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Animal print wallpapers can be wild and fun, or chic and sophisticated. With zebra stripe wallpaper, leopard print patterns, cheetah and elephant inspired designs, these wallpapers are all nods to the animal kingdom.

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Trieste Taupe Wolf Wallpaper

With a rich brown hue and intricate design, this textured wallpaper resembles wolf fur. Its soft pearlescent sheen adds to its deluxe style. Trieste is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$1.73 $1.30/Sq Ft.

Umbria Champagne Jaguar Wallpaper

Resembling jaguar fur, this heavily textured wallpaper will add a lavish feel to rooms. Its sparkling gold accents and detailed design give this pattern a plush style. Umbria is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$1.73 $1.30/Sq Ft.

Umbria Copper Jaguar Wallpaper

Add a luxurious feel to your space with this jaguar fur inspired wallpaper. With a warm copper hue and gold glitter details, this heavily textured design has an opulent and glamorous style. Umbria is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$1.73 $1.30/Sq Ft.

Umbria Grey Jaguar Wallpaper

Adorn your walls with this shimmering wallpaper. With a textured design and grey hues, this highly realistic print resembles jaguar fur. Umbria is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$1.73 $1.30/Sq Ft.

Umbria Ivory Jaguar Wallpaper

Shimmering with gold glitter details, this rich ivory wallpaper is made to resemble jaguar fur. Its spotted design is heavily textured, adding to its realistic and luxurious look. Umbria is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$1.73 $1.30/Sq Ft.

Umbria Light Brown Jaguar Wallpaper

With a shimmering spotted print, this opulent wallpaper resembles rich jaguar fur. Its heavily textured design features gold glitter and intricate hair details. Umbria is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$1.73 $1.30/Sq Ft.

Tailored Zebra Brown Herringbone Zebra

Luxurious and chic, this designer zebra wallpaper has a golden brown tweed pattern under suede accented stripes.
$3.02 $2.26/Sq Ft.

Tailored Zebra Light Brown Herringbone Zebra

A dreamy designer zebra wallpaper, this luxe pattern combines a fun tweed texture with suede accented zebra stripes in gentle browns.
$3.02 $2.26/Sq Ft.

Tailored Zebra Taupe Herringbone Zebra

Funky and luxurious, but is a subtle taupe colorway, this designer zebra wallpaper pattern has fun tweed and suede accents.
$3.02 $2.26/Sq Ft.

Mamba Olive Reptile

Promising adventure and untamed mystery, an African safari is the ultimate exploit. A warm golden green hue snakeskin texture wallpaper will add some of this romance to your walls.
$98.00 $19.99

Mamba White Reptile

Rare and intriguing, an albino snake is a high-fashion dignitary of the wild kingdom. This opalescent white textured wallpaper draws on the mysterious beauty of shimmering white reptile skin, magnificent and pure.
$98.00 $19.99

Jaipur Beige Elephant Skin Texture

A refined wallpaper with a gentle speckle effect.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Jaipur Light Green Elephant Skin Texture

A soft speckle texture wallpaper, reminiscent of an elephant in pale greenish grey.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Jaipur Tawny Elephant Skin Texture

Like a bronzed elephant, this wallpaper has a tawny hue and a delicate speckle texture.
$69.98 $52.48

Zoya Grey Safari Wallpaper

Tap into your wild side with this animal wallpaper. The chic design uses pop art rectangles in a chic black and white print. Zoya is a unpasted, paper wallpaper.
  • Paper wallpaper should be cut with scissors, not a blade.
$0.44 $0.22/Sq Ft.

Andie Gold Swirl Wallpaper

Texture and shine combine in this swirl wallpaper. The monochromatic design uses shades of cream and taupe to create a magnificent kaleidoscope of texture and shimmer.
$2.13 $1.60/Sq Ft.

Andie Purple Swirl Wallpaper

Sparkles, animal prints, and swirls come together in this unique wallpaper. A grey and purple combo shines with metallic inks.
$2.13 $1.60/Sq Ft.

Andie Teal Swirl Wallpaper

One part peacock, one part zebra, this teal wallpaper is a masterpiece. Metallic stripes swirl into plumes and waves that merge into one.
$2.13 $1.60/Sq Ft.

Journey Grey Feather Wallpaper

Create a sophisticated feature wall with this gossamer feather wallpaper. Their alternating grey and white hues, glitter details and layered design create a dazzling pattern. Journey is an unpasted, expanded vinyl wallpaper.
$0.64 $0.48/Sq Ft.

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