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These fine wallpapers are inspired by the elite architectural splendor of the villa of Pompeii, evoking a glorious legacy of heirloom style beauty. The book includes time honored artisanal stone textures, incredible Corinthian column details, regal acanthus wallpaper borders and gorgeous damasks, scrolls, and floral frescos. All of these exceptional designs are printed on high quality eco-chic non-woven substrate that is easy to install and easy to remove.  

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Acanthus Pewter Sculpted Acanthus

Redefine your walls with the look of finely sculpted marble acanthus leave. This designer wallpaper is inspired by masterful Italian architectural, rendered with a luxurious pewter luster.

Avellino Gold Scroll

Evoking the former glory of Pompeii's architecture, this golden scroll wallpaper creates the look of an embellished marble.
$145.98 $109.48

Campania Cream Panel Stripe

This panel stripe wallpaper redefines your walls with a glorious gold finish and a vintage heirloom style distress effect.

Campania Pewter Panel Stripe

Bring depth with an heirloom style to your walls with this panel stripe wallpaper. The elegant pewter palette is enhanced by an iridescent golden glow for a luxurious effect, and treated to a vintage distress effect.

Domenico Peach Damask

Be romanced by this designer damask wallpaper. A ripe peach luminescence with an heirloom texture is delicately imprinted with a neo-classic design. A timeless luxury.
$145.98 $109.48

Fontana Light Brown Floral Damask

The lasting luxury of a fine floral damask, with an heirloom style patina in warm sepia taupe's. A designer wallpaper from Raymond Waites, poised to add an enduring beauty to your home.

Muercine Taupe Floral Scroll Stripe

Conjuring up imagery from a beautiful Italian villa, this designer wallpaper has an heirloom worthy presence. A fine taupe patina provides depth beyond an elegant striped framework of flowers.

Naples Beige Floral Fresco

This romantic floral fresco is gilded in a soft golden glow. A designer wallpaper with a luxurious Italian heirloom style.

Primus Beige Stripes

Like fine upholstery for your walls, this designer stripe wallpaper has a luxurious effect in décor. Sophisticated grey, cream and beige are an enduringly fine palette.
$145.98 $109.48

Primus Cream Stripes

With a time honored texture and a sophisticated stripe design, this fine wallpaper creates the look of a regal upholstery for walls. With the lasting beauty of classic lines and the designer touch of a Raymond Waites interior, this cream and taupe stripe is a distinguished choice.

Primus Gold Stripes

This sophisticated stripe wallpaper is exalted by an elite golden glow. Creating the look of fine upholstery for walls, dusted with a fine radiance.

Primus Taupe Stripes

With a classy and understated yet noble air, this stripe wallpaper design creates the look of a fine upholstered wall. A boutique-style designer print with enduring style. Taupe and slate.
$145.98 $109.48

Pumice Grey Marble Stripe

An exceedingly fine stripe design, with noble roots and an esteemed palette of polished slate blue greys. This designer Italian wallpaper creates a timeless luxury on walls.

Sarnus Taupe Marble

Marble stands the test of time as a noble material, fit for regal spaces, fine sculpture, and posh furniture. This marble texture wallpaper creates the illusion of a polished taupe grey stone for your walls, an exceedingly fine treatment for any space.
$145.98 $109.48

Syracuse Grey Leafy Damask

Once a luxurious resort villa, Pompeii lay in ruins after a tragic natural disaster. Shining light on the legacy of the famous Italian villa, this designer wallpaper creates an impressive ombre stripe effect in pewter and mauve tones. An heirloom patina effect adds depth behind the luxe damask print.

Syracuse Sage Leafy Damask

This dreamy designer wallpaper creates a chic ombre stripe effect with exalted hues of sage and gold. A time honored patina gives this damask design a legacy allure.
$145.98 $109.48

Theodor Beige Damask Medallion

This fine wallpaper is inspired by the historical luxuries of ancient Pompeii, a city whose architectural and artistic prowess continue to inspire designers and scholars today. A grand damask medallion print creates a global-chic air of imperial luxury, in a warm sterling and cream palette.
$145.98 $109.48

Vesuvius Grey Marble Scroll

Like fine Italian marble for walls, this pale grey and taupe scroll design reinvents the look of your room. Inspired by the splendor of Pompeii's legacy, with classic design elements and a sophisticated palette.

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