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A feature wall is a beautiful way to decorate with wallpaper. Choosing one wall to accentuate allows you to choose brighter colors and more striking designs without the fear of going overboard. Go big and go bold, even in a small space, with a wallpaper feature wall. These sassy designs give you the glamour you crave, while still allowing a sophisticated balance in the room. Have fun with your walls! Our feature wall wallpaper designs are a glorious way to enjoy color and pattern. 

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Orfeo Brown Nouveau Damask

A gorgeous nouveau damask wallpaper in rich chocolate and toffee hues. Striking and mod with a chic finish.
$119.98 $95.98

Orfeo Mauve Nouveau Damask

A glamorous and contemporary wallpaper with a nouveau damask pattern in mauve and cream.

Purcell Blue Stripe

A traditional stripe wallpaper with a regal finish. Brass and Blue.
$119.98 $95.98

Purcell Pink Stripe

Classic with a twist, this sophisticated stripe wallpaper goes glam in fuchsia and silver.
$119.98 $95.98

Purcell Purple Stripe

Create a striped wall with a dramatic beauty! This stripe wallpaper heightens a classic look in glamorous amethyst and silver.

Sebastian Blue Crepe Moroccan Medallion

A captivating swirl of coffee and silver beyond a gorgeous blue medallion design. This Moroccan wallpaper layers textures and ink for a glamorous effect.

Sebastian Red Crepe Moroccan Medallion

Glamorous and cultured, this vampy taupe and red wallpaper creates a warm Moroccan vibe in your home.

Sonata Purple Ironwork

Glam up any room with this decadent amethyst and soft silver wallpaper, evoking an ornate Moroccan gate.

Wiley Beige Lace Damask

An elegant accompaniment to décor, this graceful wallcovering decorated in a chic lace damask, brings eloquent style to walls heightened with a glamorous golden luster
$119.98 $95.98

Wiley Copper Lace Damask

With a lace inspiration, this stylish damask is both elegant and polished. Etched in a glistening copper hue, a sophisticated grey canvas exudes glamour and grace.
$119.98 $95.98

Wiley Cream Lace Damask

Etched in gold, this delicate damask is stylish and regal. With details derived from the beauty of lace to luxe metallic inks, this cream wallcovering has cosmopolitan appeal.
$119.98 $95.98

Bearden Black Zig Zag

Sleek and sophisticated, this modern zig zag wallpaper in a handsome black, grey and champagne color palette, adds a stylish suede detail to walls.
$79.98 $63.98

Bearden Light Blue Zig Zag

Soft and serene, this fluid zig zag texture brings a fresh blue charisma to walls. A stylishly retro wallcovering with a trendy suede finish, makes for a fabulous décor piece.
$79.98 $63.98

Bearden Light Green Zig Zag

Oh so mod, this lush green wall paper boasts a sensational zig zag design dazzled in a contemporary suede treatment.
$79.98 $63.98

Bearden Orange Zig Zag

Bursting with flavor, this tangerine colored wall paper brings contagious energy to a room. With an oh so mod zig zag print ornamented in a chic suede treatment, this stylish design is sure to turn heads.
$79.98 $63.98

Bearden Pink Zig Zag

This feminine chic wallcovering brings ultramodern flair to walls in a luxe pink suede and stylishly designed print.
$79.98 $63.98

Bearden Purple Zig Zag

This fabulous retro wallpaper adds a fresh pop of purple to walls in a dazzling zig zag design. A smart suede finish floats between decorated pearlescent accents, adding marvelous depth to a room.
$79.98 $63.98

Enterprise Charcoal Lattice

A contemporary wallpaper where a rich gunmetal grey with a fine sheen is revealed beyond a suede lattice of geometric shapes. Exceedingly remarkable and chic.
$145.98 $116.78

Enterprise Pewter Lattice

A contemporary wallpaper with couture design elements. The geometric design resembles an abstract lattice, with a network of suede accented shapes on a shimmering taupe silver texture.
$145.98 $116.78

Enterprise Purple Lattice

This geometric wallpaper is gilded in couture finishes, with royal purple suede and a soft polished brass radiance.
$145.98 $116.78

Ernst Light Green Linear Leaf

This designer wallpaper of a modern leaf design, brings charismatic charm to walls in a refreshing green and beige palette. Seasoned with glimmering pearlescent adornments and rich suede treatments, this new-fashioned décor piece is wonderfully vogue.
$79.98 $63.98

Freud Light Blue Blossom Trail

A poetic blossom trail atop a soft blue backdrop, brings a beautiful calm to any space. This sweet and modern wallcovering styled in glistening accents and unique suede effects, decorates walls in enchanting detail.

Freud Light Green Blossom Trail

Bring a fresh seasoned flair to your room with this whimsical wallpaper of a flourishing blossom trail. A gorgeous green hue coupled with natural brown accents, makes an exotic suede finish float majestically across walls.
$79.98 $63.98

Freud Purple Blossom Trail

With a chic grey and plum palette, this contemporary wall paper of a blooming blossom trail, evokes playful charm on walls in rich suede effects and radiant pearlescent petals.
$79.98 $63.98

Gabrielle Brass Lace Feature

This ornate and cultured design is influenced by lovely Victorian lace and worldly medallions. Layers of pattern create a chic cut-away effect, enhanced by metallic and raised inks. This brass and cream wallpaper uses texture and scale to create a lovely sophistication on walls.
$169.98 $135.98

Gabrielle Gold Lace Feature

This ornate and cultured lace look is influenced by chic Victorian appliques and global medallions. With a timely cut-away design and layers of pattern, this gold wallpaper uses texture and scale to create a lovely sophistication on walls. Gravure Screen-printing and Embossed techniques add a luxe depth to the design.
$169.98 $135.98

Gabrielle Grey Lace Feature

With a lavender infused gunmetal grey palette, this fine wallpaper was inspired by global-chic medallions and Victorian lace. The sophisticated design layers pattern with glitter ink and raised effects.
$169.98 $135.98

Gabrielle Mauve Lace Feature

Influenced by lovely Victorian lace and worldly medallions, this fine mauve wallpaper exhibits layers of beautiful pattern. The sophisticated palette is enhanced by shimmer ink and raised effects.
$169.98 $135.98

Gabrielle Silver Lace Feature

With a precious metal shimmer, this fine silver wallpaper calls to mind lovely Victorian lace and worldly medallions. The sophisticated palette features layers of pattern, enhanced by glitter ink and raised effects.
$169.98 $135.98

Genesis Blue Dotty

This blue wallpaper is contemporary and gorgeous, with a seductive sapphire glow, an eccentric polka dot print and posh suede accents,
$145.98 $116.78

Genesis Gold Dotty

An eccentric polka dot wallpaper, bringing a mod twist to this beloved motif. Gilded with a designer metallic ink, in a boutique-style brass hue.
$145.98 $116.78

Genesis Pink Dotty

This ultra mod wallpaper has a dazzling and eccentric metallic polka dot print on a vivid fuchsia backdrop. Contemporary and fun with an eye-catching radiance.
$159.98 $127.98

Genesis Purple Dotty

A polka dot wallpaper unlike any you have ever seen before, with a modern design twist. Royal purple is resplendent behind glittery silver spots.
$159.98 $127.98

Genesis Silver Dotty

A couture silver wallpaper with an eccentric polka dot print. With posh suede accents, a precious metal sheen and a stylized twist on a classic print, this design has high fashion appeal.
$145.98 $116.78

Gustav Brown Geometric

Brewster Home Fashions brings you this contemporary wallpaper look from Decorline's Platinum collection in a chocolate and pewter palette. Fresh and modern, with alluring curves and a radiant pearl finish.
$135.98 $108.78

Gustav Grey Geometric

Embrace a modern glamour in your décor with this sophisticated silver wallpaper. A luxe metallic finish adds a regal allure to the contemporary geometric pattern.
$135.98 $108.78

Gustav Silver Geometric

A pearl finish and dusting of shimmer lend a seductive softness to an otherwise cool, contemporary wallpaper design.
$135.98 $108.78

Hendrix Blue Gravure Ogee

An obsession worthy swirling pattern in sapphire, pearl, silver and graphite. This designer wallpaper allures your décor with a mod print of jazz infused lines.
$135.98 $108.78

Hendrix Grey Gravure Ogee

A funky swirl of jazzy lines gives this mod wallpaper a high fashion allure. Warm pewter greys with a gentle sheen and a chic beaded texture.
$135.98 $108.78

Hendrix Orange Gravure Ogee

An a la mode pop of tangerine adds a vivid indulgence to this swirling mod wallpaper design. With jazz infused lines, an iridescent finish and a fashionable beaded texture.
$135.98 $108.78

Hendrix Silver Gravure Ogee

This obsession worthy wallpaper features a mod pattern of jazz infused lines in a captivating spectrum of silver and grey.
$135.98 $108.78

Horizon Grey Stripe

A sophisticated grey stripe wallpaper with designer silver ink, bringing a touch of starlight to your decor.
$145.98 $116.78

Horizon Orange Stripe

A posh striped wallpaper design in cream, dark grey, tangerine and silver. Embellished with glitter ink, this design is high fashion and sophisticated.
$145.98 $116.78

Indiana Light Green Damask

Boasting modern decadence, this fashionably green wall paper brings a fresh suede effect to walls in a resplendent damask design.
$79.98 $63.98

Lalique Blue Nouveau Damask

Set your décor for a gatsby-esque glamour with this art nouveau wallpaper. A contemporary take on the elegance of the roaring 20s, with alluring silver swirls in a sophisticated damask arrangement.
$135.98 $108.78

Lalique Brown Nouveau Damask

An inspiring art nouveau wallpaper with a contemporary twist. Mica dusted espresso brown and polished pearl pewter add glamour to this curvaceous design.
$135.98 $108.78

Lalique Grey Nouveau Damask

The sophistication of grey, enhanced to luxurious heights with a platinum silver shimmer effects. This art nouveau wallpaper takes cues from the dreamy damask, with a contemporary glamour.

Lalique Purple Nouveau Damask

A captivating and sophisticated purple wallpaper. Brushed with a precious lavender metallic effect, the design brings a contemporary art nouveau swirl to walls.

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