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The beautiful wallpapers in this fine collection evoke the splendor of the beloved British palace. Re-imagined scrolls, traditional and elegant touches, stripes, and damasks infused with touches of precious metals create a timeless palette. 

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Ashton Brass Scrolls

Fine enough to adorn the halls of Buckingham palace, this taupe and gold wallpaper is swirled with an enchanted scroll motif.
$143.98 $19.99

Ashton Champagne Scrolls

An elegant swirl of scrolling leaves, dusted in glitter to unfurl an enchanted scene. Enlighten any space with this fine wallpaper, a gorgeous gold and champagne luxury.
$143.98 $115.18

Ashton Platinum Scrolls

Like enchanted leaves, imitating whimsical feathers, this delightful silver wallpaper creates a scrolling scene of regal beauty. A chic woven texture and drops of glitter ink enhance the impact of this fine wallpaper.
$2.55 $2.04/Sq Ft.

Baird Brown Patina Texture

Like an heirloom worth fighting over, this texture wallpaper has a time honored patina effect. Milk chocolate, with a gentle brass sheen.
$143.98 $19.99

Baird Mauve Patina Texture

A boutique style purple wallpaper with a regal heirloom finish, like an artisanal plaster texture in a sterling and mauve palette.
$143.98 $19.99

Baird Pewter Patina Texture

Make an heirloom worthy look in your home with this chic wallpaper texture, reminiscent of an artisanal plaster with a time honored patina. Pewter grey with a subtle iridescence.
$143.98 $115.18

Baird Taupe Patina Texture

Bring an heirloom beauty to walls with this artisanal plaster texture wallpaper. The chic taupe palette has a subtle brass sheen and an authentic vintage distress.
$2.55 $2.04/Sq Ft.

Blake Beige Ogee

This glamorous ogee scroll wallpaper is designed in a classy palette of coffee infused beige, with a trace of gold shining through.
$143.98 $19.99

Blake Grey Ogee

A regal scrolling ogee wallpaper in an enchanted smoke grey hue. Invite the sophistication of Buckingham palace into your decor, in a timeless heather grey and silver.
$143.98 $115.18

Blake Light Grey Ogee

This subtle wallpaper is embellished with a classy scrolling ogee design in a warm pearl and cream palette.

Blake Taupe Ogee

A luxe scrolling ogee wallpaper in a warm sepia and pearl palette. Inspired by the regal British palace of Buckingham, this fine wallpaper brings a touch of royalty to your decor.
$143.98 $115.18

Carroll Beige Canvas Texture

A light texture on walls can warm up a space, adding a subtle but chic dimension,. This neutral wallpaper has a canvas texture in nuances hues of beige and sand.

Carroll Brass Canvas Texture

A chic texture for walls with a canvas finish and metallic sepia accents.
$143.98 $115.18

Carroll Silver Canvas Texture

A fine silver wallpaper, adding a canvas-like texture to walls with a classy but subtle radiance.

Chambers Brass Floral Damask

Invite luxury into your space with this glitzy taupe and gold wallpaper. The swirling floral damask print has a striking and contemporary scale, dusted in a regal gold leaf shimmer.

Chambers Champagne Floral Damask

The delicate palette of this fine wallpaper is doused in champagne and gold leaf for a regal intoxication. The impressive scale lends a contemporary sophistication, while the classic floral damask print assures that this design has a timeless beauty.
$143.98 $115.18

Chambers Espresso Floral Damask

Fine enough to adorn the most formal of spaces, and high fashion enough to endure the test of time. An elite chocolate palette, dusted with a gold leaf shimmer. This striking damask wallpaper has a large scale, bringing a contemporary glamour to the traditional inspiration.
$2.55 $2.04/Sq Ft.

Chambers Gold Floral Damask

With intoxicating beauty and scale, this gold wallpaper adds couture drama to any space. A classy floral damask print with high fashion glitter and texture effects.
$143.98 $19.99

Chambers Platinum Floral Damask

This glamorous floral damask wallpaper brings a couture drama to your space. With delightful drops of Belle Epoque-style silver glitter and an impressively large scale, this pattern is traditional, with an opulent up-do.
$143.98 $115.18

Milton Brown Shimmer Scroll

A beautiful Baroque décor asset, with a milk chocolate brown patina and a glamorous glittery espresso scroll motif. A sophisticated brown wallpaper with luxurious texture effects.
$143.98 $115.18

Milton Light Brown Shimmer Scroll

As if your walls were carved from marble by a Baroque master. This designer wallpaper has a regal look and an elegant taupe scroll motif, dusted lavishly with glitter.
$143.98 $115.18

Milton Taupe Shimmer Scroll

Like an heirloom masterpiece, this chic taupe wallpaper reimagines your walls with an artisanal plaster texture and a glittery brass scroll.
$143.98 $115.18

Nash Stripe Brass Embellished Stripe

This taupe and gold wallpaper has a regal stripe print, with wide bands of brass shimmer etched in a classy damask swirl.
$143.98 $115.18

Nash Stripe Champagne Embellished Stripe

Stripes are a prevailing fashion trend, as chic in Buckingham palace as they will be in your home. This regal wallpaper design mingles wide bands of champagne and gold with an elegant damask swirl, finished in ritzy glitter ink.
$143.98 $115.18

Nash Stripe Platinum Embellished Stripe

A glitzy silver stripe wallpaper, layered in luxe texture effects, glitter ink, and an elegant damask swirl.
$143.98 $115.18

Powell Aqua Damask Medallion

This regal blue and taupe grey wallpaper is cultured and fine, with a global-chic damask medallion and a fine shimmer of glitter ink.
$143.98 $19.99

Powell Gold Damask Medallion

This glamorous gold wallpaper puts a contemporary spin on a classic design ad adds a regal dollop of shimmer. Cultured and chic, with a grand scale.
$143.98 $19.99

Powell Mauve Damask Medallion

This beautiful taupe and purple wallpaper has a timeless and cultured allure, with a damask medallion motif, lightly dusted in a metallic ink.
$143.98 $115.18

Powell Taupe Damask Medallion

A regal baroque inspiration goes global in this damask medallion wallpaper. A sophisticated taupe brown palette adds to the island-chic allure of this warm and cultured design.
$143.98 $115.18

Rennie Beige Damask

Inspired by regal fabrics with a timeless, luxurious sophistication, this brown damask wallpaper adds a dramatic beauty to any space.
$143.98 $115.18

Rennie Silver Damask

With the luxurious, time honored allure of a damask, this designer wallpaper adds a high fashion drama to decor. Pearl, cream and silver with a regal shimmer.
$143.98 $115.18

Rennie Stripe Beige Scrolling Stripe

This classy stripe wallpaper creates the look of an heirloom scroll printed on a fine canvas. Warm neutral hues of coffee and sand.
$143.98 $19.99

Rennie Stripe Brass Scrolling Stripe

A beautiful stripe wallpaper, bringing timeless tradition together with a regal detail. Shimmering brass scrolls and a warm sepia taupe palette.
$143.98 $115.18

Rennie Stripe Grey Scrolling Stripe

A sophisticated and regal scrolling stripe wallpaper in a silver slate hue. The perfect combination of timeless with a touch of luxury.
$143.98 $115.18

Rennie Stripe Light Grey Scrolling Stripe

This regal scrolling stripe wallpaper is inspired by the fine British palace, and embellished with a precious silver shimmer ink.
$143.98 $115.18

Salvin Beige Texture

A subtle wallpaper texture with a soft pearl finish.
$143.98 $115.18

Salvin Grey Texture

A luxe taupe grey texture wallpaper, creating a woven depth for walls.
$143.98 $115.18

Salvin Taupe Texture

Enhance the visual allure of your space with a fine texture wallpaper. This taupe design has a gentle brass sheen and the character of a woven fabric.
$143.98 $115.18

Scott Aqua Nouveau Damask

Invite a cultured beauty to walls with a dramatic scale and fine precious metal shimmer effect. This taupe grey and aqua blue wallpaper flourishes a grand nouveau damask pattern with a contemporary sophistication.
$143.98 $115.18

Scott Gold Nouveau Damask

With a sophisticated twist on a classic damask design, this chic gold wallpaper creates a dramatic beauty in any space, accentuated by a fine glitter ink.
$143.98 $115.18

Scott Mauve Nouveau Damask

With a dramatic scale and a sophisticated damask pattern, this taupe and plum wallpaper has a regal impact. Dusted with a light mica shimmer ink over a woven texture.
$143.98 $115.18

Tennyson Brown Shimmer Damask

Give your décor the royal treatment with this gorgeous espresso brown wallpaper, lavishly dusted in gold glitter. Textured with an heirloom patina effect, beyond a posh Baroque damask.
$2.55 $2.04/Sq Ft.

Tennyson Light Brown Shimmer Damask

This glorious damask wallpaper is dusted in the riches of gold glitter and treated to an heirloom style finish. A warm taupe brown palette enhances the timeless allure of this glamorous Baroque design.
$143.98 $115.18

Tennyson Pewter Shimmer Damask

Graced with a lavish Baroque elegance, this damask wallpaper features an heirloom patina effect and a regal dusting of silver glitter on a pewter grey palette.
$2.55 $2.04/Sq Ft.

Tennyson Taupe Shimmer Damask

A glamorous damask wallpaper in a regal taupe and brass palette. Bring depth and heirloom luxury to walls, with a patina distress beyond a glittery Baroque pattern.
$143.98 $115.18

Webb Champagne Texture

A subtle texture for walls in a glitzy golden champagne palette.
$143.98 $115.18

Webb Gold Texture

A fine gold wallpaper with a delicate woven texture. Chic and subtle, with a couture pearl shimmer.
$143.98 $115.18

Wren Brass Peacock Ogee

A beautiful peacock wallpaper with a taupe and gold palette. This global-chic design resembles feathers in an ogee arrangement that is pleasing and posh.

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