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Bamboo in décor is fresh and chic, bringing a feng shui elegance to any room. Browse these bamboo wallpapers for the perfect botanical inspiration on your walls. 

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Gisei Green Grasscloth

A warm sage green creates a bold statement in this thickly woven bamboo wallpaper. Bright and lively, yet sophisticated and serene, this is the perfect calming shade for any room.
$279.98 $237.98

Paradise Beige Bamboo

An alluring implication that your walls lead to a tropical forest of bamboo, this wallpaper is a paradise of green and golden beige.
$199.98 $29.99

Paradise Brown Bamboo

Paradise beckons! This suggestive tropical wallpaper transforms your walls into a bamboo forest with a rich coffee backdrop.

Paradise Pink Bamboo

This bamboo wallpaper is ultra fun! Malibu pink behind a bamboo forest motif makes a dreamy tropical paradise scene that's impossible not to smile at!
$199.98 $169.98

Catasetum Champagne Bamboo Wallpaper

With a glowing champagne hue, this bamboo wallpaper is the definition of elegance. Its faded white print gives this textured wallpaper a contemporary feel, perfect for modern homes. Catasetum is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$69.98 $59.48

Catasetum Green Bamboo Wallpaper

A vibrant green bamboo pattern pops against a white, textured background in this botanical wallpaper. With a faded print, this textured wallpaper has a chic and sophisticated feel. Catasetum is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$69.98 $59.48

Poales Cream Bamboo Wallpaper

Delicate soft green bamboo leaves shine in this botanical wallpaper. Its cream hue, distressed background and textured print create an elegant wallpaper. Poales is a prepasted, vinyl wallpaper.
$69.98 $59.48

Rumi Turquoise Trellis Wallpaper

An elegant trellis pattern with a bamboo design shimmers against a turquoise background in this beautiful wallpaper. Its subtle sheen and botanical flare give it a worldly feel. Rumi is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$79.98 $67.98

Catasetum Black Bamboo Wallpaper

With a faded black print, this bamboo wallpaper has an edgy and sophisticated style. Its heavily textured white pattern is ideal for adding dimension to walls. Catasetum is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$69.98 $59.48

Catasetum Gold Bamboo Wallpaper

Adorn your walls with this shimmering, gold bamboo wallpaper. With a faded white print, this textured wallpaper has a chic and modern style perfect for creating a glamorous room. Catasetum is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$69.98 $59.48

Rumi Red Trellis Wallpaper

Stunning and bold, this bamboo trellis wallpaper has a globally chic style. Its bright red hue and gold metallic ink add to its dramatic flair. Rumi is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$79.98 $67.98

Atlis Beige Bamboo Wallpaper

Stunningly sophisticated, this wallpaper shines with pearlescent inks. The bamboo pattern is accented by soft blues and greens, blending into the tonal beige background. A woodgrain texture and raised ink details give this pattern dimensional interest.
$99.98 $84.98

Merrick Beige Satin Leaf Motif

Glistening ivory leaves abound on this satin textured wallcovering, inviting a lush botanical appeal to walls.
$89.98 $76.48

Merrick Green Satin Leaf Motif

Add a subtle shimmer to walls with this satin leaf textured wallpaper. A smooth beige backdrop with fresh pops of green, dresses your room in exotic splendor.
$89.98 $76.48

Oates Beige Bamboo Leaf Texture

An exotic bamboo leaf wall paper of a shimmering satin texture, invites a luxe allure to your room in a champagne hue.
$89.98 $76.48

Oates Green Bamboo Leaf Texture

A fresh and contemporary wall paper of an exotic bamboo leaf design, adds a luxe shimmering texture to walls adorned in breezy green and beige accents.
$89.98 $76.48

Black Bamboo Framework Border

Transitional and geometric, this bamboo framework border adds a new substance to the walls.

Brown Bamboo Frame Border

Vintaged bamboo frame worked border in bricked red on a horsed brown background.
$19.99 $16.99

Flax Bamboo Leaf Cameo Border

Poetic and sentimental, this faux watercolor cream and brown bamboo cameo poetry border refreshes the walls.
$19.99 $16.99

Green Bamboo Frame Border

Transitional bamboo framework border in country club green on a tan-cream backdrop.
$19.99 $16.99

Green Bamboo Frame Border

Vintaged bamboo frame worked border in midnight black on a horsed putter green background.
$19.99 $16.99

Green Bamboo Leaf Cameo Border

Poetic and sentimental, this green faux watercolor bamboo cameo poetry border refreshes the walls.
$19.99 $16.99

Kyoto Black Bamboo

Exotic, dramatic, and sophisitcated, this bamboo wallpaper adds an Asian beauty to walls in black and beige with strokes of green.
$78.00 $66.30

Kyoto Light Grey Bamboo

With an ancient brushstroke painting splendor, his chic bamboo pattern wallpaper is rendered in soothing washes of blue and green.
$78.00 $66.30

Kyoto Red Bamboo

Bamboo has an enticing botanical beauty, adding a Asian zen-like allure to any space. This red and brown bamboo wallpaper prepares your walls for an exotic style showdown.
$78.00 $66.30

Asuka Pewter Bamboo

A polished pewter silver makes a dynamic sheen behind gorgeous black bamboo stalks in this classy wallpaper design.
$99.98 $84.98

Edulis Cream Bamboo Texture

This romantic and exotic wallpaper pattern creates a deep forest of bamboo with shimmering textures of cream and sage
$79.98 $67.98

Natalya Sage Leaves Texture

This beautiful wallpaper adds a sense of intrigue to walls with a subtle concrete green texture, cast over in pretty grasses and leaves, accented in graceful gold details.
$73.98 $62.88

Emiko Taupe Bamboo Texture

Invite a botanical beauty to your walls! This bamboo wallpaper has chic satin texture effects and a pleasing feng shui element.
$95.98 $81.58

Kazumi Olive Bamboo Texture

Channelling a feng shui spa in your loo, enhanced by high fashion details, this olive bamboo wallpaper with subtle metallic accents is certain to captivate.
$75.98 $64.58

Kazumi Taupe Bamboo Texture

High fashion and feng shui, this bamboo bathroom wallpaper brings depth, texture and botanical beauty to walls in taupe, sage and gold.
$75.98 $64.58

Midori Black Bamboo Silhouette

A black bathroom makes a dramatic impact. This bamboo silhouette botanical wallpaper is an ultra chic accent, enhanced by a gel ink finish.
$99.98 $84.98

Midori White Bamboo Silhouette

Botanical silhouettes, overlapping and swaying in chic black and silver gel inks. Indulge sophistication and global intrigue with this fine bathroom wallpaper.
$99.98 $84.98

Imperial Cream Garden Chinoiserie

Home to a romantic medley of charming songbirds, beautiful wildflowers and exquisite bamboo leaves, this flourishing garden chinoiserie is placed atop a natural rice paper texture that's been perfectly polished with a soft golden sheen.
$99.98 $84.98

Imperial Green Garden Chinoiserie

Awaken your homes interior with this beautiful chinoiserie print. Placed atop a warm rice paper texture, this botanical wallcovering sings a romantic melody of trailing vines, fanning bamboo leaves, sweet songbirds and fresh wildflowers.
$99.98 $84.98

Imperial Neutral Garden Chinoiserie

Placed delicately atop a beautiful rice paper texture, this romantic chinoiserie of a flourishing garden motif stands the test of time. A cheerful wallpaper filled with wildflowers, bamboo leaves and majestic songbirds.
$99.98 $84.98

Summer Beige Trellis

A chic geometric constructed from bamboo. This neutral wallcovering creates a room centered around culture, sophistication and style.
$99.98 $84.98

Summer Butter Trellis

Warm and cheerful, this exquisite bamboo trellis is designed atop a buttery yellow backdrop. The perfect global accessory, this geometric wallpaper adds a well-traveled flair to your home.
$99.98 $84.98

Summer Cream Trellis

Built out of bamboo, this fascinating trellis brings a unique geometric print to walls. With the allure of a garden gate, this chic wallpaper can easily transition into any room you choose.
$99.98 $84.98

Summer Grey Trellis

This stylish geometric created out of bamboo, has a simple and defining beauty. Designed in a chic grey hue with fresh white accents, this eloquent wallpaper makes a fashionable entrance.
$99.98 $84.98

Summer Red Trellis

Dazzling in red, this bamboo trellis is a chic decorating choice. Reinvent the look of your room with this global geometric that has stylish appeal.
$99.98 $84.98

Summer Sapphire Trellis

Designed in a majestic blue, this chic geometric adds a global look to walls with a bamboo trellis design that has perfect form.
$99.98 $84.98

Summer Turquoise Trellis

A sophisticated trellis design that has been artfully composed out of bamboo. A rich and exotic wallpaper that's exquisite in color but remains grounded in form.
$99.98 $84.98

Imperial Garden Beige Botanical Wallpaper

Light and airy, this romantic botanical print is teeming with life. Blue flowers and mint songbirds sit upon beige bamboo stalks in this chinoiserie wallpaper. Imperial Garden is a prepasted, non woven wallpaper.
$79.98 $67.98

Imperial Garden Blue Botanical Wallpaper

Add serenity to your home with this dreamy chinoiserie print. Sleepy songbirds and pleasing wildflowers trail amongst soothing blue bamboo, creating a romantic and tranquil feel. Imperial Garden is a prepasted, non woven wallpaper.
$79.98 $67.98

Imperial Garden Grey Botanical Wallpaper

Adorn your home with this chic and romantic chinoiserie wallpaper. Teeming with dreamy bamboo leaves, woodland flowers and birds, this cool-toned pattern is chic and fanciful. Imperial Garden is a prepasted, non woven wallpaper.
$79.98 $67.98

Imperial Garden Light Green Botanical Wallpaper

Bring a romantic feel to your home with this peaceful chinoiserie wallpaper. Looping vines, bamboo stalks, charming songbirds and fresh wildflowers all mingle in this botanical pattern. Imperial Garden is a prepasted, non woven wallpaper.
$79.98 $67.98

Imperial Garden Multicolor Botanical Wallpaper

Colorful songbirds, lush greens, and blue and red florets mingle in this vibrant wallpaper. The chinoiserie pattern is both romantic and charming. Imperial Garden is a prepasted, non woven wallpaper.
$79.98 $67.98

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