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Wallpaper Smoother

Wall Width: (ft)
Wall Height: (ft)
$2.99 USD
Item #: LGH869
Brand: Brewster Home Fashions
Create a flawless finish with this flexible wallpaper smoother. With an easy to grip handle, this special tool allows you to smooth out any unwanted air pockets, wrinkles or creases that may occur during the hanging process. Includes one 9-in smoother.
Price:$2.99 USDin stock!
Features & Benefits
  • Makes décor projects easy
  • Helps you achieve a professional finish
  • Easily smooth out air bubbles, wrinkles and creases
  • Creates a smooth, flat finish
  • 9-in flexible plastic wallpaper smoother
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Reviewed by 1 customer  
Wallpaper Smoother, March 19, 2018

This was an awkward size and hard to handle with just one hand. Also almost to flimsy wound bend easily with the slightest bit of pressure. My hand was more effective at removing the bubbles.

WallPops replied:

Hi, thank you for your feedback! We're sorry that our product didn't work for you, and we wish best of luck on your future design projects.

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