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The Cottage Garden wallpaper collection is a beautiful representation of elegant country living. Pretty prints and classic designs are all bathed in the beautiful light of a warm summer's day. Lush florals, exquisite damasks, embellished stripes and chic texture effects are all treated to designer printing techniques and artful details. The palette invites a charming sense of happiness into any space, touching on timeless neutrals, fresh splashes of garden-chic hues and romantic colors. 

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Arabelle Beige Damask Stripe

The artful shading surrounding the vertical scrolling damask stripes capture the eye of onlookers and set your guests at ease.
$99.98 $74.98

Arabelle Green Damask Stripe

The most beautiful, demure shade of green fills an alternating damask stripe. Elongating your walls, the vertical thick stripes give an optical illusion that your walls are more expansive.
$93.98 $70.48

Arabelle Grey Damask Stripe

A gorgeous foundation for country décor, the alternating stripes of this wallpaper employ comforting tones of blue and beige. A vertical, scrolling damask stripe adds interest and dimension to your room.
$99.98 $74.98

Arabelle Light Green Damask Stripe

Step into the country home of your dreams with this darling light green alternating stripe on your walls.
$99.98 $74.98

Arabelle Pink Damask Stripe

Live in your own candy boutique, with this charming light pink and light green alternating stripe. The vertical pink stripe houses a translucent damask scroll that adds extra dimension to this beautiful wallpaper.
$99.98 $74.98

Arabelle Rose Damask Stripe

Sweet and dainty, a light rosy pink hue delights onlookers and warms your room, within the alternating stripes of this country wallpaper.
$99.98 $74.98

Athena Grey Faux Weathered Wood

Get an instant update to your home, with this faux clapboard wood paneling!

Elizabeth Aqua Floral Trail

An absolutely beautiful, delicate floral trail of light blue flowers on a hazy grey background.
$93.98 $70.48

Elizabeth Blue Floral Trail

Vibrant blue and periwinkle flowers trail up your walls in this delightful grey country wallpaper.
$93.98 $70.48

Elizabeth Cream Floral Trail

A beautiful array of light orange flowers float upward on a minty green trail, in this charming country wallpaper.
$93.98 $70.48

Elizabeth Purple Floral Trail

A feminine and utterly charming country floral trail warms up your walls and hearts with its beautiful purple and blue flowers.
$93.98 $70.48

Farmhouse Beige Alternating Stripe

An alternating vertical stripe lifts any space and elongates your walls, to create a Grecian column effect.
$89.98 $67.48

Gleason Grey Floral Rose Trail

The richness of tone this wallpaper has a very sophisticated air: a lovely neutral gray pairs seamlessly with a deep purple trailing rose with white highlights.
$99.98 $74.98

Gleason Pink Floral Rose Trail

Sweet and dainty, you can practically smell the freshness of the roses featured in this quintessential English Country wallpaper.
$93.98 $70.48

Gleason Purple Floral Rose Trail

Tones of lilac, iris, purple, hazy green, and ivory work beautifully together to create a homey, yet sophisticated floral trail.
$93.98 $70.48

Gleason Red Floral Rose Trail

A beautiful choice for luxuriating amidst in a living room, reading nook, or welcoming guestroom; this bright and colorful floral print will set you at ease the instant it is on your walls!
$89.98 $67.48

Golden Beige Damask

The two-toned color combination of cream and faded teal allows this country wallpaper to read traditional and timeless on your walls!
$99.98 $74.98

Golden Blue Damask

Absolutely darling for a country bedroom, this blue damask takes shape with the ornate trellis crisscross outline.
$99.98 $74.98

Golden Ice Damask

The interplay of color and shape in this ornate damask, creates a subdued, elegant appearance in any living space!
$99.98 $74.98

Golden Wheat Damask

The neutral tone creates an ambiance of sophistication, and when paired with an ornate damask print, this wallpaper can truly transform any room!
$99.98 $74.98

Henrietta Blue Hydrangea Floral Trail

A beautiful, relaxed aquamarine shade is broken up with texture and deeper tones. The beautiful scrolling pink hydrangeas bring the ambiance of an English garden to your home.

Henrietta Brown Hydrangea Floral Trail

A multi-tonal plaster effect creates a rich sand background, while the romantic, deep pink hydrangeas accentuate the natural beauty of this wallpaper.
$99.98 $74.98

Henrietta Lavender Hydrangea Floral Trail

Like a beautiful decoupage, the lush hydrangeas featured in this wallpaper look transposed on top of an old world parchment texture!
$99.98 $74.98

Henrietta Pink Hydrangea Floral Trail

Three shades comprise the sponge work background of this rich and lustrous wallpaper, while beautiful, lifelike pink hydrangeas bring freshness to your room.
$93.98 $70.48

Henrietta Yellow Hydrangea Floral Trail

The faintest shade of robin's egg blue peaks out behind the sponge work of cream in the background, while beautiful blue hydrangeas are decoupaged on top.
$99.98 $74.98

Isabelle Yellow Floral Damask

A creamy yellow damask blends subtly with its cream-colored background. This wallpaper creates a beautiful base for gorgeous French Country décor in your home.
$93.98 $70.48

Lafayette Beige Floral Toss

A petite floral toss pops with vibrant hues of pink and green. The backdrop is slightly distressed, featuring linear, vertical watermarks.
$93.98 $70.48

Lafayette Blue Floral Toss

A gorgeous neutral base with the slightest hint of olive creates dimension along with faux plaster effects in its base. A delicate floral toss of light blue flowers brings Country décor to your home.
$93.98 $70.48

Lafayette Grey Floral Toss

A gorgeous, multidimensional backdrop featuring lively brushstrokes in taupe and cream is the perfect contrast for a petite blue floral toss in this wallpaper.
$93.98 $70.48

Lafayette Red Floral Toss

Not your typical floral toss, this wallpaper features an earthy, dimensional background with linear texture and a bright red floral print.
$93.98 $70.48

Lafayette Rose Floral Toss

A rustic Country floral toss is given more dimension with a faux bark texture in the background.
$99.98 $74.98

Lafayette Sand Floral Toss

The charming petite floral toss featured in this wallpaper is given a dose of modernity with a vertically textured background.
$93.98 $70.48

Lafayette Storm Floral Toss

A deep purple floral toss looks light as air on top of a dimensional neutral base, in this charming Country wallpaper.
$93.98 $70.48

Lafayette Wheat Floral Toss

Cream and ale converge in a dimensional base to create linear faux bark texture. A rust-colored petite floral toss is a beautiful, delicate contrast to the bold background.
$93.98 $70.48

Lagerquest Aqua Renaissance Texture

A gorgeous robin's egg blue has a wash of green with textured, linear dimension to create a sea spray wallpaper.
$93.98 $70.48

Lagerquest Blue Renaissance Texture

A beautiful rainy day blue envelopes the onlooker with beautiful watermark texture in vertical lines, in this wallpaper.
$93.98 $70.48

Lagerquest Pink Renaissance Texture

Get the look of decades of age and love on your walls, with this textured and dimensional pink wallpaper.
$93.98 $70.48

Marlow Grey Parchment Texture

Get the look of olde plaster walls with this sophisticated wallpaper in pleasing, neutral tones.

Nori Cream Faux Granite

A veined, almost faux plaster effect gives this rosy cream wallpaper some dimension and interest on your walls!
$89.98 $67.48

Priscilla Blue Peony Floral Trail

Beautiful!!! This blue peony print is dazzling and demure at the same time. Bring a freshness to your bedroom with this classically country wallpaper!

Priscilla Brown Faux Wood grain

Give your home a rustic country feel, with very real looking wood grain on your walls, in a gorgeous light mauve hue.
$99.98 $74.98

Priscilla Grey Faux Wood grain

A gorgeous faux wood grain transforms your walls into a woodsy dreamland!
$99.98 $74.98

Priscilla Pink Peony Floral Trail

Beckon the sun and breeze to your window, with this airy and fresh peony design.
$93.98 $70.48

Priscilla Purple Peony Floral Trail

A beautiful, welcoming choice for a guest bedroom, the purple peony trail featured in this wallpaper, on top of a very light grey base is demure and soothing.
$99.98 $74.98

Priscilla Rose Peony Floral Trail

Fall asleep amongst the flowers, with this lush peony wallpaper design adorning your walls!
$99.98 $74.98

Rebecca Brown Trellis Criss Cross

A beautiful faux plaster effect mixes cream and wheat to create dimension, while the arrow trellis design looks three dimensional.
$99.98 $74.98

Rebecca Cream Trellis Criss Cross

A charming country wallpaper, featuring a light rosy beige background with blue and beige trellis design would look beautiful on your walls.
$99.98 $74.98

Rebecca Green Trellis Criss Cross

The perfect French Country design, this wallpaper features a gorgeous arrow trellis crisscross pattern on top of a beautifully spackled cream and sage background.
$89.98 $67.48

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