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Brown wallpaper designs bring warm refinement to a space. Because brown takes natural cues from earth and wood, it goes with everything, making it a true classic.  Our beautiful brown wallpapers encompass all design spectrums from textures and grasscloths to florals and damasks. From neutral browns like fawn that allow your accessories to take center stage, to luxurious browns like espresso that have a lavish air, you will find inviting brown wallpaper designs to fit any space.

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Veneto Brown Palm Tree Wallpaper

Stunning copper palm fronds shimmer against an animal fur inspired background in this opulent wallpaper. With metallic hues, glitter details and a textured design, this pattern has flashy style. Veneto is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$99.98 $79.98

Veneto Copper Palm Tree Wallpaper

With brilliant copper palms and shimmering gold details, this textured design has a glam tropical style. Its animal fur inspired background adds to its opulent look. Veneto is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$99.98 $79.98

Veneto Light Brown Palm Tree Wallpaper

Shimmering with gold glitter details, this glamorous palm tree wallpaper has a tropical feel. Its textured design and jaguar fur inspired background add to its deluxe feel. Veneto is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$99.98 $79.98

Aaliyah Texture Copper Affabre Jacobean Texture

A delicate copper, more like an enlightened brass, this wallpaper adds a fine texture to your walls.

Abal Tawny Ogee

A spiced brown designer wallpaper, this Joseph Abboud pattern has a cultured ogee deisn and a handwoven silk texture.
$149.98 $119.98

Adela Light Brown Twill Damask Wallpaper

Create a glamorous look with this faux twill wallpaper. Coffee and shimmering pewter damasks curl about a light brown background, while raised ink details create a dimensional design. Adela is an unpasted, fabric backed vinyl wallpaper.
$159.98 $127.98

Agena Chocolate Sisal Wallpaper

With a rich brown color and a raised ink texture, this faux grasscloth wallpaper has the look of natural sisal. Its layered hue design and intricate woven pattern add to its earthy style. Agena is an unpasted, fabric backed vinyl wallpaper.
$159.98 $127.98

Ahliya Copper Pewter Texture

A ravishing designer wallpaper texture in a warm copper brown hue.

Aliotta Bronze Stripe Texture

This smartly designed wallpaper of embossed beige stripes, canvases your room in a subtle bronze luster.
$159.98 $127.98

Alix Dark Brown Twill Wallpaper

Subtle silver details give this fabric inspired wallpaper a soft glamor. Its rich brown hue lends to its masculine look, while raised inks add to its dimensional design. Alix is an unpasted, fabric backed vinyl wallpaper.
$159.98 $127.98

Alix Light Brown Twill Wallpaper

Adorn your walls with this warm and inviting faux fabric wallpaper. Subtle pewter stripes run through this light brown design, adding to its dimensional look. Alix is an unpasted, fabric backed vinyl wallpaper.
$159.98 $127.98

Amore Gold Leaf Trail

A gourmet designer wallpaper, this gold and chocolate leaf scroll sets the ambiance for dazzled.
$149.98 $119.98

Anaconda Brass Glitter Stripe

This warm brass wallpaper creates a glamorous east meets west vibe, enhanced by very chic printing techniques and radiant glitter. A luxe stripe design, layering ornate ironwork lines over an abstract tribal texture.
$189.98 $151.98

Atlantic Damask Brown Modern Damask

A rich brown, modern wallpaper with a chic damask nouveau motif.
$139.98 $14.99

Atlantic String Brown Stripe Texture

A striped texture wallpaper evocative of fine linen in a warm sepia brown colorway.

August Brown Wave

This wave wallpaper will add a mid century modern flair to any room. The unique design has scalloped stripes of brown, grey, mustard, raspberry, and pink.
$179.98 $143.98

Baja Brown Paisley Spot Wallpaper

Add a cultured yen to your walls with this global chic paisley wallpaper. A warm brown fabric texture is brushed with an intriguing swirl of gold.
$139.98 $111.98

Baja Texture Brown Paisley Spot Texture

A high fashion wallpaper design that creates an inviting brown fabric texture on walls. Spicy and fine.
$129.98 $103.98

Barbora Chocolate Grasscloth

Dark brown layered in a warm beige weave. Style walls in this natural texture made of the finest eco-chic grasses.
$239.98 $191.98

Benza Bronze Small Textured Damask

A dashing marbleized textured wall covering with a unique small damask design, invites a flawless distressed look to walls in a hue of brilliant bronze.
$159.98 $127.98

Brabant Light Brown Small Damask Texture

This classy mini damask print wallpaper adds a chic texture to walls in a shimmering hue reminiscent of light brown sugar.
$129.98 $103.98

Calabria Bronze Ornate Texture

Dress walls in a sparkling bronze sheen with this exquisitely designed wallcovering featuring a fabulously refined texture.
$149.98 $119.98

Cambric Brown Woven Texture

With a look evocative of a fine cashmere, this chic brown wallpaper adds a luxe textured effect to walls.
$129.98 $103.98

Carmina Brown Crepe Stripe

A sepia toned masterpiece with a subtle striping and dreamy sheen, this textured wallpaper is an ultra chic detail for walls.
$129.98 $103.98

Carrara Bronze Textured Damask

A raised ink embossing on a canvas of glistening bronze, invites to walls a stylish damask wallcovering of mesmerizing glamour.
$159.98 $127.98

Conetta Bronze Multi Stripe Texture

This handsome bronze wall covering welcomes a wonderfully distressed texture to walls that features an embossed multi stripe design in a subtle cream hue.
$159.98 $127.98

Dante Brown Swirl

A gorgeous swirling wallpaper design, creating a textured appeal on walls.
$139.98 $111.98

Daria Beige Grasscloth

An intriguing blend of colored grass forms into a spectacular wallpaper design on this eco-chic grasscloth that brings an island vibe to décor.
$171.98 $137.58

Dior Light Brown French Damask

Absolutely beautiful. This damask wallpaper has a modern French allure in shimmering taupe browns, stroked with smoky grey.
$159.98 $127.98

Eclipse Brown Diamond Geometric

This contemporary wallpaper is luxe and chic with soft brown suede and taupe enamel geometrics.
$169.98 $29.99

Eclipse Light Brown Diamond Geometric

Warm and neutral with a fun mod pattern, this wallpaper brings soft fawn hued suede and beige enamel accents to walls.
$169.98 $135.98

Eira Light Brown Marble Ogee Wallpaper

Glam meets earthy with this light brown, marble inspired wallpaper. Curving cream and coffee dots create an intriguing ogee design, while subtle metallic details add to its soft elegance. Eira is an unpasted, fabric backed vinyl wallpaper.
$159.98 $127.98

Elita Brass Air Knife Texture

A sassy and sensual brass hue for walls, this designer wallpaper is textured and fine.
$139.98 $111.98

Elitum Brass Air Knife Stripe

This gorgeous stripe wallpaper alternates matte taupe and shimmering brass textures for a boutique style finish.

Elitum Copper Air Knife Stripe

A classy striped wallpaper from designer Kenneth James with brilliant alternating matte and shimmer copper effects.

Elspeth Brown Metallic Leaf

With a light shimmer and a dimensional grasscloth texture look, this golden brown wallpaper brings a metallic sheen and a graceful leaf pattern.
$159.98 $29.99

Emi Grey Grasscloth

Warm and subdued, this gentle grey grasscloth wallpaper is an eco-chic texture for walls with natural intrigue.
$199.98 $159.98

Gaza Brass Stitch Geo

This texture wallpaper creates a chic zipper stitch effect. The esoteric taupe hue is infused with a gentle brassy radiance.
$149.98 $119.98

Giardina Bronze Floral Trail

A flourishing floral trail wallpaper of bronze and beige, creates a natural and romantic escape inside your home.
$139.98 $111.98

Giselle Texture Brown Ironwork Damask Texture

Beautiful and enticingly fine, this damask wallpaper texture creates a subtle glamour on walls in a pearlescent sand hue.

Giselle Texture Light Brown Ironwork Damask Texture

A warm sun kissed bronze hue, this boutique style wallpaper designs a mini damask texture on walls with a pearl sheen.
$129.98 $103.98

Isami Light Blue Grasscloth

A uniquely knotted grasscloth weave over a chic azure blue paper.
$199.98 $159.98

Jasmine Silk Brass Texture

This linen texture wallpaper is a warm brass, where the shimmer of gold and the subtlety of brown meet.

JiaLi Brown Grasscloth

A luxurious grasscloth wallpaper, weaving espresso brown grasses over a chic silver paper.
$259.98 $207.98

JiangLi Taupe Grasscloth

An artistic woven technique lends an exotic quality to this natural grasscloth wallpaper. Taupe and brown.
$219.98 $175.98

Karmen Brown Crepe Stripe

A chic brown wallpaper, striped with two natural hues and a crepe paper crinkle effect.
$129.98 $14.99

Leda Light Brown Swirl Stria

A delicate caffe au lait wallpaper, brandishing a delicate stripe texture and an exquisitely refined trace of shimmer.
$129.98 $103.98

Lena Brown Wood Veneers

Thin wood planks crisscross into geometric form on this fascinating and organic texture.
$863.98 $691.18

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