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Excellent. Really beautiful. Easy to use. Leaves a finished polished stone look.
These tiles are beautiful. I used them to cover a concrete floor which had some sort of old linoleum tile over them. It was gross, dirty and could never appear clean. I wouldn't even put my purse down on the floor. I'm in an apartment and the landlords don't really maintain the unit so I asked if I could put flooring down and they said yes, of course (it isn't coming with me lol) These were so easy to use. I had used almost 3 full boxes. It will be 3 when I finish the closet.
They go on easy, are super sticky and what I loved is that they are easy to cut a line and then break off cleanly. I did have trouble with some odd shaped corners and moulding but I just worked with pieces and patches and since it will be under a storage bench, it will be okay but even then, the look is clean and polished. I LOVE THEM. They are a little slippery so my dogs paws don't exactly traction when he's stretching but that's okay, it's just the entrance way and I'll have a small rug over by my bench.

One thing I noticed is that the paper on the back didn't peel off 100% and I had to peel it off with my finger which could have been peeling the sticky paper BUT i attributed this to heat. They were either left by heat in the store or it was. the sun coming through the window that heat them and so the paper didn't come off as easy. interesting enough as it cooled down over the course of the day, when I went back to install the rest, the paper came off easy as the first box.

SO I'd highly recommend keeping these in a cool and dry place absolutely! This makes all the difference in the paper coming off.  I did take photos and have images if anyone is interested in what they look like but they are super super nice. I am so happy. It makes me thrilled to come home to see these beautiful entrance tiles which look like a slate/ and limestone mix. Love them. Thank you. I will be ordering so much more for my bathroom and kitchen but of different design! if you are on a budget, and want a great, clean and polished look. These will do the trick.

I love these. I bought mine at Kent in Canada, much to my surprise as I was about to order from wall pops. I will be ordering directly from Wall pops in the future as the selection they have is incredible.
Anita | 10/24/2022 9:32 AM
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