Beach Murals

Beach theme murals bring the beauty of the seaside into your home. Tropical beach murals, trompe l'oeil ocean murals, and anything beautiful inspired by the sea, awaits you in these wall murals.  

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Girls On Holiday Wall Mural

Kick back and relax with this vacation-themed mural. Cartoon creatures enjoy the pastel yellow sand under a pink sky. Comes in 4 panels that measure 9-ft 2-in tall by 6-ft 1-in wide when assembled.

$399.99 $319.99

Ari Atoll

This beach mural features a pristine and perfect tropical scene. Palm trees lean to and fro in pure white sand while aqua sea and blue skies stretch out as far as the eye can see.
$124.99 $74.99

Beach Resort

Invite paradise into your décor with this tropical wall mural. With a thatched roof dock leading out into the clear aqua sea, this stunning image redefines the reality of your room with a dreamy beach scene.
$169.99 $101.99

El Paradiso Wall Mural

El Paradiso wall mural will truly transform a room with a gorgeous tropical scene. A beautiful wooden deck leads right out to the sea, where a white sand beach, clear blue water and the endless summer sky stretch as far as the eye can see. This giant photorealistic mural is 12-ft 9-in by 8-ft 10-in, large enough to fill an entire wall.
$169.99 $101.99

Golden Gate Wall Mural

A view of the Golden Gate Bridge like you have never seen before. The shore overlooks with bridge while the mountain backdrop is bathed in sunlight.

$199.99 $50.00

Komar Hide Out Wall Mural

After wandering through the woods and caves you emerge onto a sunlit beach. A beautiful sunset greets you with warm waters lapping the shore. This tropical wall mural will add a little piece of paradise to any room.
$169.99 $101.99

Komar Paradise Morning Wall Mural

This serene beach mural will have you dreaming of summer days spent listening to happy music. Cotton candy clouds float along the turquoise sea while palm trees sway in the breeze.
$209.99 $125.99

Komar Seaside Wall Mural

Bring a slice of paradise into your home with this beach wall mural. Sandy shores are lapped by bright teal waters. You can almost hear the sound of crashing waves when gazing into this stunning image.
$169.99 $101.99

Komar White Horses Wall Mural

Unleash your free spirit with this horse wall mural. White horses run free on the beach, splashing in the water.
$169.99 $101.99

Lands End

This ocean sunset wall mural is a poetic visual of sky, land and sea. A perfect moment in time, this seaside mural romances a room with the surreal beauty of heaven and earth. Never miss the sunset with this serene and vivid mural.
$169.99 $85.00


Escape to the tropical island paradise of the Maldives. This pristine beach makes a beautiful mural.
$169.99 $101.99

Malibu Wall Mural

Invite the gorgeous Malibu coastline into your life everyday with this stunning trompe l'oeil beach wall mural. Gauzy white curtains billow in the sea breeze of an open window, with a sunny California beach scene stretching as far as the eye can see.
$169.99 $101.99

Miami Wall Mural

Escape to the sizzling beaches of Miami with this retro style wall mural. From glowing pink skies to warm sandy beaches, enjoy the beauty of a tropical getaway right in your own home.
$169.99 $101.99

Nature Wall Mural

Give your wall a tropical makeover with this beach mural. The photographic design showcases white sand, a bright blue tide, a lush forest, and a stunning sunset.

$199.99 $119.99

Palmy Beach Sunrise

Wake up with the sun to this tropical beach sunrise mural where a palm tree is silhouetted by the golden light of morning.
$169.99 $101.99


This fantastically beautiful tropical mural depicts a beach of Praslin. This island has been called the Garden of Eden Paradise, and has also served as a hideaway for pirates.
$169.99 $101.99

Reunion Wall Mural

Sit back and relax as you look at this beautiful mural. White sand, clear skies, and palm trees frame a quintessential beach scene. Reunion Wall Mural comes on 8 panels and measures 12-ft wide by 8-ft 3-in tall when assembled.
$169.99 $135.99

Sandy Path Wall Mural

A relaxing, quiet scene. This wall mural makes it seem as if the beach is just a stone's throw away. Sandy Path Wall Mural comes on 8 panels and measures 12-ft wide by 8-ft 3-in tall when assembled.
$169.99 $42.50

Santorini Wall Mural

This wall mural will make it seem as if you can step out onto a private beach. A cheerful yellow doorway frames a view of Santorini. Santorini Wall Mural comes on 4 panels and measures 6-ft wide by 8-ft 3-in tall when assembled.
$124.99 $74.99

Serenity Wall Mural

The sky is the star of this meditative wall mural. Ethereal and colorful clouds are reflected in the waters surface, with a long dock leading the eye into infinity. Add a new perspective to any space with this beautiful mural.
$169.99 $68.00


Invite the island country of Seychelles into your home with this breathtaking beach vista.
$124.99 $74.99

South Beach Wall Mural

This aerial beach mural has a modern style that is full of color. The bright turquoise ocean pops against the peachy sand and pink umbrellas.

$149.99 $37.50

Tranquillo Wall Mural

Change your view with this tropical wall mural. This design gives the look of a waterfront cabana with a sun bathed balcony.

$199.99 $119.99

Treasure Island Dock

Evoking the enchantment of pirate adventures, this tropical wall mural adds a stunning scene to a room. A weathered dock stretches out into the sea at sunset, while a ship sails away beyond palm trees.
$169.99 $101.99

Whytecliff Wall Mural

The sun sets over a beautiful Vancouver scene. Serene colors and natural beauty grace this wall mural. Whytecliff Wall Mural comes on 8 panels and measures 12-ft wide by 8-ft 3-in tall when assembled.
$179.99 $45.00

A Perfect Day

Turn any room into a picture perfect island oasis with this scenic wall mural.
$169.99 $101.99

Beach Chair Wall Mural

Not your typical seaside mural, hundreds of folding chairs speckle a sandy beach in this scene. With crisp whites, light creams, and pops of blue, this contemporary shore mural will brighten up your space. Beach Chair Wall Mural comes on 4 panels.
$179.99 $36.00

Beyond Hanas Gate

With dream-like imagery and vivid colors, this beach scene wall mural is a true work of art.
$169.99 $101.99

Blue Lagoon Wall Mural

This tropical wall mural looks like a vintage acrylic painting. The palm trees, ferns, and exotic birds lounge in a blue lagoon. Measures 12 feet by 8 feet 4 inches when assembled.
$249.99 $149.99

Caribbean Sea

Escape to the beauty of the tropics with the Caribbean Sea wall mural. A white sand beach matched against a turquoise sea and filled with lush green palm trees, remains a peaceful décor piece anywhere it is placed.
$249.99 $149.99

Cathedral Cove In New Zealand Wall Mural

Bring a Zen feel to rooms with this serene Cathedral Cove in New Zealand wall mural. Fluffy clouds float against a light orange and blue night sky, while glassy ocean waves lap the shore. Cathedral Cove In New Zealand Wall Mural comes on 4 panels.
$179.99 $36.00

Eternal Quest

Two palm trees hover over a canoe docked on an island shore. With crystal water and a bright blue sky, this wall mural is a vacationer's dream.
$49.99 $39.99

Free Spirit

Dream-like imagery creates a mesmerizing scene as a beautiful white horse splashes through the ocean waves in this stunning wall mural.
$124.99 $31.25

Ile Tropicale

A tempting tropical beach mural, with a beautiful little island in the distance. Fill your walls with dreamy blue skies, palm trees, and clear water.
$169.99 $101.99

Lighthouse Wall Mural

This lighthouse wall mural is perfect for a coastal home. The glowing sunset bathes the green grass in warm light. Measures 12 feet by 8 feet 4 inches when assembled.
$169.99 $42.50

Maldive Dream

The view of Maldives island from the beautiful blue sea make this tropical mural a dreamy and inviting.
$169.99 $101.99

Maldive Island

This panoramic Maldives island mural captures the alluring beauty of the tropics.
$124.99 $99.99

Mallorca Island

The glorious view of the sea through an arched veranda makes for an incredible tropical vista. This stunning wall mural captures a scene from Mallorca Island, a natural beauty located in the Mediterranean sea.
$124.99 $74.99

Montego Bay

Rich pink and violet hues offer a lovely color palette for a sunset scene in this tropical beach wall mural.
$124.99 $74.99

Ocean View Terrace At Sunset Wall Mural

Bring the calm of a beach sunset into your home with this ocean view wall mural. With orange light streaks peaking through fluffy clouds, this terrace scene has a warm and serene feel. Ocean View Terrace At Sunset Wall Mural comes on 4 panels.
$179.99 $107.99

Old Landing Stage Wall Mural

A grey pier extends into misty waters in this Zen wall mural. Its neutral and icy blue hues add to its peaceful look. Old Landing Stage Wall Mural comes on 4 panels.
$179.99 $36.00

Old Pier Wall Mural

Brighten up your space with this dazzling scenic wall mural. A flash of yellow streaks across a cloudy sky, while an old pier extends into glossy blue waters. Old Pier Wall Mural comes on 4 panels.
$179.99 $107.99

Pacific Sunset

The sun casts a golden glow upon the shore, while a single palm tree leans towards the sea in this scenic wall mural.
$169.99 $101.99

Paradise Beach

A wooden walkway to paradise gives this beach scene mural a special allure.
$124.99 $74.99

Paradise Beach Large

One of the purest, most breathtaking beach scenes imaginable, this tropical mural is a soothing vista of sea and sky.
$169.99 $101.99

Paradise Wall Mural

Look out from your secluded cave into a tropical oasis. This photographic wall mural has an enchanting scene that will bring the beach to your home. Measures 12 feet by 8 feet 4 inches when assembled.
$169.99 $135.99

Phi Phi Island Wall Mural

Escape to the beauty of Thailand and the Phi Phi Islands with this stunning tropical wall mural. Surrounded by a lush forest scene, you have a perfect view of rising cliffs in the distance and beautiful crystal clear waters.
$169.99 $101.99

Pier At Sunrise

This picturesque mural of a wooded pier at sunrise envelops the serene beauty of the first light of dawn. A peaceful seascape has yet to be awakened against a warm orange sky, brilliant and gorgeous.
$249.99 $149.99

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