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Product Type
Textured Wallpaper (16)
Wallpaper Sidewalls (68)
Damask (7)
Florals (25)
Jacobean (3)
Scrolls (10)
Stripes (7)
Texture Pattern (19)
Kitchen and Baths (10)
Lodge (1)
Masculine (1)
Traditional (68)
Transitional (56)
Vintage (1)
Blues (7)
Browns (7)
Greens (6)
Greys (3)
Neutrals (16)
Pinks (12)
Purples (11)
Whites and Off-Whites (2)
Price Per Bolt
$75.00-$99.99 (68)

Satin Classics IX Wallpaper Collection

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Satin Classics IX is an elegant new compilation of Mirage silk in-registers wallpapers. The designs are distinguished by exquisitely layered texture effects, adding intrigue and beauty to each pattern. Even seemingly simple textures, upon closer inspection, reveal surprisingly articulate details, captivating the light from different angles with a silk splendor. Timeless florals, damasks, and scrolls are reimagined with layers of satin details for a traditional luxury in any room. The book is beautifully arranged into coordinating design groups, including graceful textures to accompany each major pattern. 

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