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Rustico is a collection inspired by the splendor of heirloom finery, evoking a glorious legacy of time-honored beauty. These designer wallpapers from Raymond Waites exude enduring opulence, where gorgeous damasks, scrolls, florals and stripes are enriched with distressed finishes and pearlescent inks to create a luxurious home marked by both timeless detail and well-worn sophistication.

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Celeste Blue Paisley Damask Wallpaper

With a warm, exotic shimmer, this paisley damask in a cultured blue hue, boasts of both worldly elegance and stylish grace.

Celeste Mauve Paisley Damask Wallpaper

Filled with an exotic splendor, this global-chic wall covering in a warm mauve hue, is an elegant and timeless décor piece. A paisley damask print preserved with shimmering metallic inks and a well-worn aura.

Celeste Pearl Paisley Damask Wallpaper

Perfectly chic, this graceful pearl wall covering of a fashionable paisley damask, creates a stylish haven for you to entertain and enjoy with family and friends.

Celeste Wheat Paisley Damask Wallpaper

With a global-chic beauty, this warm wall paper design features a stylish paisley damask cultured in a beautiful metallic sheen and beloved vintage distressing.

Dahna Blue Scroll

Treated with a chic pearlescent effect, this elegant scroll wall covering creates a space of time-honored brilliance and well-worn authenticity. Light blue, grey and taupe seem to dance seamlessly atop a distressed texture evoking a sense of noble heritage and tradition.

Dahna Cream Scroll

This delicate scroll wallpaper brings timeless beauty to walls with a gorgeous aged effect enhanced by a luxe pearlescent finish.

Dahna Pearl Scroll

As if you've stepped back in time, this magical scroll print is both elegant and cultured. A designer wallcovering in pretty hues of pearl, blue and taupe.

Donatella Blue Floral Trail

Designed atop a beautifully aged backdrop, this colorful wall paper design brings exotic beauty to your space exalted by a chic pearlescent effect and romantic floral motif.

Donatella Cream Floral Trail

Bring perfect harmony to walls with this vast and romantic wall covering. A beautifully distressed backdrop invites time-honored appeal to décor, while a brilliant floral dance entwines your room in a dazzling array of beauty.

Donatella Pearl Floral Trail

A beautiful harmony of shades including blue, gold, pink and olive, trail atop a luminous pearl canvas on this romantic floral wallpaper. Cracked in places like a lovely fresco, a distressed backdrop gives this artistic design a well-worn sophistication.

Donatella Wheat Floral Trail

Bringing to mind the breathtaking beauty of a romantic English garden, this floral wallcovering evokes graceful detail and well-loved charm. A vintage canvas coated in a dazzling pearlescent finish, lends authenticity to this enchanted design.

Fabriana Espresso Heirloom Damask

With rich, espresso accents, this luxurious grey wall paper creates a memorable look for walls, polished with a beautiful patina effect and stylish embossed finish.

Fabriana Light Grey Heirloom Damask

Dress walls in a beautiful vintage look that boasts of fine style and timeless luxury. Distressed effects mixed with luxe embossing, makes this grey and bronze wallcovering a well-appointed décor piece.

Fabriana Taupe Heirloom Damask

A lovely display of worldly style, this damask wallpaper in a rich taupe and chocolate colorway, romances décor with luxe embossing and an exquisite antique finish.

Feliciano Espresso Ombre Damask Stripe

Distressed with an heirloom style patina, this impressive wallpaper featuring a ombre stripe design atop a fabulous ornate damask, designs a room based on a lovely mixture of elegance, artistry and tradition.

Feliciano Light Grey Ombre Damask Stripe

Making a beautiful impression in any room, this elegant stripe featuring ombre detailing and a damask backdrop, brings a memorable look to décor designed in a time-honored palette of grey and bronze.

Feliciano Taupe Ombre Damask Stripe

With a gorgeous antique look, this luxurious damask stripe with chic ombre shading, brings high fashion appeal to walls in a decadent palette of grey and brown.

Loren Blue Fabric Damask

Designed atop a glistening blue canvas and polished with soft pearl inks, this stylish wall covering speaks to high fashion appeal with a timeless damask print resembling the look of a luxurious silk fabric.

Loren Light Grey Fabric Damask

Bring a rich, noble look to walls with this Renaissance inspired wall paper. A luxe damask print in soft shades of grey, adds a sophisticated touch to décor that shimmers with a polished iridescence.

Loren Taupe Fabric Damask

An intriguing and fashionable look for walls, this Renaissance inspired wall covering has the allure of a luxurious silk fabric. Finished with soft pearl inks and a glamorous color palette of taupe and bronze, this handsome damask exudes noble style.

Loren Wheat Fabric Damask

Bring enduring style to your home with this elegant damask wall paper. As if your walls were wrapped in a Renaissance-era silk fabric, this warm wheat pattern adds an enchanting finish to décor.

Lucette Blue Textured Stripe

Bring enduring style to walls with this elegant and refined stripe. Polished in a smoky palette of blue and grey and designed with shimmering pearl inks, this luxurious designer wallpaper is a chic addition to décor.

Lucette Light Grey Textured Stripe

As if resembling an exquisite silk fabric, this textured wallcovering of a soft grey stripe, adds an enchanted allure to walls that's both elegant and timeless.

Lucette Taupe Textured Stripe

Clothed in a rich taupe hue, this textured wallpaper of an elegant stripe pattern, brings a luxurious look to walls that resembles a fine silk fabric.

Lucette Wheat Textured Stripe

This polished wheat stripe in a dazzling accompaniment of pearl inks and elegant silk detailing, redefines the look of your space. A truly noble wallcovering that exudes high fashion sophistication.

Marche Blue Damask Urn

This designer wall paper in a stunning shade of blue, brings a historical and enchanted look to any space. Treated to a vintage, lightly fractured effect, a well-worn canvas adds authenticity to this elegant and artistic design.

Marche Light Grey Damask Urn

Inviting a beautiful and authentic quality to walls, this designer wallcovering in a chic grey hue, brings a cultured appeal to décor with an heirloom look and feel.

Marche Neutral Damask Urn

With an elegant and neutral complexion, this cultured wall paper of a prestigious damask, brings an heirloom look to walls that's made exceptional by luxe pearl inks and artistic detail.

Marche Taupe Damask Urn

Embracing tradition and heritage, this elegant wall covering dresses walls in a chic, vintage look designed with soft pearl inks and well-worn detail. A sophisticated and timeless décor accent in a cultured palette of taupe, beige and cream.

Mariella Brass Ombre Stripe Texture

Embracing the beauty of time-honored tradition and well-bred sophistication, this stunning brass texture brings a refined allure to walls. Dusted in an elegant bronze shimmer and dazzled with chic ombre effects, this designer wallcovering is oh so glamorous.

Mariella Pearl Ombre Stripe Texture

Dressed with the utmost detail, this glistening texture breaths new life into décor. Exotic, refined and effortless in pearl, a luxurious ombre wallpaper design dusted with a fabulous gold shimmer.

Mariella Pewter Ombre Stripe Texture

This luxe pewter wallpaper is styled with a fabulous distressed texture dosed in a glamorous ombre finish, artistic, timeless and memorable.

Mariella Slate Ombre Stripe Texture

Styled with a radiant ombre finish, this glamorous stripe texture exudes time-honored beauty. Bring a noble air to walls with this chic designer wallcovering full of memorable detail.

Mazzy Brass Damask Stripe

This beautiful metallic wall paper creates a breathtaking escape in your home to both entertain and relax in. A glistening palette of brass and bronze, blended with a fabulous ombre effect, makes this ornate stripe design exude timeless detail and luxury.

Mazzy Pearl Damask Stripe

With a mesmerizing shimmer, this stunning pearl wall covering brings a cultured damask to walls infused in an elegant combination of refined luxury and stylish poise.

Mazzy Pewter Damask Stripe

Both elegant and sleek, this ornate wall covering of a fine damask stripe, brings a designer look to walls embellished with an antique textured effect.

Mazzy Slate Damask Stripe

Dusted with a fine radiance, this imperial wall paper design makes a lasting impression in any room. A glistening damask stripe adorned with textural detail, ombre effects and luxe inks.

Octavio Aquamarine Embellished Stripe

Bring an elegant finish to walls with this stripe wallpaper design that uses a combination of raised inks and metallic accents, to transform your room into a timeless escape.

Octavio Blue Embellished Stripe

This majestic wallpaper design featuring a luxe embellished stripe, brings luxurious detail to walls with chic raised inks and a fabulous metallic undertone.

Octavio Light Grey Embellished Stripe

With dazzling time-honored effects and luxe raised inks, this noble wallcovering in a chic grey hue, brings vintage appeal to walls. Shimmering gold undertones makes it both a classy and timeless décor option.
$145.98 $109.48

Octavio Taupe Embellished Stripe

With a luxe distressed effect, this stripe wallpaper with rich ornate detailing, invites a regal look to walls in rich shades of taupe, silver and ivory.

Olivia Blue Jacobean Floral

Not your traditional wallpaper, this exotic Jacobean floral is an enchanted décor piece. A glistening metallic sheen sparkles between a brilliant oceanscape filled with lush blooming perennials.
$145.98 $109.48

Olivia Mauve Jacobean Floral

With a precious metallic sheen, this lovely mauve wallcovering invites a magical allure to walls in a glistening palette of cream, eggplant, beige and mint. A stunning Jacobean floral that romances décor in a beloved and time-honored look.

Olivia Pearl Jacobean Floral

Bring rich designer detail to walls with this luxurious wall paper of an ornate Jacobean floral. Coated with a chic metallic finish, this highly glamorous design adds a majestic finish to décor.

Oria Aquamarine Damask

With an heirloom quality, this vintage wall covering of a noble damask print, brings exquisite detail to walls designed with both raised inks and shimmering metallic accents.

Oria Blue Damask

Dress walls in a vintage splendor with this gorgeous damask wall covering. A dazzling blue backdrop accompanied by raised inks and chic metallic effects, adds an enduring aspect to décor.

Oria Light Grey Damask

With a glistening gold undertone, this sophisticated grey wall paper that features a vintage damask print, inspires a rich and luxurious backdrop in your home that's both timeless and memorable.

Oria Taupe Damask

This beautiful taupe damask brings a luxurious brilliance to walls fashioned with luxe metallic and raised ink effects. Tones of silver and ivory weave radiant detail throughout this highly stylish wall paper design.

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