85.98 $19.99

Shalene Silver Silk Acanthus Fabric

The look of gorgeous raw silk graces your walls, while a subdued, creamy neutral tone creates a lofty ambiance.
$85.98 $19.99

Stria Beige Floral Toss

A beautiful choice for an airy and elegant bedroom, this floral toss is uplifting and charming!
$89.98 $19.99

Stria Blue Floral Toss

A gorgeous, heavenly blue creates a beautiful textured base for happy flowers to float on in this elegant wallpaper.
$89.98 $19.99

Stria Grey Floral Toss

Supremely elegant and beautiful, this floral toss brings incredible interest and dimension to your walls, while setting a serene, positive mood.
$89.98 $19.99

Stria Storm Floral Toss

An imaginative bouquet of punchy flowers will bring life and energy to your décor, when this wallpaper graces your walls!
$89.98 $67.48

Stria Violet Floral Toss

Purple, on top of purple, on top of purple! This wallpaper features a lovely lavender hue with visually lifted flowers, and a deep outline bringing the flowers further forward.
$89.98 $19.99

Tahiti Beige Shagreen

A dual-toned texture of deep wheat and grey create a very sophisticated element of décor in any room.
$85.98 $19.99

Tahiti Blue Shagreen

A beautiful, romantic shade of blue will bring a visual ease to your home décor, and the subtle texture throughout will add dimension.
$85.98 $19.99

Tahiti Bronze Shagreen

Bring an earthy element of décor to your home with this gorgeous, Bali-inspired textured wallpaper.
$85.98 $19.99

Tahiti Green Shagreen

This textured grey wallpaper brings in subtle hue changes to give dimension and interest. Perfect for the world traveler, this wallpaper will be the perfect base for all of your treasured keepsakes!
$85.98 $19.99

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