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Pandora is an alluring designer wallpaper collection, with contemporary style and a dazzling palette. A multi-dimensional spectrum of modern looks brings a creative energy to your decor. Chic charcoal black wallpaper, warm brass, brilliant shimmering plum, and chic silver wallpapers are treated to luxe metallic inks and a sophisticated range of geometrics and cutting edge designs. 

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Acasta Beige Damask

Bring the warmth of a sandy escape to your room with this beige toned wallpaper of a flourishing modern damask. Adorned in light browns and greys with a subtle bronze luster, this elegant design adds romantic charm to walls.
$139.98 $104.98

Acasta Black Damask

Delightfully regal, this black damask wall covering adds a touch of shimmer to walls with a tasteful grey backdrop and rich stunning detail.

Acasta Cream Damask

Invite stylish glamour to your room with this regal damask wall covering dusted in a chic and radiant grey shimmer.

Acasta Grey Damask

Bring a grand silver infusion to walls with this glorious damask wall paper of high-fashion appeal. A decadent gilded pattern encompassed in an ogee-like design, adds breathtaking beauty to a room.

Acasta Ivory Damask

Bring a stylish and decadent shimmer to a room with this luxurious damask wall paper of an iridescent design. A glorious reflection of neutral tones, create a magnificent mirrored effect on walls.
$139.98 $104.98

Acasta Purple Damask

Like a pure amethyst gem, this elegant damask wallpaper dresses walls in purple and lavender light. A beautiful pearlescent shimmer adds the perfect finishing touch to a room.

Acasta Taupe Damask

Gleaming silver damasks atop a taupe infused backdrop, inspire romance and style on walls. An exquisitely designed wall paper of regal Victorian appeal.
$139.98 $104.98

Ackley Cream Stitch Vignette Texture

A unique stitch textured wallcovering in a lush cream and ivory hue, canvases walls in a new and fresh design with an added golden shimmer.
$139.98 $104.98

Ackley Gold Stitch Vignette Texture

Ornamented in golden detail, this magnificently textured wallcovering adds a stitch vignette inspired design to walls that's bold and brilliant.
$139.98 $104.98

Aeneas Black Modern Damask

This menswear inspired wallcovering features a dashing pinstripe texture ornamented with glittered swirling damasks, a modern take on a brilliant classic.

Aeneas Blue Modern Damask

A contemporary take on a classic Victorian design, this regal damask wallpaper adds a brilliant touch of blue to walls. Swirling silver accents create a wonderful ornamented finish to a room.
$139.98 $104.98

Aeneas Gold Modern Damask

Accented in a radiant gold shimmer, this modern damask wallpaper exudes marvelous beauty with a soft grey appeal.

Aeneas Grey Modern Damask

Oh so grand, this modern damask wall covering invites refined style to walls in fabulous greys and glistening silvers.
$139.98 $104.98

Aeneas Ivory Modern Damask

Bring resplendent detail to walls with this stunning damask wallcovering. A modern inspired design wrapped in a pearlescent shimmer speckled in silver, adds a magical enchantment to any room.

Aeneas Purple Modern Damask

Flavor your room in pink and purple hues with this ultra-modern wallcovering featuring a stylish damask pattern with a sleek shadow affect.

Aeneas Stripe Beige Textured Pinstripe

A textured pinstripe wall paper of a warm sandy hue, coats walls in radiant rays of silver and bronze light.
$139.98 $104.98

Aeneas Stripe Black Textured Pinstripe

Oh so suave, this textured pinstripe wall paper in a black and charcoal color way, polishes walls in handsome sophistication.

Aeneas Stripe Blue Textured Pinstripe

A textured pinstripe wall paper of a sweet blue hue, enchants walls in shimmering accents and colorful warmth.
$139.98 $104.98

Aeneas Stripe Cream Textured Pinstripe

Coat walls in a dazzling cream pinstripe texture with this classy chic wallpaper. Strands of shimmering silver bring an enchanted illusion to any space.
$139.98 $104.98

Aeneas Stripe Grey Textured Pinstripe

This modern grey wallcovering featuring a textured pinstripe design, adds a gorgeous and smooth allure to walls.
$139.98 $104.98

Aeneas Stripe Purple Textured Pinstripe

Like a fine wine, this plum colored wallpaper of a textured pinstripe design, invites a smooth and velvety balance to walls.
$139.98 $104.98

Aeneas Stripe Silver Textured Pinstripe

Like a well tailored suit, this pinstripe wallcovering of grey and silver hues, brings dazzling adornment to walls in a perfectly structured texture.
$139.98 $104.98

Aeneas Stripe Taupe Textured Pinstripe

This dapper pinstripe wallcovering adds textured sophistication to walls in stunning smoky hues.
$139.98 $104.98

Aeneas Taupe Modern Damask

An in vogue wall paper of a modern damask design, brings a mesmerizing pattern to walls in richly defined hues.
$139.98 $104.98

Alcaston Grey Geometric Ogee

Dazzled in gold, this geometric ogee wall covering brings a wonderful warm elixir to walls that's divinely enticing.
$139.98 $104.98

Alcaston Pink Geometric Ogee

Add a retro style appeal to walls with this dazzling geometric wall paper. A fabulous pink and purple color way and unique ogee design, brings the perfect combination of chic and modern to a room.
$139.98 $104.98

Alcaston Taupe Geometric Ogee

Fabulously smart, this geometric wall covering brings a taupe and grey infusion to walls with a swirling ogee design and sleek shimmering accents.
$139.98 $104.98

Alton Beige Geometric Texture

Coat walls in a cafe au lait hue with this modern geometric wall paper. A subtle bronze finish adds warm and stylish detail to a room.
$139.98 $104.98

Alton Blue Geometric Texture

Dress your room in a pale blue geometric texture with this contemporary inspired wall covering. A soft silver sheen adds a mirror like allure to walls for a wonderfully magical finish.

Alton Cream Geometric Texture

Dazzle walls in a glistening grey sheen with this geometric textured wallcovering. A lush cream colored backdrop invites a magical and alluring touch to a room.
$139.98 $104.98

Alton Gold Geometric Texture

This sparkling geometric wall paper of a shining gold texture, brings sensational adornment to walls of modern style and appeal.
$139.98 $104.98

Alton Grey Geometric Texture

Bring a chic metallic luster to walls with this contemporary geometric wallpaper. A radiant grey texture that's fresh and dynamic.
$139.98 $104.98

Alton Ivory Geometric Texture

Dazzled in a pearlescent sheen, this geometric textured wallcovering brings glorious movement to walls in a refreshing ivory hue.
$139.98 $104.98

Alton Purple Geometric Texture

Dressed in style, this geometric textured wallpaper adds a chic purple hue to walls, bringing a wonderfully polished shimmer to a room.
$139.98 $104.98

Alton Silver Geometric Texture

Polish walls in a silvery grey sheen with this geometric wall covering of a fabulous shimmering texture.
$139.98 $104.98

Alton Taupe Geometric Texture

Dark and luxurious, this geometric wallpaper coats walls in a richly defined texture of polished splendor.
$139.98 $104.98

Amira Stripe Beige Horizontal Multi Stripe

Fashionable and classic, this fresh multi stripe wallcovering in soft oatmeal and caramel hues, adds wonderful warmth to walls in a beautiful horizontal pattern.
$139.98 $104.98

Amira Stripe Black Horizontal Multi Stripe

Accent walls in a glistening multi stripe texture with this glamorous pink and black wall covering. A striking horizontal pattern with a soft metallic sheen is oh so chic.
$139.98 $104.98

Amira Stripe Blue Horizontal Multi Stripe

Bring a well dressed appeal to walls with this dashing blue wallpaper featuring a horizontal multi stripe design adorned in splashes of glistening light.
$139.98 $104.98

Amira Stripe Brown Horizontal Multi Stripe

Soft grey, brown and mauve hues collaboratively align on this multi stripe wallcovering. A rare horizontal pattern brings a well-dressed air to walls full of fashionable charm.
$139.98 $104.98

Amira Stripe Cream Horizontal Multi Stripe

Add artistic dimension to your room with this refreshing multi stripe wallpaper. A unique horizontal design with a subtle silver gleam, polishes walls in sparkling light.
$139.98 $104.98

Amira Stripe Grey Horizontal Multi Stripe

Like a custom-fit design, this multi stripe wallpaper brings chic sophistication to walls with a horizontal pattern and a perfectly created grey palette.
$139.98 $104.98

Amira Stripe Ivory Horizontal Multi Stripe

Invite a well-dressed air to walls with this stylishly suave multi stripe wall paper. Glistening horizontal lines in a cream, ivory and charcoal color way, add handsome sophistication to a room.
$139.98 $104.98

Amira Stripe Silver Horizontal Multi Stripe

Adorn walls in a gorgeous grey wallpaper of a horizontal multi stripe design. Accented in brilliant silver details, this chic and modern design adds striking detail to a room.
$139.98 $104.98

Anzac Black Abstract Herringbone Texture

Coated in a black and charcoal splendor, this abstract herringbone wall covering brings worldly appeal to walls with a unique texture of sophisticated and sultry charm.
$139.98 $104.98

Anzac Blue Abstract Herringbone Texture

A fascinating herringbone texture in a brilliant blue, silver and teal palette, adds beautiful depth to walls. Dancing silver accents provide a wondrous sparkling shimmer to this oh so chic and modern wall covering.

Anzac Cream Abstract Herringbone Texture

Coat your room in a brilliant texture with this abstract herringbone wall paper. A light grey and cream palette with a glimmering gold sheen, dresses walls in lustered beauty.
$139.98 $104.98

Anzac Pink Abstract Herringbone Texture

A glam inspired wall paper of pink, purple and grey, dazzles walls in aromatic luxury. A captivating herringbone texture with a subtle glitter effect boasts high fashion appeal.
$139.98 $104.98

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