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A fashionable selection of well-loved patterns and textures. Brewster has wallpaper designs for every room, with chic, traditional inspiration, and authentic textures. With everything from beautiful florals and fun, retro wallpaper to wood, tile and rock textures and mod geometrics, Brewster wallpaper encompasses the ultimate breadth of appealing designs.

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Umbria Ivory Jaguar Wallpaper

Shimmering with gold glitter details, this rich ivory wallpaper is made to resemble jaguar fur. Its spotted design is heavily textured, adding to its realistic and luxurious look. Umbria is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$99.98 $79.98

Umbria Light Brown Jaguar Wallpaper

With a shimmering spotted print, this opulent wallpaper resembles rich jaguar fur. Its heavily textured design features gold glitter and intricate hair details. Umbria is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$99.98 $79.98

Veneto Brown Palm Tree Wallpaper

Stunning copper palm fronds shimmer against an animal fur inspired background in this opulent wallpaper. With metallic hues, glitter details and a textured design, this pattern has flashy style. Veneto is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$99.98 $79.98

Veneto Champagne Palm Tree Wallpaper

Tropical meets glamour with this stunning champagne palm tree design. With an animal fur inspired background and glittering accents, this wallpaper is perfect for creating a lavish feature wall. Veneto is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$99.98 $79.98

Veneto Copper Palm Tree Wallpaper

With brilliant copper palms and shimmering gold details, this textured design has a glam tropical style. Its animal fur inspired background adds to its opulent look. Veneto is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$99.98 $79.98

Veneto Ivory Palm Tree Wallpaper

With a brilliant ivory hue, this palm tree and animal print wallpaper has an extravagant look. Its shimmering glitter accents and heavily textured design will add dimension and glamour to walls. Veneto is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$99.98 $79.98

Veneto Light Brown Palm Tree Wallpaper

Shimmering with gold glitter details, this glamorous palm tree wallpaper has a tropical feel. Its textured design and jaguar fur inspired background add to its deluxe feel. Veneto is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$99.98 $79.98

Agatha Silver Scrolling Floral

This floral wallpaper has an unexpected twist with a silvery metallic background. This feature makes the fine detailing stand out in the design. The vines have their own shine with a textured overlay that catches the light.
$91.98 $73.58

Ang Blue Stripe

This blue stripe wallpaper has a woven texture for a fabric like appearance. Shades of blue make for a sweet tonal color palette.
$91.98 $73.58

Ang Green Stripe

This green stripe wallpaper has a textile element with a woven effect. The subtle detailing makes this design perfect for a country home.
$91.98 $73.58

Annie Blue Floral

This sketched floral wallpaper has an artistic flair with a hand drawn appearance. The dusty blue color makes for a classic style.
$91.98 $73.58

Annie Grey Floral

This sketched floral wallpaper has an artistic flair with a hand drawn appearance. The pale grey color makes for a classic style.
$91.98 $73.58

Apothem Green Geometric

This geometric green wallpaper has all the flair of an optical illusion. This unique design has even more dimension with a textured green background that accents the grey angular lines.
$85.98 $68.78

Ardelle Green Stripe

This small tonal stripe wallpaper is done in a lively sage green color, perfect for a bright space or for balancing a patterned feature wall.
$107.98 $86.38

Ardelle Taupe Stripe

This stripe wallpaper features a tonal design with a metallic shimmer. The thin lines give a textured appearance.
$107.98 $86.38

Ashwile Blue Wood

This wood wallpaper uses pops of color for a modern look. The shabby chic, beachy design features splashes of turquoise, peach, and mint green.
$91.98 $73.58

Ashwile Taupe Wood

This wood wallpaper has all the perfect elements for a shabby chic home. The rustic design uses neutral colors and a distressed effect to get the perfect look.
$91.98 $73.58

Atlis Beige Fern

Add a botanical flair to your home décor with this bamboo fern wallpaper. A tonal beige design comes to life with a textured printing techniques and a woodgrain background.
$91.98 $73.58

August Yellow Floral Trail

This vintage style wallpaper has a soothing effect in a space, with gentle sunflowers trailing over a soft antque beige.
$85.98 $68.78

Balise Green Geometric

This grey green geometric wallpaper channels the 1960's with a mod design. The pattern is accented by a braided texture background that creates visual intrigue.
$85.98 $68.78

Balise Khaki Geometric

This geometric wallpaper has a classic pattern with a retro flair. The neutral color palette makes it perfect for a modern home.
$85.98 $68.78

Benvolio Green Toile

This green toile wallpaper has a large scale print with a warm yellow toned background. The intricate motif features all the beauty of the renaissance countryside.
$91.98 $73.58

Bristle Blue Texture

This painted look wallpaper features a brushstroke design and a shimmering overlay. Shades of pink and blue add a pop of color.
$55.98 $44.78

Canne Blue Floral

This floral damask style wallpaper features a blue watercolor print that gives a hand painted look to the design. The large scale print creates a stunning look.
$91.98 $73.58

Cella Beige Geometric

This geometric wallpaper pops with silver and gold metallic accents. It truly shines in the light making this small scale print a stunning décor element.
$139.98 $111.98

Chelsea Grey Brick

This white brick wallpaper has a tonal design with hues of grey for a dimensional look. Perfect for a feature wall, this design will give your room a loft feel.
$91.98 $73.58

Congedi Gold Leaf Sprigs

A warm golden design, this wallpaper dresses your walls in a gentle texture and botanical delights of soft leaves.
$73.98 $59.18

Congedi Green Leaf Sprigs

A gentle and pretty wallpaper, this design creates depth with a soft texture and lovely botanial details of leaves in beige and green.
$73.98 $59.18

Courd Champagne Jacobean

A shimmering stripe background sets this Jacobean wallpaper apart from the rest. The floral pattern is done in a distressed matte finish for a contemporary look.
$139.98 $111.98

Diane Beige Damask

This watercolor damask wallpaper is a beautiful neutral. Beige and taupe make a tonal color palette while a linen texture background adds dimension.
$91.98 $73.58

Diane Blue Stripe

Perfect for a coastal home, this striped wallpaper comes in shades of sand and sky for a modern print that celebrates the beauty of the shore.
$91.98 $73.58

Diane Taupe Damask

A watercolor floral damask wallpaper for any room. This tonal design uses a neutral color palette, making it versatile and stylish.
$91.98 $73.58

Dodge Blue Floral

This floral wallpaper looks as though it came straight out of a sketch book. The charcoal-like drawings are done in a beautiful blue color that highlights the intricacies of the design.
$91.98 $73.58

Doreen Green Botanical

This botanical print wallpaper features calming ferns, elegant roses, and playful butterflies. The vintage style motif celebrates the beauty of the past.
$85.98 $68.78

Driselle Green Floral

This coastal floral wallpaper features a beachy color palette of greens and taupes. The light design has a watercolor effect for a modern look.
$91.98 $73.58

Driselle Teal Floral

This floral wallpaper features a watercolor design with painted flower stocks. Done in shades of lime green and teal, this design will bring a little bit of spring into your home.
$91.98 $73.58

Edulis Cream Bamboo Texture

This romantic and exotic wallpaper pattern creates a deep forest of bamboo with shimmering textures of cream and sage
$79.98 $63.98

Emmaline Gold Jacobean

This Jacobean floral wallpaper has a bohemian flair with a metallic gold background and Moroccan inspired motifs. The matte pattern contrast beautifully with the shimmering background.
$139.98 $111.98

Faraji Light Brown Faux Grasscloth

Gives your walls an eco-chic grasscloth wallpaper inspired look with this faux replica of an attracttive grasscloth weave in light red and brown straw hues.
$73.98 $59.18

Faraji Sage Faux Grasscloth

Grasscloth wallpaper adds an intriguing, natural texture to walls. This pattern is a faux grasscloth design with an authentic sage and straw hued weave.
$73.98 $59.18

Flagstone Grey Slate Path

This slate grey rock wallpaper has a compelling texture and authentic details to create a flagstone path, classy and natural looking.
$85.98 $68.78

Flagstone Taupe Slate Path

Create a classy and natural looking flagstone path with this taupe hued wallpaper, distinguished by authentic textures and details.
$85.98 $68.78

Forum Cream Tiles

This wallpaper gives walls the classy effect that they are tiled with soft beige rounded corner tiles, complete with authentic texture.
$59.98 $47.98

Gena Sage Stripe

Accent your walls with the timeless style of a stripe. This gentle wallpaper adds a classy look to walls with a beige texture and sage lines.
$73.98 $59.18

Gena Yellow Stripe

This gently textured striped wallpaper is a warm accent for walls in the soft golden yellow of butter and maize.
$59.98 $47.98

Geovine Beige Geometric

This geometric wallpaper has a modern look with clean lines and a neutral color palette. The versatile design would look wonderful with a huge variety of decor styles.
$91.98 $73.58

Geovine Blue Geometric

The perfect geometric blue wallpaper for a modern stylish home. Shades of sky blue and navy make for a beautiful tonal design.
$91.98 $73.58

Geovine Green Geometric

Create a statement with this green geometric wallpaper. This lattice style design uses sleek circles and squares, channeling the art deco period in a modern renaissance.
$91.98 $73.58

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