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Satin Rose flourishes a Victorian wallpaper garden of lush blossoms across your walls. Brushed with a silky finish, these floral wallcoverings dress your home in a soft elegance. Satin Rose also features dreamy flowered stripes and exquisite textures.

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Loretta Lavender Linen Leaf Stripe

A beautiful silk stripe for walls, this fine design invites a seductive vintage rose in lilac and white.
$73.98 $62.88

Loretta Light Blue Linen Leaf Stripe

A precious vintage floral design in powder blue, this fine wallpaper also has a seductive silk shimmer.
$73.98 $62.88

Loretta Pastel Linen Leaf Stripe

A pretty floral stripe is a traditional and fine wallpaper choice. This lovely design brings gentle flowers and leaves in a silky pastel colorway.
$73.98 $62.88

Tilly Beige Tonal Trail

Bringing a satin softness to walls, this fine wallpaper designs a vintage splendor of flowers and texture in delicate tones.
$73.98 $62.88

Juliette Mauve Scroll Stripe

Traditionally beautiful, with chic vintage elegance, this stripe wallpaper has a satin glow in taupe and mauve.
$73.98 $62.88

Juliette Pink Scroll Stripe

A nod to traditional style with a vintage flair, this ornate stripe wallpaper is an elegant statement in powder pink and gold.
$73.98 $62.88

Juliette Taupe Scroll Stripe

A wallpaper that exudes a classy traditional beauty. Vintage satin in soft taupes and cream.
$73.98 $62.88

Juliette Yellow Scroll Stripe

Sweeping a traditional elegance into any space, this vintage style wallpaper is classy and ornate in pale yellow and gold.
$73.98 $62.88

Sanquia Brass Rose Scroll

This fine home wallpaper is a nod to vintage style, with silky pueple roses on a brass background. Dramatic, elegant and warm.
$73.98 $62.88

Sanquia Peach Rose Scroll

A vintage rose wallpaper, celebrating the allure of traditional beauty in peach, beige and green on a white silk texture.
$73.98 $62.88

Sanquia Purple Rose Scroll

Create an elegant legacy on your walls with this vintage satin rose wallpaper. Warm neutrals with pretty pops of purple.
$73.98 $62.88

Sanquia Taupe Rose Scroll

The perfect home wallpaper in taupe and white satin, a vintage legacy of beauty and a darling rose scroll pattern.
$73.98 $62.88

Juliette Gold Scroll Stripe

An ornate Victorian stripe wallpaper in warm gold hues. Vintage style elements come together with chic silk details.
$73.98 $62.88

Lisette Taupe Scroll Texture

Choose your wallpaper for timeless style. Fine enough for Downton Abbey but with a chic satin allure for today, this design is enduringly fine.
$73.98 $62.88

Clarissa Lavender Small Floral Toss

A Victorian rose garden, with vintage satin. This fine wallpaper is delicate and enduringly lovely in lavender.
$73.98 $62.88

Clarissa Mauve Small Floral Toss

An English style wallpaper with a satin vintage beauty. Victorian bouquets and a silk swirl in pretty mauve.
$73.98 $62.88

Clarissa Pink Small Floral Toss

Calling to mind the pleasure of a rose garden, set for tea time in the summer. A pretty vintage inspired wallpaper pattern in pink and white satin.
$73.98 $62.88

Clarissa Purple Small Floral Toss

A precious purple and white satin rose garden for walls. This fine wallpaper has vintage and Victorian charms.
$73.98 $62.88

Elise Beige Magnolia Texture

A fine textured wallpaper, creates the look of a chic plaster effect with a delicate vintage distress.
$69.98 $59.48

Elise Brown Magnolia Texture

Transform your walls with an intriguing plaster texture wallpaper. As if your walls had channelled a vintage chateau! Warm stone hues.

Elise Light Green Magnolia Texture

Add a regal stone texture to your walls with this fine wallpaper. Like you had channelled a chateau, your walls can exude nuances of cream and sage marble.
$69.98 $59.48

Elise Peach Magnolia Texture

A subtle vintage legacy wallpaper that creates a dream soft depth on walls in a hushed peach texture.
$69.98 $59.48

Elise Pink Magnolia Texture

Bring a flirtatious texture to your walls with this blushing pink marble wallpaper!
$69.98 $59.48

Elise Sage Magnolia Texture

A silky marble wallpaper texture for walls in fine sage.
$69.98 $59.48

Elise Taupe Magnolia Texture

This marble texture wallpaper truly creates the look that your walls are a smooth stone, chateau style!
$69.98 $59.48

Emmelina Peach Satin Rose

A romantic vintage wallpaper with Victorian infuence in darling hushed peachy pink satin.
$73.98 $62.88

Emmelina Pearl Satin Rose

Set your walls to music with this vintage satin wallpaper, a beautiful Victorian rose garden.
$73.98 $62.88

Emmelina Pink Satin Rose

A precious pink vintage wallpaper with Victorian roses on a soft satin fabric.
$73.98 $62.88

Emmelina Salmon Satin Rose

So soft and lush, this romantic rose wallpaper seduces your room with a pale pink satin.
$73.98 $62.88

Emmeline Lavender Satin Rose

This romantic wallpaper has the vintage charms of a Victorian rose garden. Exquisite lavender satin, too fine not to touch.
$73.98 $62.88

Emmeline Peach Satin Rose

This Victorian rose wallpaper is exceptionally fine and lovely. With a vintage beauty and an alluring satin sheen in pearly white and peach.
$73.98 $62.88

Emmeline Purple Satin Rose

A stunning vintage Victorian wallpaper, this pink and purple rose garden dresses your wall in satin elegance.
$73.98 $62.88

Emmeline Salmon Satin Rose

A Victorian rose wallpaper in alluring silky hues of pink, pearl and coral.
$73.98 $62.88

Francine Cream Striped Silk Texture

Treat your walls to a silky pleasure with this fine wallpaper. Indulgent and smooth, with the look of a softly braided fabric.
$69.98 $59.48

Francine Pastel Striped Silk Texture

A delicate satin textured wallpaper, this soft design creates a soft braided stripe in pretty pastels.
$69.98 $59.48

Jasper Pearl Diamond

Traditional and chic, this fine wallpaper adds a soft texture to walls and a satin diamond motif in pearly taupe beige.
$73.98 $62.88

Jasper Pink Diamond

A traditional and fine wallpaper featuring a classy satin diamond motif in gentle tea rose pink.
$73.98 $62.88

Jasper Taupe Diamond

This traditional diamond motif wallpaper has a delicate scale and a pretty taupe and white satin sheen.
$73.98 $62.88

Lisette Beige Scroll Texture

Subtle but incredibly fine, this satin scroll wallpaper would be at home in Downton Abbey or your house.
$73.98 $62.88

Lisette Light Green Scroll Texture

Elegant and enchanting, this satin wallpaper dresses your wall in a shimmering scroll texture. Pale pearly mint and white.
$73.98 $62.88

Lisette Olive Scroll Texture

A delicate wallpaper you might find in Downton abbey, this elegant silk scroll is a hushed hue of olive pearl.
$73.98 $62.88

Loretta Gold Linen Leaf Stripe

So much finery in one pretty wallpaper design! Luxurious gold satin, a precious vintage floral pattern, and a chic stripe detail!
$73.98 $62.88

Magnolia Peach Magnolia Trail

A darling satin wallpaper with hints of vintage style. Pretty peach magnolia blossoms are seductively beautiful, creating depth and allure on walls.
$73.98 $62.88

Magnolia Pink Magnolia Trail

This fine wallpaper creates a fresh spring scenic all year round. Vintage white satin with magnolia blossoms in radiant pink.
$73.98 $62.88

Magnolia Slate Magnolia Trail

Seductively elegant, this traditional wallpaper has a chic vintage beauty in slate, creme and taupe satin.
$73.98 $62.88

Magnolia Taupe Magnolia Trail

This taupe wallpaper is a seductive play on light and beauty. A vintage floral trail shimmers in satin, bringing depth over a clean, matte background.
$73.98 $62.88

Magnolia Yellow Magnolia Trail

Shimmering white satin, driping with butterscotch magnolia blossoms, this vintage floral wallpaper has an enduring beauty.
$73.98 $62.88

Myrna Gold Linen Floral Toss

Gild your walls in timeless luxury and sweet vintage beauty. This fine wallpaper is a golden satin rose pattern, precious and pretty.
$73.98 $62.88

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