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Brown wallpaper designs bring warm refinement to a space. Because brown takes natural cues from earth and wood, it goes with everything, making it a true classic.  Our beautiful brown wallpapers encompass all design spectrums from textures and grasscloths to florals and damasks. From neutral browns like fawn that allow your accessories to take center stage, to luxurious browns like espresso that have a lavish air, you will find inviting brown wallpaper designs to fit any space.

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Mindoro Taupe Grasscloth Wallpaper

A tailored grasscloth woven with 100% natural raffia. The taupe color makes this wallpaper a neutral, polished choice for a room. Mindoro is an unpasted, grasscloth wallpaper.
$6.25 $4.69/Sq Ft.

Nanking Brown Abaca Grasscloth Wallpaper

A finely woven wallpaper made of high density Abaca grass. The tan and beige fibers over a pearlescent platinum background give the appearance of a variated brown. Nanking is an unpasted, high dens abaca, pearl non woven wallpaper.
$6.25 $4.69/Sq Ft.

Shandong Chocolate Ramie Grasscloth Wallpaper

An intricately woven grasscloth wallpaper. Brown, black, and tan fibers are highlighted with a metallic silver glaze over a chocolate background. Shandong is an unpasted, ramie with pearl luster wallpaper.
$4.17 $3.12/Sq Ft.

Wujiang Espresso Paper Weave Wallpaper

A naturally textured wallpaper intricately woven with paper. The deep brown fibers have a grey undertone. Wujiang is an unpasted, paper weaves/non woven wallpaper.
$2.78 $2.08/Sq Ft.

Yunnan Brown Grasscloth Wallpaper

A tailored natural woven spun with exotic grass. Thin vertical fibers in ivory are set against a brown background. Yunnan is an unpasted, grasscloth wallpaper.
$4.17 $3.12/Sq Ft.

Away On Holiday Brown Palm Wallpaper

Add a tropical style to your home décor with this palm print wallpaper. The brown colorway has a natural look with a faux grasscloth print. Thin white strings add a dimensional finish
$3.62 $2.72/Sq Ft.

Baja Grass Brown Texture Wallpaper

The perfect neutral faux grasscloth wallpaper. This design has a neutral finish with a subtle gold shimmer. Thin strings add a tactile dimension.
$3.62 $2.72/Sq Ft.

Dream Of Palm Trees Brown Texture Wallpaper

A beautiful palm print wallpaper with a textured string overlay. This cool brown design mixes a graphic print and a natural texture for a unique design. A tropical print perfect for a modern home.
$3.62 $2.72/Sq Ft.

Pineapple Grove Brown Damask Wallpaper

Classic meets eclectic in this pineapple wallpaper. A light brown variegated background brings a rich warmth to the design while subtle gold stripes add a hint of shimmer. A surface print effect gives the design a textured look.
$2.63 $1.98/Sq Ft.

Pineapple Grove Gold Damask Wallpaper

The pineapple is here to stay! This damask pineapple wallpaper is a perfect combination of classic and eclectic. Subtle gold stripes add a hint of shimmer.
$2.63 $1.98/Sq Ft.

Twist Brown Medallion Wallpaper

Create a statement wall with this richly colored medallion wallpaper. The chocolate brown design is reminiscent of a Moroccan wood carving. Hundreds of small lines intersect, creating an intricate pattern.
$2.84 $2.13/Sq Ft.

Gilberto Brown Jacobean Texture

A rare beauty, this sepia brown wallpaper creates a boutique inspired shimmer on walls, fine and upscale.
$129.98 $97.48

Gilberto Copper Jacobean Texture

Heighten your style to a high fashion with this boutique wallpaper texture, creating a soft copper beauty on walls.
$129.98 $19.99

Gilberto Dark Brown Jacobean Texture

This rich espresso brown wallpaper creates a warm and inviting look, with dallop of high fashion drama.
$2.31 $1.73/Sq Ft.

Inez Brass Nouveau Texture

This fine wallpaper coordinated perfectly with Pastiche, or holds its own quite nicely with an alluring brass nuance.
$2.31 $1.73/Sq Ft.

Keika Copper Japanese Floral

A Japanese floral wallpaper design steeped in ancient beauty secrets. A precious copper texture, resplendent under a taupe brown rose silhouette.
$159.98 $19.99

Manhattan Brass Swirl Stria

A soft brass stripe for walls, this deisgner wallpaper builds a chic distressed look with a delicate pearlesence.
$2.31 $1.73/Sq Ft.

Pastiche Brass Damask

Truly seducing the eye with its elite finery, this modern brass and gold damask wallpaper unfurls its beauty with a precise allure.
$139.98 $19.99

Royale Brown Wavy Damask

This exquisite damask wallpaper dresses your walls in a dark chocolate fantasy of swirling beauty. Fine texture effects with gel ink add a boutique style detail.
$149.98 $112.48

Royale Copper Wavy Damask

An exquisitely lovely wallpaper, this copper and cocoa hued damask fills your space with high style.
$149.98 $19.99

Vellum Brown Air Kinife Texture

This warm brown hue shimmers with a classy radiance, a wallpaper to transcend walls to chic new heights of intrigue!
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Daichi Brown Grasscloth

A rich mahogany brown grasscloth wallpaper, this eco-chic design brings a warm, intriguing texture to walls with environmentally friendly appeal.
$3.33 $2.50/Sq Ft.

Hayate Tawny Grasscloth

A warm cedar red hue with a natural woven texture, this grasscloth wallpaper design is eco-chic intrigue for walls.
$2.78 $2.08/Sq Ft.

Kaede Light Brown Grasscloth

For that authentic grasscloth look, this wallpaper delivers with environmentally friendly materials, an intriguing texture and rustic natural hues of sand.
$2.78 $2.08/Sq Ft.

Mallory Tawny Ikat Medallion

A warm, cinnamon spiced designer wallpaper, this pattern has a handwoven silk texture and a sassy ikat motif.
$149.98 $29.99

Bali Stripe Brown Stripe

A fun stripe pattern wallpaper, this design features varying widths of brown and beige for a classic coordinating detail on walls.
$159.98 $29.99

Liesel Brown Damask

So rich and luxe, this designer damask wallpaper creates a golden trellis over a delicious chocolate background.
$169.98 $29.99

Tailored Zebra Brown Herringbone Zebra

Luxurious and chic, this designer zebra wallpaper has a golden brown tweed pattern under suede accented stripes.
$3.02 $2.26/Sq Ft.

Tailored Zebra Light Brown Herringbone Zebra

A dreamy designer zebra wallpaper, this luxe pattern combines a fun tweed texture with suede accented zebra stripes in gentle browns.
$3.02 $2.26/Sq Ft.

Bovary Copper Distressed Texture Wallpaper

With a heavily textured pattern and off-white undertones, this tawny wallpaper is perfect for creating a dimensional look. Subtle glitter accents add a glamorous touch to its plaster inspired design. Bovary is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$1.56 $1.17/Sq Ft.

Bunter Light Brown Distressed Geometric Wallpaper

A light brown geometric pattern effortlessly complements a shimmering taupe background in this textured design. Earthy hues add an organic touch to its abstract style. Bunter is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$1.56 $1.17/Sq Ft.

Holden Brown Chevron Faux Linen Wallpaper

With a dazzling chevron design and subtle raised inks, this linen inspired print has a dimensional and realistic look. Various shades of brown lend to its versatile style. Holden is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$1.56 $1.17/Sq Ft.

Holden Light Pink Chevron Faux Linen Wallpaper

Coral, light pink and shimmering rose hues combine to create this charming faux linen wallpaper. Subtle raised inks add a dimensional effect to its chevron pattern. Holden is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$1.56 $1.17/Sq Ft.

Shirley Cream Distressed Damask Wallpaper

Complete with distressed details and shimmering accents, this weathered damask print has a lovely vintage style. Its textured cream and light brown design is perfect for creating a dimensional look. Shirley is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$1.56 $1.17/Sq Ft.

Abruzzo Brown Wolf Wave Wallpaper

A gold and chocolate wave pattern shimmers against a realistic faux fur background in this opulent wallpaper. With metallic highlights and a textured print, this wallpaper has an extravagant look. Abruzzo is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$1.73 $1.30/Sq Ft.

Abruzzo Taupe Wolf Wave Wallpaper

With a dazzling gold and brown wave design, this faux fur wallpaper is perfect for adding movement to walls. Its heavily detailed and textured pattern add to its realistic look. Abruzzo is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$1.73 $1.30/Sq Ft.

Bali Brown Scrolling Pattern

Taking cues from traditional designs, this tonal wallpaper brings a fun jacobean scroll pattern to walls in brown and beige.
$169.98 $29.99

Down Brown Stripe Wallpaper

Shimmering with gold glitter, this brown striped wallpaper has a luxurious look. Its textured design and subtle sheen add to its glamorous style. Down is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$1.73 $1.30/Sq Ft.

Down Light Brown Stripe Wallpaper

Add dimension to walls with this intriguing, textured wallpaper. Its shimmering striped design and pleasant light brown hue have a simple, elegant feel. Down is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$1.73 $1.30/Sq Ft.

Manarola Light Brown Cow Wallpaper

With an intricate and textured design, this beige and light brown wallpaper is made to resemble cow hair. Its lovely spotted design softly shimmers with gold accents. Manarola is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$1.73 $1.30/Sq Ft.

Matera Brown Fur Line Wallpaper

With a detailed fur and heavily textured design, this wallpaper resembles exquisite animal fur. Its glimmering gold details and vertical line pattern add a contemporary edge. Matera is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$1.73 $1.30/Sq Ft.

Matera Copper Fur Line Wallpaper

Adorn your walls with this luxurious faux fur wallpaper. With a dazzling horizontal striped pattern, glitter details and warm copper hue, this print will add an opulent feel to rooms. Matera is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$1.73 $1.30/Sq Ft.

Montone Brown Giraffe Wallpaper

With a detailed and heavily textured design, this faux giraffe hair wallpaper has a realistic look. Warm brown hues and gold glitter add to its chic style. Montone is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$1.73 $1.30/Sq Ft.

Portofino Light Brown Cow Leaves Wallpaper

Earthy meets glamour with this beautiful, textured wallpaper. Gold leaves shimmer against a light brown cow hair inspired background, creating a dimensional and luxurious look. Portofino is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$1.73 $1.30/Sq Ft.

Puglia Chocolate Python Arabesque Wallpaper

With a rich chocolate hue, this shimmering python skin inspired wallpaper has a moody and romantic feel. Light brown floral trails add a traditional touch to this heavily textured design. Puglia is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$1.73 $1.30/Sq Ft.

Serengeti Brown Patchwork Wallpaper

Featuring faux giraffe hair and geometric patterns, this textured wallpaper has a patchwork design. Its hand sewn look, brown hues and gold glitter details will give walls a glam safari feel. Serengeti is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$1.73 $1.30/Sq Ft.

Sovana Chocolate Python Wallpaper

Create a bold and moody look with this python skin inspired wallpaper. With a rich brown hue and silver glitter details, this heavily textured animal print design has a deluxe feel. Sovana is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$1.73 $1.30/Sq Ft.

Trieste Brown Wolf Wallpaper

Create a deluxe look with this fur inspired wallpaper. With a rich brown hue and light sheen, this detailed design will make your walls softly shimmer. Trieste is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$1.73 $1.30/Sq Ft.

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