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This collection invites you into a world of cottage charm with petite garden florals and sweetheart prints. Like the nostalgic name implies, these small scale patterns create an enchanted world in darling colorways. Pinstripes, polka dots, pretty blossoms, and Victorian traditions are all presented in miniature for a precious effect in any room with the durability of pre-pasted vinyl. This collection is warm, welcoming, and cottage-chic, bringing fresh charm to your home sweet home.

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Bella Blue Damask

Inspired by a perfect Victorian dollhouse, this pretty blue damask wallpaper sets a delicate elegance in a room.
$1.13 $0.91/Sq Ft.

Isabella Blue Rose Trail

Invite the warmth of cottage charm into your décor with this pretty blue floral print wallpaper.
$1.13 $0.91/Sq Ft.

Bella Beige Damask

With a subtle, antique charm, this neutral wallpaper flourishes a pretty damask print.
$1.13 $0.91/Sq Ft.

Bella Green Damask

A very small scale damask wallpaper in a country-chic green hue.
$63.98 $51.18

Bella Pink Damask

With a small-scale damask print in a blushing pink hue, this elegant wallpaper invites a cozy elegance.
$1.13 $0.91/Sq Ft.

Belle Beige Rose Stripe

A coordinating taupe stripe wallpaper, treated to sweetheart roses and polka dot details.
$1.13 $0.91/Sq Ft.

Belle Blue Rose Stripe

This soothing stripe wallpaper has a charming blue rose detail.
$63.98 $51.18

Belle Off-White Rose Stripe

This delicate stripe wallpaper is enhanced by a sweetheart rose detail. Taupe, with traces of pink.
$63.98 $51.18

Dotty White Dot

A precious polka dot wallpaper with a pretty palette of pale pink on white. Charm your walls with this darling print.
$1.13 $0.91/Sq Ft.

Fiona Pink Sprigs Toss

The Fiona rose print is enchanting and sweet in tea rose, butter yellow, and white, with a small scale elegance.
$1.13 $0.91/Sq Ft.

Isabella Pink Rose Trail

A darling pink rose print wallpaper, with small scale Victorian details.

Isabella Purple Rose Trail

This darling purple floral wallpaper has a vintage Victorian sweetness.
$63.98 $51.18

Izabella Blush Rosebud

Washed in soft hues, this gentle floral wallpaper trails tiny rose buds for a trellis-like cottage charm.
$1.13 $0.91/Sq Ft.

Izabella Purple Rosebud

Invite a delicate charm to walls with this small scale rosebud wallpaper. Cream, pink and green.
$63.98 $51.18

Janine Pink Climbing Rose

With delicate watercolor washes of green and pink, this lovely climbing rose wallpaper enchants your space.
$63.98 $19.99

Janine Purple Climbing Rose

A Victorian-chic rose print wallpaper with small-scale elegance in cheerful purple, green and white.
$63.98 $51.18

Jayne Beige Trellis Mini

A very sweet and classy trellis print wallpaper in cream and camel.
$63.98 $51.18

Jaynie Blush Trellis Stripe

A sweetheart stripe print in soft tea rose, baby blue and cream with a verdant display of delicate leaves.
$63.98 $51.18

Jaynie Burgundy Trellis Stripe

With a fresh Victorian elegance and a small-scale sweetheart effect, this stripe wallpaper is enduringly pretty in camel, cream and magenta.
$63.98 $51.18

Jaynie Green Trellis Stripe

An elegant stripe wallpaper, where happy leaves and bunches of roses climb up and down between ribbons of fresh white and green.
$1.13 $0.91/Sq Ft.

Jaynie Purple Trellis Stripe

A lovely striped wallpaper design with Victorian elegance. Pretty purple roses and delicate green leaves cascade between ribbons of trellis work.
$63.98 $51.18

Mandy Pink Stripe

This pretty pink pinstripe wallpaper is perfection on walls. With the stylish appeal of stripes and the sweetheart look of pink on white, it is a timeless choice.
$1.13 $0.91/Sq Ft.

Sofie Peach Texture

This peach texture wallpaper is quite delicate, almost ethereal.
$63.98 $51.18

Sofie Pink Texture

This pink wallpaper is soft and pretty, creating a delicate texture effect for walls.

Sophie Pink Floral Toss

An artful watercolor floral wallpaper, inviting the timeless charms of a countryside cottage. Saturated berry pink and green on a clean white backdrop.

Sophie Salmon Floral Toss

Warm and elegant, like an inviting bed and breakfast. This floral toss wallpaper dresses your room in pretty peach blossoms.
$63.98 $51.18

Deanna Orange Trail

Yellow daisies and orange wildflowers in a delicate dollhouse scale lend a country-chic happiness to this pretty wallpaper.
$1.13 $0.91/Sq Ft.

Debbie Blush Small Rose Toss

Delicate and fresh, this pretty floral wallpaper has a vintage Victorian rose garden inspiration. Peach and periwinkle on a clean white background, with a small-scale sweetheart print.
$63.98 $51.18

Debbie Purple Small Rose Toss

This graceful wallpaper invites a cottage-chic floral charm to your décor with tiny bouquets of purple and yellow flowers.

Denise Lavender Fleur

A precious polka dot floral print wallpaper, with tiny purple buds and delicate green leaves. Invite a country-chic cottage sweetness to décor.

Denise Yellow Fleur

A tender yellow wallpaper design, with tiny polka dot flowers. Classic cottage-chic happiness for any room.
$63.98 $51.18

Dionysia Blue Jacobean

A sweet floral texture for walls, inspired by the Jacobean in sky blue and cream white.
$63.98 $51.18

Dionysia Green Jacobean

Timeless and pretty, this pale green floral motif has a cheerful country-chic appeal.

Dionysia Lavender Jacobean

A small scale lavender and white print, so delicate that it creates a soft floral texture for walls.

Dotty Green Dot

A delicate and fresh polka dot design wallpaper, with tiny white dots on a Spring green hue.
$63.98 $51.18

Dotty Lavender Dot

Polka dots bring a timeless sweetness to walls. This cute purple and white wallpaper is just precious.
$63.98 $19.99

Dotty Light Blue Dot

A pale twilight blue, almost grey, with tiny white polka dots. This pretty wallpaper has a dainty quality and a timeless happiness in any space.
$63.98 $51.18

Dotty Light Green Dot

A very pleasant polka dot wallpaper design in an antique white and Spring green palette. Small scale for a delicate and pretty effect.

Dotty Light Grey Dot

A periwinkle grey polka dot wallpaper, fresh and light hearted with a delightful small scale print.
$63.98 $51.18

Dotty Purple Dot

A darling polka dot décor idea! This purple and white wallpaper is classic and sweet, with miniature scale.

Elyse Blue Mini Toss

A light-hearted mini floral print wallpaper, with precious watercolor blue blooms.
$63.98 $51.18

Elyse Peach Mini Toss

This sweetheart floral print is a cheerful and pretty accent for any room. Creams and peach flowers, with a precious scale.

Elyse Purple Mini Toss

A sweetheart print of pretty purple flowers. This darling wallpaper brings timeless cheer to any space.

Fiona Mauve Sprigs Toss

Bringing a darling warmth to any space, this floral wallpaper is filled with pretty mauve roses in a small scale print.

Fiona Purple Sprigs Toss

Bring a warm Victorian elegance to your décor with this sweetheart rose print wallpaper. A small scale floral print in lavender and amethyst on a fresh white
$1.13 $0.91/Sq Ft.

Liza Purple Stripe

A fresh and pretty purple stripe wallpaper, treated to a subtle distress effect for a sun washed vintage look.

Lizabeth Blue Allover Floral

A cheerful blue and yellow wallpaper, dressing your room in a country-chic spray of wildflowers.
$1.13 $0.91/Sq Ft.

Lizabeth Peach Allover Floral

Both cheerful and soothing, this pretty peach floral wallpaper has a vintage splendor.
$1.13 $0.91/Sq Ft.

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