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Decorline Wallpaper

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Decorline is a fusion of modern sophistication with a taste for luxury. These fine wallpapers bring contemporary dimension to walls in today's freshest colors. Applying modern scale, chic texture effects, and vivid hues to fashionable designs, Decorline wallpapers have gorgeous style appeal.

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Zenia Light Pink Small Ogee Wave

A seductive rosy glow catches the light of the room between a jazzy swirl of suede accented lines. A haute couture wallpaper in an ethereal pink hue.
$2.59 $0.35/Sq Ft.

Sebastian Cream Crepe Moroccan Medallion

As inviting and invigorating as a tea time tradition, this modern Moroccan medallion wallpaper comes to you in chic neutrals.
$2.13 $1.60/Sq Ft.

Nerida Pink Floral Silhouette

A bright pink with graphic punch, this modern floral wallpaper creates a very dynamic designer impact. Chic texture effects with cutting edge matte grain and strokes of shimmering pearl.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Nerida Purple Floral Silhouette

A juicy purple hue, popping with vivacious chartreuse and platinum. This modern floral wallpaper brings deluxe texture effects and an enchanted silhouette design.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Paschal Light Grey Herringbone Texture

A very pale shade of ash grey adds a gentle sophistication to walls. With fine texture effects and a fashionable herringbone tweed pattern.
$79.98 $19.99

Paschal Taupe Herringbone Texture

Refine your walls with this posh herringbone tweed texture wallpaper. Soft taupe and chic textured lines bring warmth and verve to any space.

Suelita Brown Striped Texture

With a refined espresso brown luxuriance, this posh wallpaper creates a fine striped texture on walls.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Suelita Charcoal Striped Texture

This textured wallpaper is an ultra posh shade of charcoal grey, almost black, with chic silver accents. Very deluxe raised effects and a cutting-edge finish.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

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