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Platinum has a high fashion, contemporary glamour, where modern scale and clean lines lend themselves tastefully to retro flowers, elegant swirls, chic textures and classy stripes; in a palette dominated by grey, steel blue, lavender, pearl, sage, and beige. All of the exquisite patterns are made of a premium non-woven material that is easy-to hang, and easy to remove. Raised inks and metallic touches add texture and depth to this dramatic book.

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Emile Blue Texture

An heirloom blue wallpaper with a fine woven texture. Threads of silver run through the pattern, adding an intriguing but subtle sophistication.
$135.98 $101.98

Emile Cream Texture

Textured wallpaper adds a subtle intrigue to décor. This coordinated and chic design is threaded with pretty pearlescent effects for a sophisticated detail.
$135.98 $101.98

Emile Gold Texture

Like a futuristic fabric, this sophisticated texture wallpaper provides a coordinated warmth for walls. An organic weave, in starlight dusted sand.
$135.98 $101.98

Emile Green Texture

A stardust sprinkled green texture for walls, bringing a resplendent sage and mint hue to life with sophisticated nuances.
$135.98 $101.98

Emile Grey Texture

This silver dusted grey texture wallpaper is poised to provide a cool and contemporary look with chic distinction.
$135.98 $101.98

Emile Purple Texture

Purple décor is said to enhance imagination, and this pale purple silver wallpaper is a decadent delight. Like wrapping your walls in a fine woven linen, dusted with a regal shimmer.
$135.98 $101.98

Emile Taupe Texture

Subtle without a trace of tame, this exalted texture wallpaper takes taupe to town with a gentle mica dusting.
$135.98 $101.98

Emile White Texture

White wallpaper is sophisticated, light and airy. Capable of making your space seem grander, this textured design is infused with chic platinum accents.
$135.98 $101.98

Gustav Brown Geometric

Brewster Home Fashions brings you this contemporary wallpaper look from Decorline's Platinum collection in a chocolate and pewter palette. Fresh and modern, with alluring curves and a radiant pearl finish.
$135.98 $101.98

Gustav Gold Geometric

This contemporary wallpaper brings an exalted pearl finish to a curvaceous and mod geometric pattern.
$135.98 $101.98

Gustav Grey Geometric

Embrace a modern glamour in your décor with this sophisticated silver wallpaper. A luxe metallic finish adds a regal allure to the contemporary geometric pattern.
$135.98 $101.98

Gustav Purple Geometric

A chic geometric with impressive artistic form. This mauve purple wallpaper is a contemporary décor asset, with soft metallic lilac accents for intrigue.
$135.98 $101.98

Gustav Silver Geometric

A pearl finish and dusting of shimmer lend a seductive softness to an otherwise cool, contemporary wallpaper design.
$135.98 $101.98

Gustav Taupe Geometric

A contemporary wallpaper that brings a touch of glamour to walls in an alluring taupe palette.
$135.98 $101.98

Gustav White Geometric

A luxe and mod white wallpaper design, clean and sophisticated. The sleek contemporary geometric comes to life with titanium shimmer effects.
$135.98 $101.98

Lalique Blue Nouveau Damask

Set your décor for a gatsby-esque glamour with this art nouveau wallpaper. A contemporary take on the elegance of the roaring 20s, with alluring silver swirls in a sophisticated damask arrangement.
$135.98 $101.98

Lalique Brown Nouveau Damask

An inspiring art nouveau wallpaper with a contemporary twist. Mica dusted espresso brown and polished pearl pewter add glamour to this curvaceous design.
$135.98 $101.98

Lalique Cream Nouveau Damask

The color is subtle, but the design has a contemporary glamour. This art nouveau wallpaper swirls a romantic damask inspired motif onto walls, enhanced by a radiant pearl luster.
$135.98 $101.98

Lalique Grey Nouveau Damask

The sophistication of grey, enhanced to luxurious heights with a platinum silver shimmer effects. This art nouveau wallpaper takes cues from the dreamy damask, with a contemporary glamour.
$135.98 $101.98

Lalique Purple Nouveau Damask

A captivating and sophisticated purple wallpaper. Brushed with a precious lavender metallic effect, the design brings a contemporary art nouveau swirl to walls.
$135.98 $101.98

Lalique Silver Nouveau Damask

An enticing art nouveau swirl, rendered in a glamorous fusion of roaring twenties and futuristic high-style. Champagne splashed pearl cuts through a mod graphite texture.
$135.98 $101.98

Lalique Taupe Nouveau Damask

Invite a cultured, bohemian look to your décor with this contemporary floral wallpaper from Decorline. Mica dusted espresso brown is cut away to reveal a shimmering pewter Jacobean floral design.
$135.98 $101.98

Lalique White Noeuveau Damask

The romance of white satin and an art nouveau style damask swirl. This fine wallpaper from décorLine sets the tone of couture sophistication on walls.
$135.98 $101.98

Mila Cream Mini Classical

A romantic art nouveau wallpaper, swirled with an elegant pattern and delicate pearl shimmer effects.
$135.98 $101.98

Mila Gold Mini Classical

A modern romance for your décor, this sophisticated wallpaper design swirls a delicate pearl luster onto walls.

Mila Grey Mini Classical

An elegant grey wallpaper with a sophisticated silver radiance. The scrolling design is a clean, contemporary take on an art nouveau swirl,
$135.98 $101.98

Mila Taupe Mini Classical

A classic art nouveau swirl wallpaper with very chic pearl taupe accents.
$135.98 $101.98

Mila White Mini Classical

A romantic platinum white wallpaper inspired by art nouveau style. Luxurious, luminescent swirls create an elegant décor accent.
$135.98 $101.98

Rohfls Cream Stripe

Stripes in decor are timeless and chic, an understated yet dynamic look. This textured stripe wallpaper lines your room with a luxurious wide stripe pattern in a soft platinum neutral, brushed with fine metallic touches.
$135.98 $101.98

Rohfls Gold Stripe

A sophisticated stripe wallpaper in an uplifted neutral hue. Camel with a regal pearl shimmer and fine texture effects.
$135.98 $101.98

Rohfls Grey Stripe

Sophisticated and chic, this striped design has a contemporary glamour. Outwardly subtle, this grey wallpaper is gilded with fine texture effects and a radiant silver allure.
$135.98 $101.98

Rohfls Taupe Stripe

Taupe grey, a classy neutral, played up with silver accents. This sophisticated stripe wallpaper is a pleasing décor accent with timeless allure. Less is more.
$135.98 $101.98

Rohfls White Stripe

White wallpaper is sophisticated and chic. This striped design brings glamorous platinum shimmer accents and fine texture effects to your walls for an enduringly luxe luminescence.
$135.98 $101.98

Velde Cream Floral Motif

A vintage style floral print is brought up to date with contemporary scale and a chic pearl finish. A modern wallpaper with romantic details in a pretty champagne neutral.
$135.98 $101.98

Velde Gold Floral Motif

An intriguing contemporary wallpaper with a fine pearl luster. This designer look is a fusion of vintage and modern elements, finished with a sassy shimmer.
$135.98 $101.98

Velde Purple Floral Motif

Creating a large scale contemporary polka dot look for walls, this royal purple wallpaper is an intriguing fusion of couture effects. Shimmery lilac accents create a radiant display of vintage style flowers on a textured background.
$135.98 $101.98

Velde Silver Floral Motif

An irresistible fusion of vintage and contemporary, with pearlescent flowers on a graphite silver knit texture.
$135.98 $101.98

Velde Taupe Floral Motif

This contemporary wallpaper features a bohemian vintage floral design with an edgy silver finish. Taupe, re-imagined for todays finest spaces.
$135.98 $101.98

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