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A luxurious collection of fine Italian wallcoverings full of richly embossed effects and deluxe silk finishes. The designs of Venezia include lavish damasks, florals, acanthus, stripes and leaves, all with impressive scale and layers of captivating detail. Like the finest upholstery for your walls, these designer wallpapers are poised to inspire great spaces.

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Agnese Beige Embossed Damask

A fanciful embossed damask texture radiates from this luxurious beige wall paper. Decorated in a statuesque golden hue, bring splendor into your room in a print dripping in Italian finery.
$139.98 $118.98

Agnese Grey Embossed Damask

This enchanting damask textured wallpaper inspires royal splendor, with a luxurious golden embossing full of resplendent decadence.
$139.98 $118.98

Agnese Light Grey Embossed Damask

Create a marvelous entrance into any space with this fabulous damask textured wall paper. A gleaming light grey canvas provides the perfect backdrop for elegantly embossed frosted accents.
$139.98 $118.98

Basilio Beige Embossed Stria

Bring a soft richness to your space with this embossed stria textured wallcovering. A sandy beige hue decorates your walls in a reviving neutral.
$139.98 $118.98

Basilio Blue Embossed Stria

Brighten your room in a radiant embossed stria texture with this vivid blue wallcovering.
$139.98 $118.98

Basilio Cream Embossed Stria

A resplendent embossed stria texture, brings a refreshing finish to your walls in a lovely cream hue.
$139.98 $118.98

Basilio Grey Embossed Stria

A sleek grey coating adorns this stria textured wall paper. Vast embossed accents bring a fine Italian touch to your room.
$139.98 $118.98

Basilio Taupe Embossed Stria

Enjoy a glistening, natural taupe hue with this stria textured wallpaper. Add the perfect finishing touch to your space with a gorgeous embossed design of fine Italian luxury.
$139.98 $118.98

Basilio White Embossed Stria

Welcome into your home a sparkling embossed stria texture with this pretty snow white wallpaper. Captivating and enchanting, this fine Italian pattern boasts picturesque beauty.
$139.98 $118.98

Cristoforo Cream Ornamental Crewel Stripe

Flourishing cream garlands adorn this ornamental striped textured wallpaper, inviting into your room a lush, botanical escape.
$139.98 $118.98

Cristoforo Grey Ornamental Crewel Stripe

Invite an ornamented splendor to your walls with this crewel striped textured wallcovering. Green and gold floral accents bring to your space a magical scene of lush blooming garlands.
$139.98 $118.98

Donato Cream Satin Stripe

Dress your home in a creamy satin textured wallpaper with a shimmering luster. A crisp pattern of glistening stripes boasts timeless beauty.
$139.98 $118.98

Donato Grey Satin Stripe

Invite a brilliant satin stripe texture to your walls with this silvery grey wall paper. A fusion of soft neutral colors handsomely align for an exceptionally polished design.
$139.98 $118.98

Donato Olive Satin Stripe

This compelling, olive hued satin textured wall paper will adorn any room in stunning radiance. A mixture of smooth neutrals speckled in luxurious gold flecks, decorates your walls in a brilliant striped design.
$139.98 $118.98

Ercole Beige Brocade Stripe

A majestic beige brocade texture amplifies this striped wall covering, dazzling your walls in a rich and captivating pattern.
$139.98 $118.98

Ercole Taupe Brocade Stripe

This fine taupe brocade texture brings an awe-inspiring wonder to any space. Lavish embellished stripes garnish its backdrop for an ornate wall paper decorated in elegance.
$139.98 $118.98

Ercole White Brocade Stripe

This regal brocade textured wallpaper speaks of eternal happiness. Embellished stripes align spectacularly against a backdrop of shining white, converting your space into a world of imaginary wonder.
$139.98 $118.98

Gemma Beige Embroidered Jacobean Floral

This neutral Jacobean inspired floral wallpaper exudes glamorous simplicity with a embroidered like texture and glistening embossed accents.
$139.98 $118.98

Gemma Blue Embroidered Jacobean Floral

Bring an intricate embroidery design to your walls with this Jacobean floral wall covering, on an embossed stria backdrop. Blue, brown and stunning gold flourish atop a taupe canvas.
$139.98 $118.98

Gemma Orange Embroidered Jacobean Floral

A wallpaper covered in lush orange Jacobean florals with a stylish embroidered design, bring to your walls an embossed gleaming texture full of fascinating beauty.
$139.98 $118.98

Gemma Red Embroidered Jacobean Floral

Adorn your walls in a ruby red Jacobean design with this floral textured wall paper. A collage of salmon, green, beige and gold bring both its canvas and delicately embossed petals to life.
$139.98 $118.98

Giulia Grey Brocade Ribbon

A flawlessly designed brocade ribbon texture entices into your space a fine Italian luxury. Stunningly decadent, this enchanting grey wallpaper, dusted in charcoal and gold, invites into your home an air of dignity and style.
$93.98 $79.88

Letizia Brown Bustled Satin Ombre

Hints of glistening gold sweep across a splendid brown satin texture. An enthralling ombre pattern ushers into your room a wall paper that's spectacularly gallant.
$139.98 $118.98

Letizia Cream Bustled Satin Ombre

This gleaming, satin ombre textured wall paper is an elegant vision of creams and neutrals. A bustled fabric like design brings to your walls a depth that's fashionably modern.
$139.98 $118.98

Ortensia Cream Crushed Velvet

A fancy, crushed velvet texture graces this magnificent white wall covering, bringing a lush garnished finish to your walls.
$139.98 $118.98

Rosalba Cream Satin Leaf

A modern ombre leaf pattern drifts wondrously across a cream satin texture, creating a wallpaper that's as exquisite as it is dreamy.
$139.98 $39.99

Suzetta Blue Embossed Jacobean Damask

A gilded embossed Jacobean trail swoops tastefully against a gleaming blue canvas. This textured wallpaper invites Italian luxury into your room with brilliant golden accents.
$139.98 $118.98

Tiberia Beige Large Satin Stripe

A shimmering bold satin stripe wallcovering brings a classic design to your walls with a polished and sophisticated new twist.
$139.98 $118.98

Tiberia Brown Large Satin Stripe

Embellish your walls in a radiant brown and copper stripe wall paper. A shimmering satin texture welcomes a mixture of classic bold lines in a handsome new color way.
$139.98 $118.98

Tiberia Cream Large Satin Stripe

Decorate your walls in a classic stripe wall paper with a satin textured twist. A rich cream canvas with a fresh new appeal.
$139.98 $118.98

Vitale Brown Embossed Leafy Scroll

This brown and copper infused wall covering adorns your room in an embossed leafy scroll texture boasting magnificence and style.
$139.98 $118.98

Vitale Cream Embossed Leafy Scroll

Elegantly winding leafy scrolls bring an air of romantic enchantment to your walls in this cream infused satin textured wall covering.
$139.98 $118.98

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