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A fashionable selection of well-loved patterns and textures. Brewster has wallpaper designs for every room, with chic, traditional inspiration, and authentic textures. With everything from beautiful florals and fun, retro wallpaper to wood, tile and rock textures and mod geometrics, Brewster wallpaper encompasses the ultimate breadth of appealing designs.

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Midori White Bamboo Silhouette

Botanical silhouettes, overlapping and swaying in chic black and silver gel inks. Indulge sophistication and global intrigue with this fine bathroom wallpaper.
$1.77 $1.42/Sq Ft.

Percival Beige Ocean Scenic

A captivating under the sea theme wallpaper in a refined taupe beige colorway.
$1.70 $1.36/Sq Ft.

Percival White Ocean Scenic

A sophisticated large scale tropical floral in an elegant neutral color way.
$1.70 $1.36/Sq Ft.

Petunia Light Green Marble Floral

Implying a solid marble texture with soft blossoms in a pale verdant and coral colorway, this wallpaper is enduringly lovely.
$75.98 $60.78

Rachel Blue Floral Stripe

Set a sweet scene with this wallpaper, featuring a precious floral trail stripe design. Tiny details of flower buds and polka dots make this pattern special and lovely.
$1.21 $0.96/Sq Ft.

Rachelle Blue Floral Toss

As if your walls were speckled with exquisite watercolor blue blossoms, this floral toss bathroom wallpaper has a happy, poetic appeal.
$1.35 $1.08/Sq Ft.

Sauna Grey Polished Stones

An exotic photorealistic scene of polished stones, creating a gorgeous trompe l'oueil bathroom wallpaper.
$1.70 $1.36/Sq Ft.

Sauna Taupe Polished Stones

A stunning photorealistic scene of polished pebbles with chic texture effects, this stone wallpaper is a trompe l'oueil spa retreat for walls.
$1.70 $1.36/Sq Ft.

Susan Neutral Floral Trail

Almost tonal, these winding trails of wildflowers set a subtle scene of pretty floral splendor.
$1.21 $0.96/Sq Ft.

Tasca Taupe Tiles

Bring an organic stone mosaic look to walls with this chic tile wallpaper in cream and taupe. Authentically textured.
$1.70 $1.36/Sq Ft.

Theodore Blue Plaid

Weave a classic country fabric pattern into your décor with this blue plaid wallpaper. With a muted rustic tone of soft blue and green, this is a time-honored pattern.
$75.98 $60.78

Theodore Brick Plaid

This rustic canyon colored plaid brings earthen tones and red to your décor in a country-chic plaid.
$1.35 $1.08/Sq Ft.

Theodore Brown Plaid

Plaid has an honorable ability to mix colors without being too loud. This classic black and beige plaid is country-chic with an all-over dark chocolate feel.
$1.35 $1.08/Sq Ft.

Theodore Green Plaid

This sage, cream, and goldenrod plaid wallpaper is a classic country pattern. Designed as a timeless accent to your space, this pattern brings it's own muted charm and also matches well with other patterns.
$1.35 $1.08/Sq Ft.

Uma Beige Floral Scroll

laden with rich texture effects, this taupe, gold and sage bathroom wallpaper creates beautiful layers of artistic flowers and swirls.
$1.70 $1.36/Sq Ft.

Violetta Peach Satin Floral

A satin soft texture wallpaper, revealing lush floral forms in peach and taupe.
$1.70 $1.36/Sq Ft.

Vivianne Metallic Iris Floral

Bringing a refined beauty to walls, this fine floral wallpaper has a stylized iris design in washes of metallic grey and cream.
$1.70 $1.36/Sq Ft.

Vivianne Peach Iris Floral

Bringing a refined beauty to walls, this fine floral wallpaper has a stylized iris design in washes of grey, peach, and pale verdant hues.
$95.98 $76.78

Wendy Lavender Floral Trail

Delightfully fine trails of baby flowers tickle your walls pretty with the subtle lavender and raspberry hues of this wallpaper

Wendy Peach Floral Trail

This floral trail wallpaper is refined and soft with the most delicate flowers imaginable in subdued hues of apricot and pink.
$1.21 $0.96/Sq Ft.

Wendy Purple Floral Trail

A pleasant floral trail wallpaper with the sweetest little flowers making their way across your walls.

Yvonne Light Green Satin Iris

A lush satin wallpaper in pretty sea greens and lilac purples.
$95.98 $76.78

Yvonne Peach Satin Iris

Soft watercolor peach and green, this iris flower wallpaper ushers an elegant satin finish to walls.
$95.98 $76.78

Yvonne Purple Satin Iris

A flourishing watercolor scene of spring flowers, this iris wallpaper is endowed with a satin finish.

Alessia Beige Scrolling Leaf

A luxurious scroll wallpaper, this pattern is ultra fine with graceful golden scrolls and soft green leaves, all touched by a soft sheen.
$1.31 $1.05/Sq Ft.

Alessia Red Scrolling Leaf

This radiant wallpaper is geraced with a gorgeous radiance. A wine hued background rests behind Baroque inspired scrolls and leaves in golden green.
$1.31 $1.05/Sq Ft.

Beatrice Pink Floral Bouquet

Classic country romance, this floral bouquet wallpaper in mauves and pinks brings beauty and warmth to a space

Caroline Green Floral Garden Border

This soft vista of a beautiful watercolor painted rose garden makes a romantic border of green, pink, lilac, and violet hues.
$5.56 $1.39/Sq Ft.

Celia Grey Classic Pattern

Set a pleasant mood with this classic wallpaper in soft beige and dove grey, featuring a dainty country pattern.

Celia Purple Classic Pattern

This wallpaper is classic and subtle with a classic, barely there pattern in soft thistle over a beige background.

Cindy Beige Floral Trail

This soothing wallpaper has a subtle speckled antique background with beautiful floral trails and butterflies in complimentary pale raisin and apricot hues.
$1.21 $0.96/Sq Ft.

Elaine Blue Floral Bouquet

This wallpaper is delicate, with hushed blue and yellow floral bouquets, ushering pretty hues into your décor.

Eliza Peach Floral Bouquet

Delicate little bouquets of blossoms in dewy golden peach repose in a distinct pattern atop a tiny polka dot background.

Eliza Pink Floral Bouquet

Precious floral bouquets rest on the most delicate polka dots imaginable. This wallpaper is serene and ultra pretty.

Emma Green Floral Stripe

Creamy green hued watercolor stripes softened by trailing stripes of ivory and rose colored flowers define your walls with elegance.
$1.21 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Emma Purple Floral Stripe

This wallpaper design lends a soft structure from the beautiful watercolor iris hued stripes and a flowing beauty from the delicate floral trails.

Erica Lavender Floral Border

This floral trail border has the fine details of a Jacobean flower, gently redefined with soft and sweet details in delicate purples and pinks.
$4.74 $1.18/Sq Ft.

Esme Blue Floral Trail

Bright and soft, this floral wallpaper enhances the elegant warmth of a space with the sweetness of tiny flower blossoms.
$1.21 $0.96/Sq Ft.

Esme Pink Floral Trail

Soft and subtle, this floral trail sets a warm tone in a room with precious golden pink blossoms and pretty green leaves.
$1.21 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Hannah Beige Leaf Motif

This wallpaper soothes and brightens a space with a classic country-chic motif of small scale leaves, presented with a soft beige tonal glow.
$1.21 $0.96/Sq Ft.

Hannah Blush Leaf Motif

Tiny pink leaves trail across the walls with this sweet wallpaper, classic and timeless elegance for your walls.
$1.21 $0.96/Sq Ft.

Laurie Lavender Floral Stripe

What a soft and elegant way to structure a space! Trailing mauve flowers climb over subtle taupe stripes for a pretty and feminine country touch.
$67.98 $54.38

Laurie Peach Floral Stripe

This bright floral stripe wallpaper is soft and subdued yet remarkably pretty. Neutral stripes are offset by trailing melon colored flowers.
$67.98 $54.38

Luanne Yellow Floral Border

Add a sunny floral border, this one is a delightful bouquet of garden blossoms in soft pastels.

Mafra Green Floral Trails Wallpaper

Add a country charm to rooms with this delightful floral wallpaper. Green songbirds flutter about blossoming trails and butterflies, creating a delightful woodland scene. Mafra is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$0.62 $0.50/Sq Ft.

Maryanne Peach Floral Garden Border

This apricot blossom border has a vintage country-chic prettiness, with peachy colored flowers making a delightful garden across the wall.
$4.57 $3.66/Sq Ft.

Maryanne Periwinkle Floral Garden Border

Grow a delightful garden of flowers across you walls, this pretty border has periwinkle, peach, and buttercup hues.

Maryanne Purple Floral Garden Border

With this fine country-chic border, your walls can have all the charm of a vintage flower garden in violet hues.

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