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Tribal print wallpaper is high fashion and cultured. These global wallpapers incorporate textile prints and tribal motifs into designs with worldwide allure. 

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Emmett Beige Tribal Geometric

Bring a dash of tribal flavor to walls with this stunning geometric wall covering of an ikat inspired design coated in a soft glistening sheen.
$75.98 $60.78

Emmett Grey Tribal Geometric

Designed atop a shimmering silver backdrop, this tribal wall covering looks brilliant on walls with an ikat inspired geometric full of global-chic allure.
$75.98 $60.78

Emmett Yellow Tribal Geometric

Tribal prints bring intrigue and style to décor, while also dressing your home in a look that's as cultured as it is sophisticated. This ikat inspired wall paper achieves that look to perfection in a fresh yellow and grey color combo.
$75.98 $60.78

Tenney Beige Checkered Stripe

This multicolored stripe wallcovering invites a smooth suede like texture to walls in a unique checkered pattern.
$89.98 $71.98

Dark Green Tribal Pyramid Border

Southwestern and tribal, this pyramid patterned border in deep traditional shades adds a spiritualized vibe to your walls décor.
$19.99 $15.99

Light Green Abstract Tribal Border

Abstract and tribal, this faux textured border in earthy tones adds body to any wall.
$19.99 $15.99

Rust Pottery Border

Ancient and tribal, this pottery motif faux watercolored border adds a new dimension to the walls.
$19.99 $15.99

Arboretum Brown Geometric Trees

$138.00 $110.40

Arboretum Gold Geometric Trees

$138.00 $110.40

Arboretum Taupe Geometric Trees

$138.00 $110.40

Folded Paper Paintable Textured Vinyl

Coated in a fabulous geometric print, this paintable wallpaper has global-chic appeal. With a wide choice of fine, luxury and premium designed textures, our paintable designs offer an easy and affordable solution for wall and ceiling imperfections as well as gives you the freedom to change the color at your convenience.
$59.98 $47.98

Jaipur Beige Elephant Skin Texture

A refined wallpaper with a gentle speckle effect.
$75.98 $60.78

Jaipur Grey Elephant Skin Texture

A gentle speckle and a delicate texture, this subtle grey wallpaper is reminiscent of an elephant.
$75.98 $60.78

Jaipur Light Green Elephant Skin Texture

A soft speckle texture wallpaper, reminiscent of an elephant in pale greenish grey.
$75.98 $60.78

Jaipur Taupe Elephant Skin Texture

A very delicate textured wallpaper with a subtle speckle effect.
$69.98 $15.99

Jaipur Tawny Elephant Skin Texture

Like a bronzed elephant, this wallpaper has a tawny hue and a delicate speckle texture.
$69.98 $15.99

Cheetah Brown Animal Print

A sassy and exotic designer cheetah wallpaper, this animal print perfectly captures the fashionable golden brown color of these sleek cats.
$74.00 $59.20

Congo Black Zebra

Ultra chic and svelte, this black on black zebra print wallpaper has a dramatic, high fashion enigma
$98.00 $78.40

Congo Cream Zebra

White is the ultimate sophistication. This ivory wallpaper takes your walls to global heights of gorgeous with a gel ink zebra stripe pattern.
$98.00 $78.40

Congo Taupe Zebra

A fabulous animal print wallpaper in a liveable color scheme, this designer zebra stripe is a refreshing taupe and white icon.
$98.00 $78.40

Leopard Dark Brown Animal Print

This designer animal print wallpaper brings glamour and adventure to your room! Eternally chic, leopard print is hot and stylish.
$78.00 $62.40

Nairobi Taupe Block Stripes

A dynamic stripe pattern, this designer wallpaper has a tribal-chic appeal. Taupe and smoke grey alternate with a natural woven look.
$78.00 $62.40

Python Beige Snakeskin

Few patterns are sassier and more powerful than snakeskin. This python print wallpaper is cultured and fashionable, with authenticly shimmering scales.
$78.00 $62.40

Python Brown Snakeskin

Provocative and glamorous, this snakeskin wallpaper is a high fashion statement. The iconic snakeskin pattern is enhanced with an authentic sheen, bringing a mystical look to the room.
$78.00 $62.40

Python Olive Snakeskin

Dress your walls with a mysterious glamour. This shimmering olive green snakeskin wallpaper has the high fashion appeal and a rebellious power.
$78.00 $62.40

Safari Copper Animal Kingdom

A handsome lion, an iconic zebra, and a majestic elephant, all depicted in their African realm. This designer wallpaper has a vintage shimmer to it, imparting a copper and sepia scenic of adventurous memorabilia.
$78.00 $62.40

Tailored Zebra Black Herringbone Zebra

Lavish and fabulous, this zebra print designer wallpaper has a chic herringbone tweed pattern in the background and luxe suede accented zebra stripes.
$169.98 $135.98

Tailored Zebra Blue Herringbone Zebra

Super swanky and fun, this twist on a classic designer wallpaper brings suede zebra stripes together with a light blue tweed pattern.
$169.98 $135.98

Tailored Zebra Brown Herringbone Zebra

Luxurious and chic, this designer zebra wallpaper has a golden brown tweed pattern under suede accented stripes.
$169.98 $135.98

Tailored Zebra Cream Herringbone Zebra

This ultra chic designer zebra wallpaper has a soft beige herringbone tweed pattern behind a luxe black suede stripe accent.
$169.98 $135.98

Tailored Zebra Light Brown Herringbone Zebra

A dreamy designer zebra wallpaper, this luxe pattern combines a fun tweed texture with suede accented zebra stripes in gentle browns.
$169.98 $135.98

Tailored Zebra Taupe Herringbone Zebra

Funky and luxurious, but is a subtle taupe colorway, this designer zebra wallpaper pattern has fun tweed and suede accents.
$169.98 $135.98

Attitash Aqua Deer Camp Border

Live your adventure at a relaxing camp retreat with this vintage camp sign border that hosts a collage of forest animals atop naturally worn textures.
$39.99 $31.99

Brimstone Beige Forest Leaf Toss

A flurry of forest elements including pinecones, acorns and sprig leaves, tumble gracefully across this warm wallcovering for an inviting entrance into any room.

Hocking Hills Dark Red Navajo Medallion

Reminiscent to a tapestry style kilim rug, this medallion wallpaper in warm earthy tones makes a majestic backdrop for living areas, office interiors or even a cozy bedroom retreat.
$83.98 $67.18

Hocking Hills Green Navajo Medallion

With a Southwestern vibe, this beautiful Navajo print features a gorgeous geometric medallion in a chic neutral colorway. Light tones of cream, green and grey give walls a stylish flair for a cozy and comfortable décor option.
$83.98 $67.18

Whitetail Lodge Olive Distressed Texture

A fascinating mystique surrounds this ageless texture that features rich autumn tones and a beautifully weathered appearance.
$83.98 $67.18

Beige Henna Medallion

$93.98 $75.18

Brown Henna Medallion

$93.98 $75.18

Espresso Henna Medallion

$93.98 $75.18

Green Henna Medallion

$93.98 $75.18

Grey Henna Medallion

$93.98 $75.18

Neutrals Henna Medallion

$93.98 $75.18

Yellow Henna Medallion

$93.98 $75.18

Zebbie Black Zebra Print

A seductive black zebra wallpaper with chic glossy accents.
$98.00 $78.40

Zebbie Champagne Zebra Print

As glossy as a fashion magazine spread, this zebra print wallpaper has a haute allure and a livable palate of champagne and ecru.
$98.00 $78.40

Zebbie Taupe Zebra Print

An alluring zebra wallpaper, anchored by a soothing palate of taupe on taupe suede.
$98.00 $78.40

Zebra Chic Black Zebra Stripe

Black on black is the ultimate sophistication, strutting its stuff here with a glossy on matte contrast. This striking wallpaper achieves ultra posh status with a mod interpretation of the iconic zebra pattern.
$98.00 $78.40

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