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How to Hang Borders

wallpaper removal

Here is everything you need to know about how to hang a wallpaper border perfectly!

  1. Establish if your border is pre-pasted, unpasted, or paste-the-wall, and follow appropriate procedure to adhere your border to the wall. See our how to hang wallpaper section for more tips on each of these hanging methods.

  2. If you are applying the vinyl border over vinyl wallpaper, be sure to use a "vinyl-over-vinyl" border adhesive

  3. When applying a wall border over painted walls, lightly sand the border wall area before applying the border.

  4. Measure the length of your first wall and cut a strip of wallpaper border that is about 3 inches longer to allow for a little overlap on each end.

  5. For easy handling, gently fold the border accordion style without creasing the folds.

  6. To hang a border at the top of the wall, follow the ceiling line around the room, allowing at least 1/2 inch overlap at corners.

  7. To hang a wallpaper border around the middle of a room, also known as a chair rail border, use a level and pencil to make a faint line around the room at the desired height before you start.

  8. To hang around a window or door frame, overlap the horizontal and vertical strips at the corners. Then, cut through both strips at a 45° angle at the corner, remove excess pieces and wipe off glue with a clean, damp sponge.

  9. After applying the border to the wall, smooth the border onto the wall with a wallpaper smoothing tool to force out any air bubbles and create a lasting seal.

  10. To continue your border onto the next wall, cut the border at a point where you can easily match the pattern to the previous strip, allowing for an inch or so of overlap. Cut through the overlap with a utility knife, using your 6" utility knife as a guide. Remove excess paper for a clean seam and wipe off any glue with a moist sponge.
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