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With a collaboration of trendy designs, chic finishes and luxe feminine details, Christel by Chesapeake is the perfect choice when it comes to styling today's modern home. A vibrant color palette in pinks, purples, yellows and greens with a sprinkling of sophisticated black and white designs, this collection is both luxurious and fashionable.

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Allen Grey Texture

A subtle texture gives this blue-grey wallpaper added dimension and interest.
$1.67 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Camila Black Modern Damask

A classic pattern is turned modern with a bright white brocade and brown-grey backdrop. This would be great in a more modern, girly room!
$1.67 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Camila Green Modern Damask

A scrolling, leafy damask is given a youthful update with green and pink hues. A subtle ombre is applied to the pattern to give it dimension and sophistication.
$1.67 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Camila Lilac Modern Damask

This wallpaper is fun and super trendy by employing purple, green, and ombre effects! A wallpaper that can grow with your little girl from baby to young adult!
$1.67 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Camila moss Modern Damask

Colors fade from cream to green to create the optical illusion of light reflected ombre. This wallpaper is sophisticated, yet playful.
$1.67 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Camila Pink Modern Damask

Park avenue meets girly exuberance with this wallpaper. Classic and crisp, this wallpaper features a snowy white damask pattern on a sophisticated pink hue.
$1.67 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Camila Silver Modern Damask

This wallpaper takes modern to a whole new level when color creates an optical illusion to look like a reflective silvery finish on this classic brocade.
$1.67 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Camila Yellow Modern Damask

So cool, this wallpaper combines the trend of ombre with a modern orange brocade! Great in any room, but will especially be loved in a girl's room!
$1.67 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Danby Bronze Faux Marble

The mixture of color and texture create the eye-feel of a suede on your walls. Light blue and brown-grey combine to create intrigue and freshness for a classic look.

Gabriella Light Blue Ogge Busy Toss

Not for the faint of heart, this sizzling blue cheetah print is a very cool base to contrast a baroque brocade print.
$1.67 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Gabriella Magenta Ogge Busy Toss

Fiercely flirty, this hot pink cheetah print has a brocade ogge pattern that elevates the wallpaper to a new level. Great for a trendy girl's room!
$1.67 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Gabriella Pink Ogge Busy Toss

Funky and sweet meet in this modern brocade ogge, set on top of pink and purple cheetah print! Absolutely perfect for your trendy pre-teen!
$1.67 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Gabriella Yellow Ogge Busy Toss

Cheetah print is lightened by a sheer lace brocade. This would be absolutely phenomenal in a pre-teen or teenager's room!
$1.67 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Garden Gate Silver Faux Sponge Texture

Your room could become a serene haven with this airy textured wallpaper.
$1.60 $1.28/Sq Ft.

Gianna Blackberry Texture

A very interesting, miniaturized texture adds intriguing dimension and simply warms the eyes of onlookers. Great for a fashionable girl's room.
$1.67 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Gianna Denim Texture

The miniature texturized backing of this wallpaper add a vibrancy when coupled with beautiful blue hues. Great for a boy's or girl's room!
$1.67 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Gianna Grey Texture

A miniaturized texture is so subtle to the eye, it just gives the illusion of warmth and softness on your wall. Very sophisticated this grey-purple could work in any room!
$1.67 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Gianna Ice Texture

Multiple tones of light grey-blue are washed together to create an interesting effect on this textured wallpaper. Serene and calming, this wallpaper would be great in a room meant to sleeping!

Gianna Lilac Texture

Purple and grey meet to make a sophisticated, yet brightening neutral wallpaper.
$1.67 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Gianna Purple Texture

A very cool blend of purples and blues come together in this miniature texturized wallpaper. A beautiful edition to any room, this wallpaper is truly intriguing.

Gianna Yellow Texture

Earth tones look windswept together in this wallpaper with visual movement.
$1.67 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Gibby Aqua Leafy Scroll

Elegant and refined, this wallpaper uses a barely-there scroll on a French blue base to comfort any onlooker.
$1.77 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Gibby Charcoal Leafy Scroll

Classic and elegant, this translucent white scroll is perched atop a textured base. This wallpaper will give your walls dimension, while keeping the eye interested.
$1.77 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Gibby Pink Leafy Scroll

Set on top of a miniaturized faux lizard skin texture in purple, light purple curly vines trail throughout. Great for a young adult or a sophisticated girl's room.
$1.77 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Gibby Yellow Leafy Scroll

Demure curly vines on top of earth tones creates a shabby chic look to any room. This pattern would fit in perfectly to a French Country décor!
$1.77 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Jada Light Blue Girly Floral Scroll

Sweet and delightful, your little one, who is always at play, will feel very loved with this bouncy scroll on their walls!
$1.77 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Jada Lilac Girly Floral Scroll

Tone on tone purple adds a sophisticated touch to this playful and girly floral scroll. Great for a little girl's room or bathroom!
$1.77 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Jada Pink Girly Floral Scroll

Pink curly vine trails have hollowed out leaves that float and drift throughout this sweet and youthful wallpaper. Great for a little girl's room or nursery!
$1.77 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Jada Silver Girly Floral Scroll

Multiple curly vines cause the eye to believe it is looking deep into a curly forest in this wallpaper. Great for a girl's room with a lot of imagination!
$1.77 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Kenley Aqua Polka Dots

Light blue polka dots dance on a white background and add a cheery lightness to a nursery!
$1.77 $1.42/Sq Ft.

Kenley Green Polka Dots

Sage-colored polka dots are SO SWEET on top of a white base. The color will soothe, while the pattern will stimulate the mind of your little one!
$1.77 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Kenley Grey Polka Dots

So sweet and lovely, the lilac base is comforting to the eye, while the butter-colored polka dots punches up the design. Would be adorable in a nursery or little girl's room!
$1.77 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Kenley Light Blue Polka Dots

A milky white base is incredibly cute with periwinkle polka dots atop. Adorable for a girl's or boy's nursery!
$1.77 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Kenley Pink Polka Dots

Very modern and girly, a light pinky-purple base is topped with black polka dots. Great for a little girl's room or preteen!
$1.77 $1.42/Sq Ft.

Kenley Purple Polka Dots

Classic and sweet, light purple polka dots playfully dance on an off-white base.
$1.77 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Kenley Turquoise Polka Dots

So sweet it will give you a tooth ache! This wallpaper features a buoyant blue polka dot on a rosy-cream base.
$1.77 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Khloe Beige Girly Floral Scroll

Bright and happy big pink flowers stand out amidst a neutral background. This wallpaper would be great in a girl's room and has the longevity and sophistication to grow with her!
$1.77 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Khloe Light Blue Girly Floral Scroll

Fun and flirty, this modern and girly take on a floral wallpaper will look beautiful in a girl's room!
$1.77 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Khloe Pink Girly Floral Scroll

Energetic and lovely, happy pink flowers are large and captivating on a curly green vine. A beautiful choice for a girl's room, closet, or bathroom!
$1.77 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Marlow Blue Texture

From bright to dim, different blues vibrate on your walls. The sponged application of color looks like a faux plaster effect.

Marlow Grey Texture

An almost marble effect is given to this grey and blue wallpaper. A sophisticated choice for any room!

Mia Aqua Faux Zebra Stripes

Sweet and funky at the same time, these zebra stripes would make a little girl very happy, with this wallpaper on her walls!
$1.67 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Mia Beige Faux Zebra Stripes

Taupe zebra stripes are toned down with a heathered backdrop. This wallpaper's design is trendy and its color is sophisticated.
$1.77 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Mia Bone Faux Zebra Stripes

If you love zebra, but wanted a more subtle look for your wallpaper, look no further! This wallpaper gives you the energy of repeating zebra stripes, but in a calming hue and saturation.
$1.67 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Mia Green Faux Zebra Stripes

A more subtle take on animal print, this wallpaper features light moss colored zebra stripes. Great for your fiery youngster or pre-teen.
$1.67 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Mia Grey Faux Zebra Stripes

For the cool kid in your life, this zebra print has a lightness to it while still delivering high style.
$1.77 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Mia Orange Faux Zebra Stripes

Safari meets orange grove in this fun and fruity wallpaper! Great for the trendy girl in your life, this wallpaper will brighten every day.
$1.67 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Mia Pink Faux Zebra Stripes

Flamingo pink and baby pink combine to make a super fun and flirty zebra stripe wallpaper. This would be an excellent choice for your spirited girl's room!
$1.77 $0.18/Sq Ft.

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