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Decorline Wallpaper

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Decorline is a fusion of modern sophistication with a taste for luxury. These fine wallpapers bring contemporary dimension to walls in today's freshest colors. Applying modern scale, chic texture effects, and vivid hues to fashionable designs, Decorline wallpapers have gorgeous style appeal.

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Bearden Black Zig Zag

Sleek and sophisticated, this modern zig zag wallpaper in a handsome black, grey and champagne color palette, adds a stylish suede detail to walls.
$79.98 $19.99

Bearden Light Blue Zig Zag

Soft and serene, this fluid zig zag texture brings a fresh blue charisma to walls. A stylishly retro wallcovering with a trendy suede finish, makes for a fabulous décor piece.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Bearden Light Green Zig Zag

Oh so mod, this lush green wall paper boasts a sensational zig zag design dazzled in a contemporary suede treatment.
$79.98 $19.99

Bearden Purple Zig Zag

This fabulous retro wallpaper adds a fresh pop of purple to walls in a dazzling zig zag design. A smart suede finish floats between decorated pearlescent accents, adding marvelous depth to a room.
$79.98 $19.99

Cadence Beige Scroll

This metallic stripe wallpaper has intricate scroll work that pops with metallic inks and tactile textures. The neutral design is perfect for adding an elegant style to your décor.
$3.02 $1.51/Sq Ft.

Cadence Blue Scroll

Add this intricate scroll wallpaper to your décor for an elegant finish. A mixture of matte and metallic inks and a hint of blue make this stunning design come to life.
$3.02 $2.26/Sq Ft.

Cadence Gold Scroll

Intricate scroll work and classic stripes make a stunning wallpaper. This muted gold design becomes an elegant neutral with a textured effect for added dimension.
$3.02 $2.26/Sq Ft.

Cadence Grey Scroll

This neutral wallpaper has the perfect amount of texture and print. A metallic taupe background creates a subtle contrast with the grey scroll work.
$3.02 $1.51/Sq Ft.

Cadenza Brown Geometric

Create a chic feature wall with this metallic geometric wallpaper. The pattern is created with matte textures that have a tactile finish.
$3.02 $2.26/Sq Ft.

Cadenza Cream Geometric

A series of nested squares creates this geometric wallpaper. The neutral color palette and textured ink makes this a versatile design fit for a variety of spaces.
$3.02 $1.51/Sq Ft.

Cadenza Gold Geometric

Update your walls with this gold geometric wallpaper. The textured design creates a tactile surface while the gold background shimmers.
$3.02 $2.26/Sq Ft.

Cadenza Grey Geometric

This geometric wallpaper has a tribal print style with open squares and bold lines. A textured overlay creates a distressed effect that contrasts with the metallic background.
$3.02 $2.26/Sq Ft.

Canon Beige Texture

This neutral textured wallpaper is perfect for a modern home. The background has flecks of metallic accents for a shimmering effect.
$3.02 $2.26/Sq Ft.

Canon Brown Texture

Evolve your walls into a modern metallic masterpiece with this bronze textured wallpaper. A shimmering background combines with a textured raised ink that creates a tactile appearance.
$3.02 $1.51/Sq Ft.

Canon Cream Texture

This metallic texture wallpaper is a modern choice for walls. Gold inks create shimmer while a grit ink creates a tactile texture.
$3.02 $2.26/Sq Ft.

Canon Gold Texture

Add a classic gold wallpaper to your décor with this subtle design. The warm hue has a hint of shimmer that catches the light with in an elegant, understated way.
$3.02 $2.26/Sq Ft.

Chorale Brown Texture

This chic textured wallpaper has a modern print and a taupe colorway with undertones of lavender for a cool color palette. Metallic inks add a hint of shimmer.
$3.02 $2.26/Sq Ft.

Chorale Cafe Texture

This modern geometric wallpaper has a metallic bronze background and textured squares in silver and light rust.
$3.02 $1.51/Sq Ft.

Chorale Cream Texture

Add a chic texture to your walls with this neutral wallpaper. A shimmering background and matte textured overlay create the abstract spotted print.
$3.02 $2.26/Sq Ft.

Chorale Gold Texture

This unique wallpaper has a modern texture with an abstract design that shimmers with a metallic ink background. Textured inks create a tactile finish.
$3.02 $1.51/Sq Ft.

Cubist Copper Geometric

Feature a chic geometric wallpaper on your walls. Gold and bronze textures pop against a shimmering background that has even more pattern.
$3.02 $1.51/Sq Ft.

Cubist Gold Geometric

A gold background shines in this modern geometric print wallpaper. A textured effect creates a dimensional appearance with tonal accents.
$3.02 $2.26/Sq Ft.

Cubist Grey Geometric

This light grey wallpaper has a shimmering silver background and a contemporary grid pattern. Tactile distressing creates a dimension along with a printed underlay.
$3.02 $2.26/Sq Ft.

Cubist Silver Geometric

Textured cubes form an imperfect pattern that radiates energy. Metallic accents create a tactile distressed effect that adds dimension to the wallpaper.
$3.02 $2.26/Sq Ft.

Cubist Taupe Geometric

This abstract texture wallpaper creates a shimmering effect with mirrored patterns and tactile textures. The warm taupe color is a versatile neutral.
$3.02 $1.51/Sq Ft.

Dandi Charcoal Floral Wallpaper

A dandelion print for the modern home. This chic taupe, charcoal, and cream print has tactile dimension and a shimmering background.
$2.13 $1.60/Sq Ft.

Dandi Gold Floral Wallpaper

A hint of sunshine and a pop of pattern. This dandelion wallpaper bursts forth in warm shades of cream beige. A shimmering background adds hidden dimension.
$2.13 $1.60/Sq Ft.

Dandi Grey Floral Wallpaper

Dandelions turn into fireworks in this modern wallpaper. A shimmering grey background allows the white design to take center stage.
$2.13 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Dandi Taupe Floral Wallpaper

Bring the outside in with this dandelion wallpaper. The taupe background transforms into a shimmering splendor in the light while white and grey dandelions flit about the print.
$2.13 $1.60/Sq Ft.

Dandi White Floral Wallpaper

This dandelion wallpaper is the perfect solution for those who love white walls but want a hint of pattern. The monochromatic design uses shimmering and matte inks to create a subtle floral print.
$2.13 $1.60/Sq Ft.

Degas Beige Linen Slub Texture

With a stunning mirror-like effect, this linen texture evokes exquisite style on walls. A calm and neutral palette coupled with a chic suede treatment, makes this designer wall covering a fashionably modern décor choice.

Degas Champagne Linen Slub Texture

Bring a chic grey polish to walls with this contemporary wall covering of a linen slub texture. With a soft suede finish and glistening champagne backdrop, this trendy design shimmers with sophistication.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Degas Ivory Linen Slub Texture

With a taste for brilliance, this fresh ivory wallcovering beams new-fashioned appeal on walls. A radiant linen texture masked in a gleaming silver backdrop and posh suede treatment, adds magical detail to any space.

Elgin Cream Vertical Weave Wallpaper

This neutral wallpaper is reminiscent of a classic tweed textile. The design has a woven look with a cream background and hints of silver shimmer.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Elgin Gold Vertical Weave Wallpaper

A plain light brown wallpaper that comes to life in the light. Brown turns into a shimmering gold with a dimensional sparkle.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Elgin Green Weave Texture Wallpaper

Get a classic look in a modern material. This woven texture wallpaper has the look of a tweed textile. The green colorway brings a classic style.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Elgin Purple Vertical Weave Wallpaper

A deep purple wallpaper with a shimmering finish. This woven texture wallpaper is the perfect way to add a touch of drama and glamour to your décor.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Emile Blue Texture

An heirloom blue wallpaper with a fine woven texture. Threads of silver run through the pattern, adding an intriguing but subtle sophistication.
$2.41 $1.81/Sq Ft.

Emile Cream Texture

Textured wallpaper adds a subtle intrigue to décor. This coordinated and chic design is threaded with pretty pearlescent effects for a sophisticated detail.
$2.41 $1.81/Sq Ft.

Emile Green Texture

A stardust sprinkled green texture for walls, bringing a resplendent sage and mint hue to life with sophisticated nuances.
$2.41 $1.81/Sq Ft.

Enchanted Cream Woodgrain Wallpaper

This wood wallpaper looks like a glittering snowy wonderland. The warm cream background is topped with an iridescent glitter that takes every opportunity to shine.
$2.13 $1.60/Sq Ft.

Enchanted Gold Woodgrain Wallpaper

Bring a modern glamour to your home with this one of a kind wood wallpaper. The sleek champagne colored design is topped with a glitter finish that adds an iridescent sparkle.
$2.13 $1.60/Sq Ft.

Enchanted Grey Woodgrain Wallpaper

A wood wallpaper like you've never seen before. This grey woodgrain has a sparkling finish with an iridescent glitter top layer.
$2.13 $1.60/Sq Ft.

Energico Blue Medallion

This large scale medallion stripe is a stunning and elegant wallpaper. Intricate vines twist and twirl in perfect harmony. A metallic background adds a touch of glamour.
$3.02 $2.26/Sq Ft.

Energico Gold Medallion

This medallion wallpaper has an elegant style with shimmering finishes and intricate scroll work. Raised inks add a rough texture.
$3.02 $1.51/Sq Ft.

Energico Grey Medallion

This medallion wallpaper has an elegant touch with shimmering finishes and intricate scroll work. Raised inks add a rough texture.
$3.02 $1.51/Sq Ft.

Energico Neutral Medallion

This large scale medallion print is an elegant design that has the perfect mix of neutrals. Subtle metallics add a touch glamour without overpowering the design.
$3.02 $2.26/Sq Ft.

Enterprise Charcoal Lattice

A contemporary wallpaper where a rich gunmetal grey with a fine sheen is revealed beyond a suede lattice of geometric shapes. Exceedingly remarkable and chic.
$2.59 $0.35/Sq Ft.

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