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Inspired by the charm of a cottage garden, the Wisteria Cottage collection styles timeless interiors filled with fresh florals and elegant damasks. Blooming peonies and lilies mix with faux wood textures, stripes and fashionable damasks, that work together to celebrate the romantic beauty of nature. Modern accents blended with a soft and graceful color palette, provide the finishing touch to this poetic selection of wallpapers.

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Avery Lavender Lily Trail

Playful hues of orchid and lavender bring charming cottage style to décor with a graceful wall covering of a elegant lily trail decorated in a fresh pearlescent shimmer

Avery Pink Lily Trail

Pretty petals glisten with a sizzling sheen on this wallpaper design trailing fresh lilies across walls in a happy chic palette of pink, blue and green.

Avery Sky Lily Trail

Like a fresh springtime breeze, this soft yet radiant wallpaper creates a magical scene on walls with a romantic lily trail coated in a tasteful blue and pink splendor.

Avery Slate Lily Trail

Oh so gorgeous atop a slate covered canvas, this floral wallpaper brings the enchantment of a lily garden to walls, sprouting an endless sea of brilliant color throughout your space.

Bartlett Champagne Faux Wood Texture

With a shimmering champagne iridescence, this stunning faux wood wall covering looks both rustic and chic, bringing cottage style to life in a most elegant and dazzling way.

Bartlett Cream Faux Wood Texture

A perfect example of clean style, this faux wood wallcovering brings a fresh and invigorating look to walls coupled with the allure of a relaxing beach cottage.

Bartlett Sand Faux Wood Texture

Made to shimmer with a glistening finish, this textured wall paper of a faux wood texture constructs a dazzling cottage style entryway into your room.

Bartlett Sky Faux Wood Texture

Mystified in subtle hints of blue and grey, this cream coated wall paper of a faux wood texture, inspires a feeling of rustic beauty in your room that's reminiscent to a little cottage by the sea.

Beauvais Blue Scrolling Damask

A scrolling paradise of blue and grey atop a glistening organic canvas styles a perfectly serene damask on walls. A lovely modern wallcovering dosed in a dash of cottage charm.

Beauvais Lavender Scrolling Damask

Modern style meets charming bliss with this damask wallpaper that's set atop a textured landscape, where elegant scrolls combine with rustic sophistication.

Beauvais Sand Scrolling Damask

Like a calming ocean breeze, this soft blue and sand toned wallcovering scrolls an elegant damask design on walls that's beautifully rustic atop a wood like texture.

Beauvais Slate Scrolling Damask

An exquisite take on your traditional damask, this scrolling wall paper design features a thoughtful slate and mauve palette that creates an elegant mix where contemporary style is blended with cottage charm.

Calantha Beige Floral Urn Damask

Magnified in a warm golden sheen, this beige wallpaper brings an elegantly styled damask to walls that's polished in a pretty assortment of floral urns, sweeping scrolls and ornate pearls.

Calantha Blush Floral Urn Damask

As if designed for a fine English cottage, this blush toned wall covering styles a majestic damask design on walls decorated in a blend of elegant scrolls and flowering urns.

Calantha Cream Floral Urn Damask

With a smooth and radiant canvas, this graceful wallcovering makes a perfect match in cream and grey bringing a luxurious damask design to walls that creates a magical scene of wonder.

Calantha Sky Floral Urn Damask

A truly romantic wallpaper design where strings of pearls gracefully connect amongst an elegant scene of floral urns and stylish scrolls. This highly fashionable damask looks perfectly enchanting in a delicate blue and grey colorway.

Calantha Slate Floral Urn Damask

With the fresh appeal of flowers and the elegance of sweeping scrolls, this romantic wallcovering drapes a lovely string of pearls on walls that fashions into a dazzling damask design.

Chayne Beige Linen Stripe

With a warm glow similar to a soft and glistening sunrise, this beige toned wall covering fashions a handsome stripe design on walls reinventing your room with each passing light.

Chayne Blue Linen Stripe

Styled in a fresh shade of blue and grey, this crisp wall covering that has the look of a striped linen fabric that brings the feeling of a cool breeze to walls, which can be felt throughout your entire room.

Chayne Blush Linen Stripe

With the look and feel of an airy linen fabric, this light pink wallpaper brings a soft glow to your room tailored in calming shades of grey and cream.

Chayne Cream Linen Stripe

Polished in a handsome pearl shimmer, this tailored wall paper design brings clean detail to walls with a pattern of stripes aligned atop a breezy linen backdrop.

Chayne Slate Linen Stripe

Made to bring cottage style home to stay, this fresh wall paper design has the look and feel of a breezy linen fabric perfectly styled in an array of handsome stripes.

Coralie Mint Peony Trail

Invite the charm of a cottage garden to décor with this fresh mint wallpaper. A brilliant collection of pink peonies fashioned in a dazzling pearlescent sheen, brings fresh beauty to the forefront of your room.
$109.98 $82.48

Coralie Pink Peony Trail

This blossoming trail of pretty pink peonies brings a delightful garden to walls smelling of sweet summertime bliss. Fashion a peaceful cottage style retreat with this fresh and inviting wallpaper design.
$109.98 $82.48

Coralie Rose Peony Trail

Invite the romance of fresh cut flowers to your home with this stunning trail of rose colored peonies. Floating atop a glistening beige canvas, this botanical wall paper brings breathtaking style to décor.

Coralie Sky Peony Trail

Sunbeams seem to shimmer atop this magical blue wallpaper where a scene of blooming peonies trail to a summer melody.

Coralie Slate Peony Trail

A lush floral wall covering that brings fresh cottage style home to stay with a melodic trail of peonies in a dashing combination of slate and rose.
$109.98 $82.48

Dumont Beige Damask

Coated in a sparkling gold radiance, this cultured wallcovering of a traditional damask design brings a feeling of warmth to your room that resembles the look of a precious heirloom.

Dumont Cream Damask

Swirling with a feathery brilliance, this graceful damask wall paper in soft tones of cream and beige brings a fanciful golden polish to walls.

Dumont Mint Damask

Creating a pearlescent reflection of light, this mint infused wall paper transforms your room into an elegantly styled retreat.

Dumont Sand Damask

A wonderful richness that's both soft and sweet designs a brilliant damask on walls. Sandy undertones mixed with feathery accents, makes this stylish wallcovering an enchanting décor addition.

Dumont Slate Damask

With a time-worn polish, this chic grey wallpaper brings a swirling damask design to walls that's enriched in elegant scroll detailing and beautiful embossing.

Eloisee Mint Cameo Damask

As if you should be enjoying tea inside an English style parlour, this damask wallcovering brings a fashionable medley of mint cameos to walls adorned in sweet smelling peonies.

Eloisee Pink Cameo Damask

A scene of fresh pink peonies encased in elegant jeweled cameos, makes this damask wall covering a perfect vintage addition to décor.

Eloisee Rose Cameo Damask

Dazzle walls in Victorian charm with this timeless and beautiful wall covering. Elegant cameos encompassing rose colored peonies, makes this shimmering damask spread a warm golden aura throughout your room.
$109.98 $82.48

Eloisee Sky Cameo Damask

With the romance of an English garden and the polish of a Victorian parlour, this fine damask wallcovering dresses your room in an elegant cameo design adorning freshly picked peonies.
$109.98 $82.48

Eloisee Slate Cameo Damask

With a slight mirrored shimmer, this vintage wall paper design brings a delightful scene of romance and splendor to walls with a beautifully dressed damask fashioned in jeweled cameo florals.

Laycie Blue Ikat Floral

Find a soothing oasis in this garden fresh design mixing modern cottage style with chic global allure. A subtle ikat effect married with a glistening golden sheen, makes this enchanting wallpaper change appearance from day to night.

Laycie Blush Ikat Floral

A perfect display of feminine style and grace, this floral wall paper brings the latest fashion to walls with an ikat design sweetened in shades of blush, sage and rose.

Laycie Grey Ikat Floral

With the mesmerizing allure of an ikat fabric, this grey and beige wallcovering weaves an intricate botanical trail on walls that radiates atop a glistening silver backdrop.

Laycie Lavender Ikat Floral

With a lavender sweetness and fresh floral aroma, this romantic wallpaper design flourishes atop a brilliant silver landscape that adds a stunning ikat finish to walls.

Montgomery Blue Ikat Stripe

With a soft golden radiance, this striped wallcovering brings the look of an ikat fabric to walls tailored in soothing tones of blue and grey.

Montgomery Blush Ikat Stripe

With the look of an ikat fabric, this striped wallcovering brings a soft airiness to walls, while a sleek and sophisticated glow dazzles your room in modern charm.

Montgomery Grey Ikat Stripe

This ikat wall covering of a warm neutral stripe, brings a soft fabric influence to walls with a dazzling print of both global and classic distinction.

Montgomery Lavender Ikat Stripe

Like a peaceful forest brook, this lavender and grey wall paper coats walls in a delicate ikat effect that seems to sway to a soft and gentle breeze.

Raissa Blue Ikat Damask

With the allure of a global tapestry, this damask wall covering has the look of a rare heirloom. Woven in hues of light blue, beige and cream, this enchanting design brings a glistening golden finish to walls.
$109.98 $82.48

Raissa Blush Ikat Damask

With a subtle luminance, this blush toned wall covering brings modern style to walls in an enchanting design featuring elegant medallions and chic ikat effects.

Raissa Grey Ikat Damask

Modern cottage style meets global sophistication with a damask wallpaper design that blends exquisite ikat detailing with perfectly sculpted medallions
$109.98 $82.48

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