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Virtuoso wallpaper collection showcases a dazzling assortment of damasks and textures. Designer texture effects, pearlescent finishes and raised inks give great depth to the high fashion designs. Classic inspirations are treated to a contemporary scale, fresh ombre and distress techniques and a captivating breadth of colors. This beautiful wallpaper collection lives up to its name, exemplifying a masterful and artistic look for your home. 

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Afsa Aquamarine Lotus Texture

The effect of a shimmering champagne base, with a fine glitter in an aquamarine and wheat texture reads like a gleaming raw silk on your walls.

Afsa Gold Lotus Texture

A shiny, glittering champagne base really pops off of your walls, when combined with a more subtle sand colored glittering texture.
$93.98 $9.99

Afsa Lavender Lotus Texture

A beautiful mixture of glamour and sophistication, this wallpaper features a blend of shimmering earth tones that will open up any space.
$93.98 $9.99

Afsa Pewter Lotus Texture

Simply dazzling, this wallpaper features a gorgeous shimmering, pearlescent texture of pewter and cream!
$93.98 $9.99

Afsa Sand Lotus Texture

If you are attracted to a truly warming hue of rich sand and red clay, this wallpaper will resonate perfectly with you! A natural, creamy orange with a fine glitter adds texture and dimension throughout this wallpaper, with a shiny, pearlescent sandy base.
$93.98 $9.99

Afsa Silver Lotus Texture

A base of gilver, or a mixture of gold and silver, shimmers with a fine glitter throughout. A wheat colored texture that has more subtle glimmer, contrasts nicely with its pearly gilver counterpart.

Amity Beige Bleeding Heart Scroll

A gorgeous shimmering golden champagne base has miniature silver specks throughout and is highly light reflective. The color scheme is glamorous and the matte cream abstract heart pattern adds dimension.
$93.98 $9.99

Amity Blue Bleeding Heart Scroll

This wallpaper features a large scale repeated abstract heart pattern but in a tone that is visually similar to its background, creating a seamless comingling. The matte pattern in cream is subtly distinct from its shimmering, light reflective background.
$93.98 $9.99

Amity Moss Bleeding Heart Scroll

lly and physically, this wallpaper features a raised texture of an olive-toned "bleeding heart scroll," on top of a shimmery champagne
$93.98 $9.99

Amity Wheat Bleeding Heart Scroll

Visually, the background effect looks like crackling of wheat on a shimmering champagne base. A matte cream abstract heart design is heathered to create an overall blended look.
$93.98 $9.99

Anette Beige Bleeding Heart Texture

Update a faux effect of plaster on your walls with golden shimmer throughout, in this nuanced neutral wallpaper!
$89.98 $9.99

Anette Moss Bleeding Heart Texture

Sophisticated and glamorous, faux spongwork blends champagne and a light moss hue, with an overall fine silver glitter throughout.

Anette Olive Bleeding Heart Texture

By combining olive and cream tones in a sporadic, blended fashion this wallpaper looks like faux plaster, but with a subtle silver shimmer throughout.
$89.98 $9.99

Anette Snow Bleeding Heart Texture

Invigorate your senses with this bright, creamy dimensional wallpaper with the faintest silver shimmer throughout.
$89.98 $9.99

Anette Wheat Bleeding Heart Texture

Visually, this wallpaper looks incredibly dimensional with varying tones of cream, grey, and wheat. A lovely, subtle silver shimmer glimmers throughout the paper.
$89.98 $19.99

Asha Gold Lotus Damask

A shimmering champagne base reads elegant and glamorous on your walls, especially when combined with a matte gold texture and a creamy matte damask throughout.
$93.98 $9.99

Asha Pearl Lotus Damask

If you are a lover of all things glamour and want to open up a room with light-catching texture, this wallpaper is a perfect fit. Its base is a beautiful, shimmering pearl color with a matte taupe large scale damask throughout.
$93.98 $19.99

Asha Sand Lotus Damask

An orange-leaning champagne base is shiny and pearlescent, while deeper sand colored texture in fine glitter adds dimension, and a matte cream damask breaks up the shimmering warmth.
$93.98 $9.99

Asha Silver Lotus Damask

This wallpaper achieves an earthy glamour with a wheat colored, shimmering base and a cream colored damask.
$93.98 $9.99

Aubrey Alabaster Crystal Medallion Texture

Bright and eye-catching, this wallpaper features a beautiful, shimmering creamy champagne base that looks distressed with a light wheat hue. A curly repeating medallion pattern looks like it was etched from stone.
$93.98 $9.99

Aubrey Alabaster Crystal Texture

Add glamour to your walls with a subtle silver shimmer on an alabaster bade. Multiple faux effects are used to create the look of water color and distressed chicness!

Aubrey Brown Crystal Texture

Get the look of decades of paint and water stippling and adding texture and dimension to your walls. A beautiful color palette of cream, bronze, and a hint of agate blue shine and shimmer with a fine dusting of glitter.
$89.98 $9.99

Aubrey Butter Crystal Texture

The bright and dazzling shimmer highlighted in this wallpaper enlarge the room that it adorns with light reflecting glitter. Multiple layers of color washes and water effects create incredible dimension and interest.

Aubrey Celery Crystal Texture

Mix old and new with this shimmering wallpaper with a faux aged texture.

Aubrey Milk Crystal Medallion Texture

A cream colored background is heathered with a slightly darker beige tone in vertical lines, while the repeated medallion pattern is stark and matte in a deep beige.
$93.98 $9.99

Aubrey Milk Crystal Texture

A matte finish looks clean and crisp on this dimensional cream-toned wallpaper.

Delilah Ale Tulip Damask

A raised faux woven texture creates a natural look to contrast the pearlescent, shiny windowpane texture within the tulip damask.
$93.98 $9.99

Delilah Brown Tulip Damask

This wallpaper is grounded with an earthy hue on a faux-woven background, while a light champagne texture highlights the large scale damask with shimmer. Even more intriguing, the shimmering hue within the damask fades to a darker hue sporadically, creating an ombre effect.
$93.98 $9.99

Delilah Champagne Tulip Damask

Very eye-catching, this modern damask features an ombre effect, where the rich brown hue within, gradates into a brown-grey tone. The background supporting this large scale damask shimmers with a fine glitter and champagne hue.
$93.98 $9.99

Delilah Ocean Tulip Damask

A shimmering aquamarine windowpane texture highlights the curves of the large scale damask, while the raised texture of the wheat backdrop grounds the wallpaper design with varied texture.
$93.98 $9.99

Delilah Purple Tulip Damask

A gorgeous , toned-down shimmering bronze has a reflective texture, contrasting with the matte large-scale damask featured in this wallpaper. The damask has a stylish ombre effect, where a warm cream color fades into a purpley mauve hue, with a windowpane texture adding even more dimension.
$93.98 $9.99

Delilah Wheat Tulip Damask

The woven texture in the background looks snakeskin-inspired, while a matte cream tulip damask has a shimmering windowpane texture.
$93.98 $9.99

Leia Beige Lace Damask

Sophisticated and nuanced, this wallpaper features a light catching gold backdrop that is heathered and covered in a lace-inspired cream-colored damask.
$93.98 $9.99

Leia Brown Lace Damask

Glamour meets sophistication when lace, python, shimmer, and traditional damask in a neutral color converge! A silver shimmer creates a light reflective pearlescent finish on a sandy hue, while a creamy damask looks like it was made from lace from afar, and faux python skin up-close!
$93.98 $9.99

Leia Olive Lace Damask

If you are looking to add elegance, dimension, and intrigue to your bathroom- look no further! This wallpaper features a beautiful contrast of color, texture, and shine. A pearlized, heathered base in a light olive tone is broken up with a matte "lace" made from a faux python texture!
$93.98 $9.99

Lulu Ice Smiling Damask

Shabby chic at its best! A beautiful warm cream backdrop features a faux grasscloth with a waxy finish. A gorgeous scrolling damask is physically layered on top and features an ombre fade from wheat to cream with a slightly distressed finish.
$99.98 $9.99

Lulu Taupe Smiling Damask

A gorgeous choice for an elegant bedroom, this wallpaper exudes romance and sophistication. A scrolling damask that fades from cream to wheat is texturally raised above a waxy faux grasscloth background in a soft olive tone.
$99.98 $9.99

Rachel Champagne Coco Texture

Pearlized and shimmering , little specks of gold throughout brings even more dimension and intrigue to this champagne delight of a wallpaper. A faux plaster effect gives your room gravitas and depth, while the shimmer and shine of the paper makes it modern.
$89.98 $9.99

Rachel Mountain Coco Texture

Bright and eye-catching, this wallpaper features a faux plaster effect with multiple shades of wheat and cream an a subtle silver shimmer.
$89.98 $9.99

Rachel Ocean Coco Texture

If you love the look of an aged Patina effect, this wallpaper gives you the gravitas of aged style, in a modern application. A faux plaster texture is given lift and spirit with a deep bronze and aquamarine color mix and a subtle golden shimmer.
$89.98 $71.98

Rachel Quartz Coco Texture

Subtle silver shimmer bounces off of this otherwise traditional faux plaster wallpaper. Cream, wheat, and sand converge to create layers of color and texture.
$89.98 $9.99

Rachel Sand Coco Texture

If you ever wanted to live in a golden palace of your own, this wallpaper will surround you with shimmering, marbled elegance. This wallpaper is comprised of a faux marble effect in sand, cream, and wheat hues, with a subtle gold shimmer throughout.
$89.98 $9.99

Rachel Snow Coco Texture

Elegant and refined, this wallpaper features a subtle faux plaster effect in a pearlized cream with a hint of wheat texture scattered throughout.
$89.98 $9.99

Shin Blue Golden Scroll Texture

Light blue and cream faux spongwork make up the dimensional base to this wallpaper, featuring pewter scrolls with a shimmering silver outline.
$93.98 $9.99

Shin Bronze Golden Scroll Texture

A sand-colored base features visual cracks, with physically raised scrolls in a shimmering bronze hue.
$93.98 $9.99

Shin Moss Golden Scroll Texture

The background of this wallpaper looks like faux spongwork in a light moss and cream, with faux cream-colored crackles throughout. A shimmering, feminine bronze scroll catches the light and adds physically raised dimension to this beautiful wallpaper.
$93.98 $9.99

Shin Pewter Golden Scroll Texture

A shimmering gunmetal scroll dances atop a waxy visually crackled base in this feminine wallpaper, perfect for an elegant bathroom!
$93.98 $9.99

Shin Silver Golden Scroll Texture

This multidimensional wallpaper features a feminine, shimmering gold scroll on top of a faux crackled textural cream background.
$93.98 $9.99

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