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Alhambra, a global chic wallpaper collection by Kenneth James, is full of old world inspiration with a fresh twist for today's trends. Cultured designs with a Moroccan vibe are colored in soft neutrals, ivory and metallic washes, with a pop of rich jewel tones, foil and glitter. Cultured medallions, paisleys, ornate stripes and large scale damasks have a beautiful, well-traveled allure that brings exquisite detail to the interior of your room.

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Alcazaba Gold Trellis

A gilded trellis design shimmers atop a warm cream canvas. This regal and luxurious wall paper boasts of ancient architecture and old world beauty.
$189.98 $142.48

Alcazaba Silver Trellis

With a contemporary vibe, this geometric print brings a sleek glamour to walls. A clean and stylish wallpaper design that's polished in a luxurious medley of beautiful embossed effects and dazzling metallic inks.
$189.98 $142.48

Alcazaba Taupe Trellis

Set against a beautiful taupe canvas, this dazzling geometric that features both charcoal and bronze hues, makes a stunning statement on walls. A luxurious wallpaper that's a beautiful blend of both old world and new world influences.
$189.98 $142.48

Arcades Beige Paisley Stripe Wallpaper

A beautiful take on a stripe design, this paisley wall paper features a chic beige canvas dusted in a sparkle of gold glitter and embellished with luxe raised inks.
$179.98 $134.98

Arcades Black Paisley Stripe Wallpaper

This chic wallpaper looks like it has been perfectly tailored for your walls. Designed in a distressed black and adorned in a stylish, charcoal metallic ink, this paisley stripe brings a modern sophistication to walls.
$179.98 $134.98

Arcades Gold Paisley Stripe Wallpaper

Timeless in gold, this elegant paisley stripe has an air of romance, bringing a soft beauty to walls full of culture and grace.
$179.98 $134.98

Arcades Light Grey Paisley Stripe Wallpaper

A beautiful sophistication surrounds this stripe wall covering that's designed in an elegant palette of neutrals. A gorgeous paisley sketch outlined in a warm shade of gold, makes for an artistic and romantic room addition.
$179.98 $134.98

Arcades Taupe Paisley Stripe Wallpaper

This elegant paisley wallcovering in a light taupe hue, brings a soft and romantic vibe to décor. Beautiful metallic accents enhance walls in a chic charcoal shimmer.
$179.98 $134.98

Comares Beige Stripe Texture

A warm stripe texture in a soft beige hue is the perfect neutral accompaniment to décor. A dazzling thread of gold works its way down this elegant wallcovering for a chic and tailored finish.
$189.98 $142.48

Comares Champagne Stripe Texture

Subtle beauty surrounds this luxurious champagne wallcovering. A glistening gold stripe paired with cream accents, make this graceful and refined texture a romantic décor addition.
$189.98 $142.48

Comares Light Grey Stripe Texture

With the allure of a glittering diamond, this glamorous stripe design brings a textured look to walls in a fabulous blending of silver and grey. A timeless wall paper that defines effortless luxury.
$189.98 $142.48

Comares Pewter Stripe Texture

Beautiful strands of silver work their way down this chic textured wallcovering. A glamorous take on the classic stripe that's sophisticated and timeless in grey.
$189.98 $142.48

Comares Taupe Stripe Texture

Threads of gold flitter atop this taupe wall covering, a dazzling stripe texture bringing a magical enchantment to walls.
$189.98 $142.48

Cordova Champagne Medallion

Bring a Moroccan vibe to your space with this dazzling designer wall paper. Medallions in gold and grey atop a beautiful cream textured backdrop, make this an ultra fine décor addition.
$189.98 $142.48

Cordova Light Grey Medallion

Global style meets modern glamour on this fabulous wallcovering that designs a chic medallion print on walls and which glistens with a beautiful glitter enchantment.
$189.98 $142.48

Cordova Pewter Medallion

Floating medallions in glistening silver and white are radiant against a foggy grey landscape. With a fresh, Moroccan vibe, this glamorous look brings a global spirit to walls.
$189.98 $142.48

Cordova Taupe Medallion

A beautiful global print for walls, rare and exotic! This luxe designer wallcovering is brilliant in a chic gold and grey colorway, featuring glistening medallions that transform your room into a captivating escape.
$189.98 $142.48

Daraxa Beige Paisley Wallpaper

This paisley wallcovering has a fresh, exotic vibe that is both romantic and chic. A soft beige canvas swirling with cultured beauty and grace.
$179.98 $134.98

Daraxa Black Paisley Wallpaper

Taking this paisley design to new heights, this chic wallcovering has high-fashion appeal. A distressed black canvas painted in luxurious metallic inks is both handsome and refined!
$179.98 $134.98

Daraxa Light Grey Paisley Wallpaper

A worldly décor piece with a soft and romantic vibe. This cultured wallpaper of a dancing paisley print, brings an awe inspiring look to walls that shimmers with a luxe metallic finish.
$179.98 $134.98

Daraxa Taupe Paisley Wallpaper

With a sweet whimsical air, this paisley wall covering brings a global enchantment to walls with a warm taupe canvas and glittering metallic accents.
$179.98 $134.98

Darro Gold Global Paisley Wallpaper

With a beautiful, ethnic vibe, this paisley wallpaper brings a stylish designer look to walls. Luxurious foil effects and a glistening metallic finish, make for a magnificent and cultured décor piece.
$219.98 $164.98

Darro Silver Global Paisley Wallpaper

This large scale paisley has a high fashion and global look. Adorned in a chic silver foil that glistens on walls, this cultured wallcovering makes a contemporary statement on walls.
$219.98 $164.98

Darro Taupe Global Paisley Wallpaper

A warm color palette of taupe and cream, soften this large scale paisley design for a romantic look on walls. A beautifully exotic wallcovering that enchants décor with a global elegance.
$159.98 $119.98

Mexuar Aqua Filigree Stripe

Ornate and cultured, this aqua and beige wallcovering styles a regal stripe on walls, designed with both architectural details and artistic appeal.
$179.98 $134.98

Mexuar Black Filigree Stripe

Luxurious and refined, this ornate wallcovering brings architectural detail to walls with a fabulous filigree stripe design. A luxe charcoal and black colorway invites stately appeal to décor that's dazzling and chic.
$179.98 $134.98

Mexuar Copper Filigree Stripe

Fit for the halls of an ancient palace, this luxurious wallpaper that features an ornate filigree design, makes a lasting impression on walls in rich tones of copper, taupe and beige.
$179.98 $134.98

Mexuar Gold Filigree Stripe

Imposing and grand, this ornate wall paper design is a majestic addition to décor. A luxurious filigree stripe in shades of taupe and gold alternate atop a warm cream backdrop, a truly captivating sight on walls!
$179.98 $134.98

Mexuar Taupe Filigree Stripe

Cultured with an ornate filigree stripe design, this grey and beige wallpaper brings a rich splendor to walls that has a fabulous old world air.
$179.98 $134.98

Mirador Aqua Global Medallion

Eloquent and regal, this radiant wall covering in a fresh aqua hue, brings a global look to your room with brilliant bronze medallions that have breathtaking appeal.
$179.98 $134.98

Mirador Black Global Medallion

Taking this ornate medallion to new heights, this global chic wallcovering is dressed in a mystical black and silver palette for an exotic look that's both regal and refined.
$179.98 $134.98

Mirador Burgundy Global Medallion

Designed in a gorgeous burgundy and enriched in luxe metallic inks, this global wallpaper design features a stylish medallion that looks to have been hand-painted on walls, majestic and cultured!
$179.98 $134.98

Mirador Copper Global Medallion

With an exquisite, hand-painted look, this dazzling global medallion has timeless and enduring style with beautiful taupe and ivory accents that radiate atop a glistening copper backdrop.
$179.98 $134.98

Mirador Taupe Global Medallion

With a beautiful hand-painted look, this chic medallion wallpaper is a enchanted décor piece. A lovely taupe canvas enriched in luxe bronze detailing.
$179.98 $134.98

Palace Beige Quatrefoil

Add a cosmopolitan look to walls with this warm beige wallcovering. A chic quatrefoil print donned in a sparkling golden sheen.
$159.98 $119.98

Palace Black Quatrefoil

This fashionable wallpaper design looks sleek and sophisticated in a stylish palette of black, grey and cream. A gorgeous quatrefoil design brings a contemporary vibe to your room that's elegant and chic.
$159.98 $119.98

Palace Champagne Quatrefoil

A lovely enchantment surrounds this eloquent quatrefoil wall paper. A perfect modern geometric dusted in an ethereal sheen of gold.
$159.98 $119.98

Rauda Champagne Modern Scroll

Bring modern beauty to décor with this radiant scroll wallpaper. A soft champagne backdrop dressed in both a sophisticated grey and sparkling gold, drapes walls in an elegant brilliance.
$189.98 $142.48

Rauda Taupe Modern Scroll

Invite timeless luxury to décor with this fashionable wall paper design that invites a modern air to your room. Glittering grey and gold scrolls intertwine effortlessly, creating a breathtaking scene on walls.

Shirazi Champagne Bohemian Floral

This beautifully cultured print has a fresh and bohemian vibe! Bold artistically designed flowers seem to bloom on walls, while chic metallic inks dazzle and shine.
$179.98 $134.98

Shirazi Cream Bohemian Floral

A glamorous look for walls, this boho chic wallpaper is etched in a shimmering gold ink, exotic and dreamy!
$179.98 $134.98

Shirazi Silver Bohemian Floral

Exotic and glamorous, this silver wall covering of a bohemian floral print, invites a stylish finish to walls embellished with foil accents and a decadent shimmer.
$219.98 $164.98

Sultan Beige Fabric Texture

This intriguing texture has the allure of a soft woven fabric. Designed in a warm beige hue, this designer wall covering glistens with a fresh dose of golden shimmer.
$159.98 $119.98

Sultan Cream Fabric Texture

This opulent wall paper of a glistening cream texture, envelops your room in a soft brilliance. An elegant and cultured look for walls!
$159.98 $119.98

Sultan Grey Fabric Texture

With soft, textural appeal, this warm grey wall covering is a fabulous décor accent. A calm sophistication makes for a fresh and inviting entrance to any room or space in your home.
$159.98 $119.98

Sultan Neutral Fabric Texture

Like the finest fabric for your walls, this beautifully textured wall covering has a soft, golden sheen that brings a warm and relaxing vibe to any space in your home.
$159.98 $119.98

Sultana Beige Lattice Texture

Streaks of radiant gold can be seen peaking through this enchanted wallcovering. A soft beige texture artistically painted in a beautiful global geometric.
$179.98 $134.98

Sultana Copper Lattice Texture

A textured wall paper with a rich copper finish and donned in chic metallic inks! This cultured design has a lovely Moroccan flair, inviting to décor a fresh exotic fervor.
$179.98 $134.98

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