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From sophisticated to dainty to colorful and unique, our collection of butterfly wallpaper dazzles and delights. In both fun brights and relaxing neutrals, these pretty designs bring magical detail to a room, perfect for kitchen and bath décor as well as for adding color to a girl's room.

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Gia Taupe Floral

This floral wallpaper is a unique design that creates a modern look with a silhouette motif and shimmering accents. A linen background adds dimension.
$1.63 $1.31/Sq Ft.

Heather Light Green Butterfly And Vines

Set a dewy fresh tone of an enchanted garden on your walls with this lovely wallaper. A gauzy mist of peach and green clouds rests behind a trailing vine and precious pink butterflies.
$1.31 $1.05/Sq Ft.

Mariposa Mauve Butterfly And Floral Trail

Gauzy and gorgeous, this dreamy wallpaper brings an enchanted scene of blossoming branches and stunning purple butterflies to walls.
$1.31 $1.05/Sq Ft.

Mariposa Pink Butterfly And Floral Trail

This luscious wallpaper bathes your walls in gauzy pinks and green, with blossoming branches and beautiful butterflies.
$1.31 $1.05/Sq Ft.

Pearl Black Butterfly

This stunning black wallpaper features silver glitter butterflies for a whimsical design. Raised inks create a smooth, tactile feel.
$1.63 $1.31/Sq Ft.

Pearl Cafe Butterfly

This butterfly wallpaper features a neutral taupe background and a raised glitter ink that sparkles in the light. The dimensional look and feel modernizes this print.
$1.63 $1.31/Sq Ft.

Flutter-By Border Purple Butterflies Border

This butterfly border has purple and pink butterflies, fluttering whimsical wing designs across the walls.
$3.52 $2.82/Sq Ft.

Manet Light Blue Damask Wallpaper

Powder blue French motifs, charming birds and pleasant butterflies make up this regal wallpaper. Its cream damask print has subtle raised ink details, adding to its opulent and romantic style. Manet is a prepasted, high performance wallpaper.
$1.42 $1.13/Sq Ft.

Manet Black Damask Wallpaper

A cream damask print with light raised ink details creates a vintage styled wallpaper. With the look of old stamps, black French motifs, birds, and butterflies pop against a cream background in this romantic wallpaper. Manet is a prepasted, high performance wallpaper.
$1.42 $1.13/Sq Ft.

Café Pearl Butterfly Wallpaper

This butterfly wallpaper has a neutral taupe background that tames the design. Silver glitter butterflies scatter throughout the wallpaper, sparkling in the light. Three dimensional inks give more dimension.
$1.77 $1.42/Sq Ft.

Pearl Blush Butterfly Wallpaper

Pretty butterflies flutter over a dusty rose pink background. Printed in raised, glittery silver ink, the butterfly pattern sparkles. This wallpaper would be perfect for a nursery or girl's bedroom.
$1.77 $1.42/Sq Ft.

Happy Street Blue Houses

These are no ordinary houses, and this is no ordinary neighborhood. Spots, stripes, and plaids are the top picks for siding. Friendliness and creativity are encouraged and the weather is always sunny and warm.
$1.06 $0.85/Sq Ft.

Happy Street Pink Houses

Welcome to Happy Street where the door is always open and every house is outfitted in a fun pattern. This adorable wallpaper has a happy sense of community.
$1.06 $0.85/Sq Ft.

Happy Street Purple Houses

The sweet houses on Lovely Lane and Happy Street will be right up your alley! Decorated in polka dots, stripes, and flowers, theses homes will let your child's imagination run wild dreaming up stories for each home.
$1.06 $0.85/Sq Ft.

Happy Street Village Pink Border

This adorable neighborhood is full of storybook homes covered in flowers, polka dots, and hearts. Songbirds, pretty kitties, and silly dogs roam around town, making friends with all that they meet.
$3.48 $2.78/Sq Ft.

Happy Street Village Purple Border

This happy purple border is full of pretty houses and adorable animals. White picket fences surround colorful houses and sleepy cats rest in trees. Impart a sense of community and friendship with this fun wallpaper border.
$3.48 $2.78/Sq Ft.

Pearl Blush Butterfly

This pink wallpaper features delightful glitter butterflies that sparkle in the light. Raised inks create a smooth, tactile design.
$1.63 $1.31/Sq Ft.

Heart Felt Beige Hearts

Hearts, flowers, butterflies, and swirls decorate this pretty wallpaper. A sketch design emphasizes creativity and imagination.
$2.13 $1.70/Sq Ft.

Admiral Black Butterflies and Script

Magnificent butterflies inspire a majestic landscape on walls between elegant italic script and an antique textured canvas. A brilliant botanical wallcovering that's both cheerful and charming.
$1.60 $1.28/Sq Ft.

Admiral Blue Butterflies and Script

Beautiful butterflies float atop an antique textured backdrop on this garden inspired wallpaper. From Admiral to Peacock and even Yellow Clouded, these stunning species flutter between elegant italic script for a truly magnificent sight.
$1.60 $1.28/Sq Ft.

Bird House Village Honey Border

A fun wavy border creates a sense of movement. Adorable songbirds sit on their branches and tweet a happy tune. Friendly butterflies stop by to the enjoy the show.
$2.91 $2.33/Sq Ft.

Bird House Village Pink Border

Adorable little birds hang out on their branches, singing sweet songs and playing with the butterflies. In fun paisley patterns, this bird wallpaper border is an instant classic.
$2.91 $2.33/Sq Ft.

Bird House Village Salmon Border

Paisley print birds? Pink and orange butterflies? Anything is possible in this fun wallpaper border! Patterned songbirds sit atop blooming branches and playful butterflies flit around.
$2.91 $2.33/Sq Ft.

Birdhouses Turquoise Birds

This neighborhood of songbirds is a place of friendship and community. The doors are always open and everyone is invited. Paisley and polka dot print birds come together in this fun wallpaper.
$2.13 $1.70/Sq Ft.

Birdhouses White Birds

Birds of all colors and patterns are welcome in this neighborhood. Polka dots, florals, and paisleys adorn these fun birds as they sit on their branches and in their adorable houses.
$2.13 $1.70/Sq Ft.

Butterflies Honey Butterflies

Straight out of a fairy tale, these butterflies are bright, colorful, and friendly. Done in a golden color palette, this wallpaper is warm and inviting.
$2.13 $1.70/Sq Ft.

Butterflies Pink Butterflies

From pale pink to flamingo, this butterfly wallpaper has it covered. A brushstroke design promotes creativity and imagination.
$2.13 $1.70/Sq Ft.

Butterflies Salmon Butterflies

Pretty pink butterflies fly atop a perfect pale yellow sky. Brushstroke designs and unusual colors promote creativity and imagination.
$2.13 $1.70/Sq Ft.

Heart Felt Doodle Green Border

This bright pink border will add a fun pop of color to your child's room. Sketched hearts, butterflies, and flowers swirl along the page in pretty shades of pink, teal, and lime green.
$3.63 $2.91/Sq Ft.

Heart Felt Doodle Lilac Border

This fun border features lilac hearts, pink butterflies, and grey stars. White swirls pull the whole design together and a sketched design creates a whimsical feel.
$3.63 $2.91/Sq Ft.

Heart Felt Green Hearts

Straight out of a school notebook, this fun wallpaper features sketched hearts, butterflies, and flowers that will bring out your child's creativity.
$2.13 $1.70/Sq Ft.

Heart Felt Lilac Hearts

A fun sketched heart wallpaper that is perfect for a child's room. Bright purple and pink swirl together for a sweet and cheerful effect.
$2.13 $1.70/Sq Ft.

Layla Light Green Floral Trail Silhouette

Designed in a lovely mellow shade, this peaceful wall covering trails an enchanting floral silhouette on walls with melodious butterflies to match.
$1.35 $1.08/Sq Ft.

Layla Rose Floral Trail Silhouette

Sugar coated in a pretty rose shade, this floral wallcovering floats majestically across walls, inviting a botanical paradise to your space enhanced with sweet soaring butterflies.
$1.35 $1.08/Sq Ft.

Aveline Pink Butterfly Trail

A whimsical wall paper design of pretty pink butterflies fluttering between an elegantly winding vine trail.
$1.35 $1.08/Sq Ft.

Beecroft Blue Butterfly Peony Trail

This fanciful wall paper of a beautiful peony trail, brings fluttering blue butterflies to walls in a beautiful winding botanical design.
$1.24 $0.99/Sq Ft.

Ilse Blush Cherry Blossom Wallpaper

Feminine and dreamy, butterflies in blue and pink hues flutter amongst romantic rouge cherry blossoms in this whimsical wallpaper. Tied with bright blue and yellow ribbons, crisp white and baby blue flowers pop against a soft blush background. Ilse is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.

This back ordered item ships from Europe. This item will ship within two weeks if ordered today from the website or by calling customer service at 781-963-4800.

$3.02 $2.41/Sq Ft.

Ilse Light Blue Cherry Blossom Wallpaper

Bright pink cherry blossoms and playful white and blue flowers create a dazzling pattern against a light blue background in this eclectic wallpaper. Vivid ribbons and playful butterflies, in array of blue, yellow and pink hues, create a whimsical feel. Ilse is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.

This back ordered item ships from Europe. This item will ship within two weeks if ordered today from the website or by calling customer service at 781-963-4800.

$3.02 $2.41/Sq Ft.

Ilse Mint Cherry Blossom Wallpaper

With metallic ink details, silvery flowers gleam amongst blue and pink butterflies in this mint eclectic wallpaper. In a rainbow of colors, bright cherry blossoms are tied with yellow and blue ribbon, creating a whimsical feel. Ilse is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.

This back ordered item ships from Europe. This item will ship within two weeks if ordered today from the website or by calling customer service at 781-963-4800.

$3.02 $2.41/Sq Ft.

Ilse Silver Cherry Blossom Wallpaper

Playful blue and rose butterflies flutter about yellow and sky blue ribbons in this enchanting wallpaper. Vivid pink, white, and baby blue cherry blossoms pop against a silvery background, creating a bright and crisp pattern. Ilse is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.

This back ordered item ships from Europe. This item will ship within two weeks if ordered today from the website or by calling customer service at 781-963-4800.

$3.02 $2.41/Sq Ft.

Sibylla Light Yellow Gallery Wallpaper

Light yellow and cream wood picture frames display lovely vintage butterfly, berry, and flower prints in this farmhouse wallpaper. With distressed details and a white background, this gallery wallpaper has a shabby chic style. Sibylla is a prepasted, coated heavyweight paper wallpaper.
$1.24 $0.99/Sq Ft.

Sibylla Teal Gallery Wallpaper

With distressed details, teal and grey wood frames pop against a white background in this vintage wallpaper. Its intriguing design of antique butterfly, fruit and flower prints create a lovely gallery wall pattern. Sibylla is a prepasted, coated heavyweight paper wallpaper.
$1.24 $0.99/Sq Ft.

Sibylla White Gallery Wallpaper

With antique prints of butterflies, flowers and berries, this gallery wallpaper has a charming vintage style. Pink and brown wood frames pop against an off-white background, creating a dazzling print. Sibylla is a prepasted, coated heavyweight paper wallpaper.
$1.24 $0.99/Sq Ft.

Ava Purple Butterfly Swoosh Border

Like a vibrant watercolor painting, the Butterfly Swoosh wallpaper border creates a magical scene on walls filled with fairytale enchantment and bright vivid details.
$5.20 $4.16/Sq Ft.

Blue Songbird Collage Border

Brenden Blue Animal Parade Border

Join the fun parade with this adorable animal themed wallpaper border. Designed by Stacey Yacula, illustrator and sculptor, this charming décor piece will be a lovable addition to your little one's room.
$5.20 $4.16/Sq Ft.

Fantasia Pink Boho Butterflies Scroll Border Wallpaper

Light and fun, this paisley-inspired border features butterflies and flowers and would be excellent in a girl's room. The images look as though they are dancing in the wind!
$5.29 $4.23/Sq Ft.

Fantasia Pink Boho Butterflies Scroll Wallpaper

A beautiful, fluid wallpaper featuring butterflies, flowers, and paisley in pink, green, and blue.
$1.67 $1.33/Sq Ft.

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