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Preparing Walls for Wallpaper Hanging

Before hanging wallpaper, it is important to prepare your walls to ensure the success of the project. We recommend hanging wallpaper on smooth, clean and dry walls that have been primed.

Make sure the walls are clean of all debris and that the surface is smooth. Spackle and smooth out any holes or rough areas on the walls as they may affect the final finish of your wallpaper. You should also remove all faceplates and socket covers before beginning, taking care to turn off power first for safety.

In general, hanging wallpaper over old wallpaper is not a good idea. For information on removing wallpaper, please see the How to Remove Wallpaper section. Take the time to fill in holes and imperfections before putting up your new wallpaper. For heavily textured or damaged walls, hanging a wallpaper liner may be the key to your success. Heavy duty lining paper is available in most paint and wallpaper stores. It evens the wall imperfections, providing a smooth surface for your wallpaper.

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