Accent your wall with a beautiful medallion. The popular decor element adds charm and visual intrigue to walls, whether in a gallery wall or a statement piece. Hand carved and finished, these medallions have a one-of-a-kind feel.

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Avita Beige Hand Carved Panel

With an elegant swirling scroll design, this wall medallion has a sophisticated look. Its faded beige design features distressed accents, adding a rustic touch. Avita Beige Hand Carved Panel measures 35.75-in long by 15.75-in wide.
$40.99 $32.79

Broderick Grey Carved Medallion

Featuring floral motifs and enchanting scrolls, this grey wall medallion is perfect for adding a global flare to your decor. Light distressed details highlight its intricate hand carved design. Broderick Grey Carved Medallion measures 15.5-in long by 15.5-in wide.
$20.99 $16.79

Deja Grey Carved Medallion

With an intricate hand carved design, this grey medallion has a bohemian flare. Its distressed design features lovely floral motifs and scrolls. Deja Grey Carved Medallion measures 23.25-in long by 23.25-in wide.
$30.99 $24.79

Denzel Grey Carved Medallion

Give your wall a global flair with this grey wall medallion. Its enchanting hand carved scroll design is highlighted by subtle distressed details. Denzel Grey Carved Medallion measures 15.5-in long by 15.375-in wide.
$20.99 $16.79

Denzel Seafoam Carved Medallion

With a beautiful scroll design, this wall medallion has an elegant style. Its faded seafoam hue adds a subtle coastal touch. Denzel Seafoam Carved Medallion measures 15.5-in long by 15.375 wide.
$20.99 $16.79

Jayda Grey Square Medallion

This beautiful hand carved wall medallion will bring a bohemian style to your wall. The grey design is full of swirling scrolls and floral motifs. Jayda Grey Square Medallion measures 29.75-in long by 29.75-in wide.
$35.99 $28.79

Jevan Beige Hand Carved Panel

Featuring clover motifs, this wall medallion has a global chic style. Its beige pattern is slightly faded, adding to its bohemian look. Jevan Beige Hand Carved Panel measures 48-in long by 16-in wide.
$60.99 $48.79

Kolbi White Hand Carved Panel

With distressed details, this white hand carved wall panel has a global flare. Its intertwining scroll design is truly eye-catching. Kolbi White Carved Panel measures 36-in long by 15.75-in wide.
$35.99 $28.79

Lapman Grey Hand Carved Panel

Bring a sense of elegance to your wall with this grey hand carved wall medallion. Beautiful flowers bloom from an ornate vase, giving this wall medallion a Tuscan style. Lapman Grey Hand Carved Panel measures 32-in long by 14-in wide.
$40.99 $32.79

Maverick Grey Carved Medallion

With a lovely grey hue, this wooden wall medallion will bring a bohemian style to your wall. Its grey design features floral and lead motifs. Maverick Grey Carved Medallion measures 15.5-in long by 15.5-in wide.
$20.99 $16.79

Nilda White Carved Medallion

Leafy scrolls branch out from a floral motif in this nature inspired wall medallion. Its white hue will brighten up your walls, while its botanical flare will add a bohemian feel to rooms. Nilda White Carved Medallion measures 48-in long by 16-in wide.
$60.99 $48.79

Shena White Hand Carved Panel Medallion

Adorn your wall with this enchanting wall panel. Its white design is subtly distressed, giving it a bohemian style. Shena White Carved Panel Medallion measures 24-in long by 18-in wide.
$30.99 $24.79

Tino White Round Medallion

A delightful floral medallion. The round hand carved design has a light distressed texture on its white surface. Tino White Round Medallion measures 15.5-in long by 15.5-in wide.
$20.99 $16.79

Uriel Grey Carved Medallion

Decorate your walls with this beautiful grey medallion. Its subtly distressed details highlight its hand carved design, creating a lovely bohemian ornament. Uriel Grey Carved Medallion measures 29.5-in long by 29.5-in wide.
$35.99 $28.79

Vaughn Grey Carved Medallion

With beautiful floral motifs and swirling scrolls, this grey wall medallion is truly eye-catching. Its subtle worn details give it a global look. Vaughn Grey Carved Medallion 29.5-in long by 29.5-in wide.
$35.99 $28.79

Deja Black Carved Medallion

A single flower anchors this medallion's design. The hand carved scrolls and ivy leaves look elegant in black.
$35.99 $28.79

Leroy Black Round Medallion

Hand carved scrolls and leaves center around a single flower. The black finish of the round medallion offsets its delicate design.
$60.99 $48.79

Leroy Espresso Round Medallion

This round medallion features a central ring of leafy scrolls branching off a flower, with more scrolls forming an outer border. The rich espresso color
$49.99 $39.99

Maverick White Carved Medallion

Leaves and scrolls branch out from a floral motif in this medallion. The hand carved decor has a lightly distressed finish for a boho-rustic look.
$20.99 $16.79

Vaughn Black Hand Carved Medallion

A floral scroll design hints at Baroque influence, while the hand carved details feel bohemian. In black, this medallion is a classic and versatile decor piece.
$45.99 $36.79

Vaughn Espresso Hand Carved Medallion

Baroque meets bohemian in this espresso wall decor. Leafy scrolls, sweeping lines, and flowers intricately overlap in this hand carved medallion.
$45.99 $36.79

Zaria Grey Square Medallion

A beautiful hand carved floral scroll design. The square medallion is painted a demure grey.
$60.99 $48.79

Zaria White Square Medallion

This hand carved medallion has a lightly distressed white finish. The central floral scroll pattern repeats around the square's outer edges.
$60.99 $48.79

Toan White Carved Medallion

Give your walls a bohemian flair with this carved wooden medallion. The whitewashed design has a rustic finish distressed accents.
$20.99 $16.79

Nikoli White Mirrored Medallion

This hand carved mirror is a beautiful addition to walls. The intricated design has a floral mandala motif.
$35.99 $28.79

Zaria Espresso Square Medallion

Embrace the beauty of India with this hand carved wooden medallion. This floral wall art piece has a dark stained for a classic style.
$60.99 $48.79

Broderick White Carved Medallion

This whitewashed wood medallion has a beautiful and intricate floral design. The white washed print is accented by subtle distressing.
$20.99 $16.79

Denzel White Carved Medallion

This beautiful white wood medallion will instantly give your walls a stylish update. The whitewashed design is accented with subtle distressing.
$20.99 $16.79

Nandar White Carved Medallions

Decorate your home with this three piece medallion set. The whitewashed bohemian design is accented by subtle distressing that brings out the hand carved motifs.
$26.99 $21.59

Avita White Hand Carved Panel

This hand carved panel has all the charm of a wrought iron gate from another era. A distressed texture on the white paint adds to the vintage feel.
$35.99 $28.79

Kylah Whitewash Hand Carved Wall Art

A whitewash finish emphasizes the artistry of this hand carved design. The large flourishing scroll design would be perfect for over a mantle, door, or bed.
$40.99 $32.79

Jevan Whitewash Medallion Panel

Three scroll medallions with floral centerpieces make up the interior of this narrow panel. The hand carved design is whitewashed for a rustic look.
$49.99 $39.99

Denzel Teal Carved Medallion

This Moroccan wall medallion will add instant style to your walls. The teal color is a bright and beautiful hue.
$20.99 $16.79

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