Animal Murals

From wild and fierce to cute and cuddly, these animal murals celebrate all of the beautiful creatures from the animal kingdom. Endorse your favorite creature and inspire your décor with an animal mural, and also consider these designs for adorable kids mural ideas!  

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Korall Wall Mural

Colorful and fantastical, this mural combines underwate life and woodland creatures. The deep navy background allows the repeatable pattern to pop. Mural comes with 4 panels and measues 8 feet 7 inches tall by 5 feet 9 inches wide when assembled.Korall Wall Mural comes on 4 panels.
$219.99 $175.99

Magisk Wall Mural

Step into a magical world where a desert oasis exists amongst wildflowers and birch trees. Forest creatures and plants in rich colors are printed on a black background. Mural comes with 4 panels and measues 8 feet 7 inches tall by 5 feet 9 inches wide when assembled.Magisk Wall Mural comes on 4 panels.
$219.99 $175.99

Mermaid Magic Peel & Stick Mural

Bring the enchantment of the sea to your room with this Mermaid Magic peel and stick mural. Its watercolor design and pastel hues add a fascinating touch to this underwater scene. Mermaid Magic Peel & Stick Mural contains 6 pieces on 6 sheets that measure 94 x 19.7 inches.
$224.99 $179.99

Where In The World Peel & Stick Mural

Learning geography has never been more fun with this peel and stick mural. Pastel continents and engaging symbols representing something special about each place make this world map engaging and enjoyable! Where In The World Peel & Stick Mural contains 6 pieces on 6 sheets that measure 94 x 19.7 inches.
$224.99 $179.99

Animals Of The Forest Wall Mural

Immerse yourself into a teeming forest filled with all your favorite animals! This larger than life mural makes your walls come alive. Bring the beauty of the forest indoors with this fabulous wall art. Comes on twelve 48-in by 20-in sheets and includes a total of 12 pieces. This mural assembles to 8-ft by 10-ft.
$124.99 $99.99

Baby Dino World Mural

Bring nursery walls to life with the precious Baby Dino World Mural that fills your child fts room with lovable excitement. This colorful scene of baby dinosaurs comes in 12 panels and measures 10-ft by 8-ft.
$124.99 $31.25

Baby Fun On The Farm Mural

Playful and cute, this darling barnyard mural brings a lovable animal scene to walls for your little one to enjoy day after day. The Baby Fun on the Farm Mural comes in 12 panels and measures 10-ft by 8-ft.
$124.99 $99.99

Baby Jungle Safari Mural

An adorable nursery décor theme, let your little one peek inside this playful jungle to discover new animals to love such as a curious monkey or darling elephant. Cuddly and cute, this 12 panel mural measures 10-ft by 8-ft and is a charming accent to décor.
$124.99 $99.99

Jungle Adventure Mural

Bring a scene of adventure to your child fts walls with this fun jungle themed wall mural that features an adorable pairing of baby animals and their mothers. Filled with all your safari favorites, including giraffes, elephants, lions and tigers as well as rhinos, monkeys and more, invite an enchanting paradise to a bedroom, playroom or nursery with this charming 12 panel design that measures 10-ft by 8-ft.
$124.99 $99.99

Jungle Safari Wall Mural

Bring the adventure of a safari to walls with this fun and bright animal mural. Cheerful giraffes, hippos, elephants and flamingos all mingle at a peaceful watering hole, creating a lively jungle scene. Jungle Safari Wall Mural comes on 12 panels.
$124.99 $99.99

Kung Fu Panda Wall Mural

Po, Master Shifu, Tigress, Money, Viper, and Mr. Ping all make an appearance on this delightful Kung Fu Panda wall mural. Your child will be greeted by their favorite movie characters every time they enter their room. Perfect for a movie themed room.
$99.99 $25.00

Madagascar Wall Mural

The group is all here in this Madagascar wall mural. All of your favorite characters, Alex, Melman, Marty, Gloria, Mort, Maurice & Julian, Mason & Phil, and even the Penguins are featured, creating a delightful celebration of friendship perfect for a jungle themed childrenfts room.
$99.99 $25.00

Sea Adventure Wall Mural

With smiling orcas, cheerful dolphins and bright coral, this Sea Adventure Wall Mural has a lively feel. Its vivid colors and joyous ocean animals will enlighten your decor. Sea Adventure Wall Mural comes on 12 panels.
$124.99 $99.99

Shrek Wall Mural

Now you can have your favorite movie on your walls! Shrek and Donkey come to life in a delightful wall mural. This dynamic duo is perfect for a Shrek themed childrenfts room.
$99.99 $25.00

Studio Pets Mural

This darling animal mural features a host of lovable pets including dogs, cats, little chicks and bunny rabbits. All outlined in colorful detail with blank frames to attach your own photos, this darling girls décor idea looks extra sweet atop a stripe pink and white backdrop.
$99.99 $59.99

The Circus Mural

Bring the circus home with this show-stopping scene featuring a tightrope walking hippo, acrobatic monkey, juggling clown and bicycle riding bear. Measuring 10-ft by 8-ft, this 12 panel mural brings a colorful punch to walls in a most brilliant and spectacular way.
$124.99 $99.99

Enjoying The Holidays Wall Mural

Nothing like exploring on holiday! Charming cartoon creatures adventure around a campsite under a starry sky in this mural. Comes in 4 panels that measure 9-ft 2-in tall by 6-ft 1-in wide when assembled.

$399.99 $319.99

Girls On Holiday Wall Mural

Kick back and relax with this vacation-themed mural. Cartoon creatures enjoy the pastel yellow sand under a pink sky. Comes in 4 panels that measure 9-ft 2-in tall by 6-ft 1-in wide when assembled.

$399.99 $319.99

Grey Butterflies In My Stomach Wall Mural

Bring fluttering butterflies into your home with this charming mural. Bright watercolors pop against the light grey background. Comes in 3 panels that measure 9 feet 2 inches x 4 feet 5 inches when assembled.

$299.99 $239.99

Kiss the Frog Mural

Don't let your handsome prince get away! The Kiss the Frog Wall Mural is an enchanting wall accent bringing a beautiful water scene to life filled with modern detail and a colorful palette. Comes in four panels that assemble into a 9-ft 2-in by 6-ft 1-in mural.

$474.99 $379.99

Pip Stitch Mural

A collage of needlepoint designs makes a truly romantic wall scene. Timeless style mixed with a vintage nostalgia. Comes in two panels that assemble into a 9-ft 2-in by 3-ft 1-in mural.

$259.99 $207.99

The Circus In Town Wall Mural

The Circus is in town all year long when you install this cheerful wall mural! Whimsical circus animals in pastel colors accompany a cheerful strong man. Comes in 4 panels that measure 9-ft 2-in tall by 6-ft 1-in wide when assembled.

$399.99 $319.99

White Butterflies In My Stomach Wall Mural

This whimsical mural is perfect for a kids room or playroom! Large-scale butterflies in bright colors have a youthful, hand painted style. Comes in 3 panels that measure 9 feet 2 inches x 4 feet 5 inches when assembled.

$299.99 $239.99

Wilderness Coloring Wall Mural

A stunning forest wall mural perfect for a nursery or child's room. Playful foxes, deer, squirrels, raccoons, and more animals live in this whimsical forest. The mural can be left uncolored, or colored in. Many different art supplies can be used to color this in, however we recommend colored pencils for their smudge resistance and rich pigmentation. Comes in 6 panels and measures 6-ft by 9-ft when assembled.
$199.99 $159.99

Komar Elephant Wall Mural

A wise elephant wall mural is a beautiful depiction of nature. The sepia coloring creates a high contrast image that shows each crease in the elephant's weathered skin.
$209.99 $125.99

Komar White Horses Wall Mural

Unleash your free spirit with this horse wall mural. White horses run free on the beach, splashing in the water.
$169.99 $101.99

Lion Wall Mural

Add a touch of wildlife to your décor with this peel and stick panel, featuring a stoic lion of majestic grandeur. This safari inspired mural captures the serene brilliance of the wild, bringing into your home a wonderful masterpiece of beauty. This wall panel stands at 4-ft 2-in by 6-ft.
$69.99 $41.99

My Size

How tall are you now? Playing on the classic tradition of marking a child's height in a door frame as they grow, this door mural provides a fun space to keep track! An enchanted tree full of patterned birds joins in the excitement.
$69.99 $29.99

Animal Alphabet

With an animal for every letter of the alphabet, this kids wall mural is educational and cute. The colorful and adorable graphics will make a great décor accent for your kids room décor, and a fun way to practice learning their letters.
$124.99 $74.99

Animal Safari

Decorate a child's room in a cool safari animal theme with this bright and cheery wall mural.
$124.99 $74.99

Bengal Tiger

With piercing golden eyes and a look of fierce determination, the Bengal tiger erupts from ocean waves in this stunning wall mural.
$49.99 $29.99

Black And White

Black and white in decor is classic and chic. This zebra mural celebrates those iconic stripes with a close-up image of a zebra face. A surprising design element, with a stylish impact.
$69.99 $41.99

Delight Of Life

This magical wall mural creates a friendly underwater scene of whales and tropical fish, swimming through lively coral reef.
$169.99 $101.99

Dolphin In The Sun

Dolphins frolic in an enchanted sea in this charming wall mural.
$49.99 $29.99

Flamingos Wall Mural

Add a tropical flare to your decor with this fun mural. Vibrant pink flamingos, palm fronds and Hawaiian flowers pop against a blue and light green striped background. Flamingos Wall Mural comes on 2 panels.
$124.99 $74.99

Free Spirit

Dream-like imagery creates a mesmerizing scene as a beautiful white horse splashes through the ocean waves in this stunning wall mural.
$124.99 $31.25

Grey Horses Wall Mural

The perfect wall mural for equestrian lovers! This white horse mural has a dreamy quality with bright white snow and blue skies. Measures 12 feet by 8 feet 4 inches when assembled.
$169.99 $42.50

Happy Animals Wall Mural

A creative, kids themed mural full of jungle fun! Each animal can be adorned in the color of your choosing, allowing even your little ones to color on the walls!
$69.99 $17.50

In The Jungle

Bringing the beloved children's song to life, the In the Jungle mural is a happy decor idea for a kids room. Colorful animals pop out of the trees to smile and pose.
$169.99 $101.99

Majestic Kingdom

A gorgeous wall mural by artist Christian Riese Lassen, bringing his unique fantasy style to a breathtaking ocean scene. Inspired by his love of the sea, this marine mural will enlighten your decor.
$69.99 $41.99

On Safari Wall Mural

Bring a safari adventure to walls with this fun animal wall mural. Elephants and giraffes, lions and zebras, all gather at a refreshing watering hole to cool off and enjoy the beginnings of a brand new day.
$169.99 $101.99

Three Dolphins

A trio of dolphins folic in the ocean waves in this joyful wall mural.
$49.99 $29.99

Tiger Wall Mural

Never say never! This incredible photographic wall mural allows you to glance into the eyes of a tiger, letting you get up close and personal to this fascinating predator.
$69.99 $41.99

White Horse

A lovely white horse enjoys the fresh air and sunshine in this beautiful wall mural.
$49.99 $29.99

Wild Safari

An elephant stands tall against a printed map background in this unique wall mural.
$124.99 $74.99

Alphabet Wall Mural

Learn the ABC's with the help of charming animals! This equally educational and aesthetically pleasing wall mural is a modern way to incorporate the alphabet. Measures 9-ft 10-in by 7-ft 10-in when assembled.
$124.99 $99.99

Animal Alphabet Wall Mural

Learn the ABCs with this adorable wall mural. Each letter has a baby animal from alligators to zebras.
$124.99 $31.25

Animal Attraction Wall Mural

Adorn your walls with this fun and playful blush and black spotted mural. Cats, deer, and bunnies wear hip and trendy outfits, creating an effortlessly cool design. Animal Attraction Wall Mural comes on 6 panels.
$124.99 $99.99

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