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Choosing a look for your bathroom walls sets the whole tone in the room. For Your Bath II is the ultimate resource for bringing style to your bathroom décor. Whether decorating a master bath, or a jewel-box of a loo, these bathroom wallpapers create a spa-worthy scene.

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Ezra Light Brown Satin Marble

A satin marble texture wallpaper in golden brown, this svelte design will reinvent your bathroom walls as prestigious polished stone!
$75.98 $60.78

Ezra Purple Satin Marble

An appealing, artisanal look for walls, this marble texture wallpaper creates a posh stone effect in mauve and violet.
$75.98 $60.78

Ezra Silver Satin Marble

With the exquisite prestige of polished stone, this satin marble wallpaper creates a posh silver texture.
$75.98 $60.78

Ezra Taupe Satin Marble

Evoking a polished stone texture, this satin marble wallpaper adds drama and style to any wall in taupe and mauve.
$75.98 $60.78

Felicity Taupe Fabric Texture

Gild your walls in a luscious drama with this rich fabric texture wallpaper. Pearl taupe cascades in and out, dusted with glitter.
$129.98 $103.98

Harbor Blue Sea Glass Tiles

Inspired by sea glass, this bathroom tile wallpaper is created with ultra chic pearl inks for a Mediterannean spa effect.
$95.98 $76.78

Harbor Brown Sea Glass Tiles

Taupe beige, black and brown tiles are artfully arranged into a sassy backsplash. A traditional tile look with a sophisticated brown colorway.
$95.98 $76.78

Harbor Tawny Sea Glass Tiles

Gilded in golden pearl ink, this Mediterranean tile wallpaper reinvents a bathroom wall into a sophisticated tawny backsplash.
$95.98 $76.78

Isabelle Mauve Butterfly Floral Trail

An ethereal garden party of butterflies and hyacinth in bloom, this violet wallpaper ushers a sweetheart feel into any room.
$75.98 $60.78

Isabelle Peach Butterfly Floral Trail

A darling butterfly wallpaper in precious washes of peach, pink and yellow.
$75.98 $60.78

Isabelle Pink Butterfly Floral Trail

A sweetheart wallpaper with butterflies and hyacinth in bloom, this peachy pink design creates a warm and inviting garden party.
$75.98 $60.78

Ixia Silver Lily Trail

Setting your scene for enchantment and glamour with undertones of Swan Lake. A lily trail wallpaper gilded in silver glitter and fine silk fabric effects.
$129.98 $103.98

Kala Purple Satin Floral

A sweet satin elegance for walls, this floral wallpaper is pretty and flirty, with orchid, purple, and peach watercolor blossoms.
$75.98 $60.78

Kala Salmon Satin Floral

With elegant satin and a coquettish floral pattern in tropical coral and peach, this pretty wallpaper has the look of a watercolor painting.
$75.98 $60.78

Lavinia Light Green Tree Forest

This stylish tree wallpaper is a sophisticated texture effect for walls, adding depth and a chic forest motif in sage and taupe.
$75.98 $60.78

Lavinia Mauve Tree Forest

A mysterious forest motif, this designer wallpaper adds majestic depth with an imprssionistic style in silver and mauve.
$75.98 $60.78

Lavinia Sage Tree Forest

Rendered like an impressionist painting, this sage and taupe tree wallpaper brings a majestic depth and texture to walls.
$75.98 $60.78

Lavinia Taupe Tree Forest

Graphically chic, this tree silhouette wallpaper is an impressionistic forest for walls in taupe and cream.
$75.98 $60.78

Lindsey Pink Country Floral

With a soft pink country daisy print, this pretty bathroom wallpaper creates a happy and lovely detail on walls.
$75.98 $60.78

Lisa Pink Butterfly Floral

A garden party wallpaper with majesticaly rendered blossoms and butterflies in pretty pink hues.

Marta Green Dainty Floral Stripe

This pretty green floral stripe wallpaper has a sweetheart effect on walls with darling polka dots details.
$75.98 $60.78

Marta Pink Dainty Floral Stripe

A vintage elegance, mixed with country chic charms, this pretty pink floral stripe wallpaper is graced with darling details.
$75.98 $60.78

Midori Black Bamboo Silhouette

A black bathroom makes a dramatic impact. This bamboo silhouette botanical wallpaper is an ultra chic accent, enhanced by a gel ink finish.
$99.98 $79.98

Midori White Bamboo Silhouette

Botanical silhouettes, overlapping and swaying in chic black and silver gel inks. Indulge sophistication and global intrigue with this fine bathroom wallpaper.
$99.98 $79.98

Percival Beige Ocean Scenic

A captivating under the sea theme wallpaper in a refined taupe beige colorway.
$95.98 $76.78

Percival White Ocean Scenic

A sophisticated large scale tropical floral in an elegant neutral color way.
$95.98 $76.78

Petunia Light Green Marble Floral

Implying a solid marble texture with soft blossoms in a pale verdant and coral colorway, this wallpaper is enduringly lovely.
$75.98 $60.78

Rachelle Blue Floral Toss

As if your walls were speckled with exquisite watercolor blue blossoms, this floral toss bathroom wallpaper has a happy, poetic appeal.
$75.98 $60.78

Rachelle Peach Floral Toss

Ultra pretty and soft, this bathroom wallpaper creates the artistic weffect that cream colored walls have been speckled with watercolor flowers. Poetic peach and tea rose pink.
$75.98 $60.78

Sauna Grey Polished Stones

An exotic photorealistic scene of polished stones, creating a gorgeous trompe l'oueil bathroom wallpaper.
$95.98 $76.78

Sauna Taupe Polished Stones

A stunning photorealistic scene of polished pebbles with chic texture effects, this stone wallpaper is a trompe l'oueil spa retreat for walls.
$95.98 $76.78

Tasca Taupe Tiles

Bring an organic stone mosaic look to walls with this chic tile wallpaper in cream and taupe. Authentically textured.
$95.98 $76.78

Victorianne Cream Tin Ceiling Tiles

Wishing for architecturally chic details like a tin ceiling or tiled wall? This florentine style tile wallpaper is graced with fine texture effects and a traditionally pretty pattern in soft cream hues.

Vivianne Beige Iris Floral

Graphic and refined, this iris floral wallpaper creates a sophisticated elegance in any space. A neutral wash of taupe beige.
$95.98 $76.78

Vivianne Grey Iris Floral

A large scale tropical floral wallpaper with a sophisticated style in chic grey and chalky pink hues.
$95.98 $76.78

Vivianne Metallic Iris Floral

Bringing a refined beauty to walls, this fine floral wallpaper has a stylized iris design in washes of metallic grey and cream.
$95.98 $76.78

Vivianne Peach Iris Floral

Bringing a refined beauty to walls, this fine floral wallpaper has a stylized iris design in washes of grey, peach, and pale verdant hues.
$95.98 $76.78

Yvonne Light Green Satin Iris

A lush satin wallpaper in pretty sea greens and lilac purples.
$95.98 $76.78

Yvonne Peach Satin Iris

Soft watercolor peach and green, this iris flower wallpaper ushers an elegant satin finish to walls.
$95.98 $76.78

Yvonne Pink Satin Iris

This very pretty satin wallpaper creates an elegant watercolor scene of pastel pink iris flowers.
$95.98 $76.78

Yvonne Purple Satin Iris

A flourishing watercolor scene of spring flowers, this iris wallpaper is endowed with a satin finish.
$95.98 $76.78

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