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How to Install Wallpaper Over Paneling


Considering wallpaper to cover wood paneling? Perk up dark and outdated paneled walls with a fresh wallpaper cover up. Another popular option to cover wood paneled walls is Paintable wallpapers! Choose from a wonderful variety of styles and designs from period designs like pressed tin to textures and modern motifs. Even better, Paintable wallpapers may be left unpainted for a clean white look or can be painted with any paint color of your choosing.

  1. If the grooves in your paneling are 1/4 inch deep or more, hide them by filling them with caulk. Wipe away the overflow of caulk by running a putty knife along the groove.

  2. Once caulk is dry, prime the paneling with a stain-blocking latex primer. Let dry completely. Coat walls with an acrylic-emulsion sizing or one recommended by the liner manufacturer. Sizing creates a rough surface to help the liner adhere.

  3. A heavy-duty wallpaper liner, available where wallpaper is sold, is the secret to the project’s success. Hang the liner horizontally. This ensures that the seams of the liner and the decorative wallpaper won’t align.

  4. Hang wallpaper vertically over the liner according to manufactures instructions. See our how-to-hang wallpaper section for more detailed instructions.

  5. If you are using paintable wallpaper, be sure to wait until the paper is completely dry. We recommend painting over paintable wallpaper with 2 coats of latex paint.
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