Chesapeake Wallpaper

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Chesapeake wallpapers are classically beautiful. Each collection centers around a thematic influence, using familiar motifs and versatile prints to capture the essence of styles like coastal chic, French country, rustic charm, and traditional elegance. The high-quality patterns are designed to be enduring and timeless.

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Sylvia Cream Distressed Texture

With a soft pearlescent sheen, this serene wall paper design invites an enchanting texture to walls, perfect for any coastal inspired haven.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Sylvia Green Distressed Texture

This highly distressed wallcovering is like a fabulous ocean relic. With a captivating grey, green and maroon palette, this intriguing texture shimmers time-worn beauty on walls.
$89.98 $67.48

Tuscan Beige Stripe

A fine beige wall paper bringing the look of marble to walls with a noble stripe design carved with wonderful, detailed perfection.
$89.98 $67.48

Tuscan Blue Stripe

A majestic wallcovering to inspire flawless beauty in any room. This luxurious stripe design brings the look of marble to walls in a soft and sophisticated palette of blue, grey and cream.
$89.98 $67.48

Tuscan Bronze Stripe

A baroque inspired stripe for walls in a fine bronze hue. With the look of carved marble, this handsome wall covering is both noble and timeless.
$89.98 $67.48

Tuscan Grey Stripe

With a look of carved marble, this ornate wallcovering features an embellished stripe design in a soft, serene palette.
$89.98 $67.48

Voluta Beige Acanthus Scroll

A swirling scroll pattern accented with fresh acanthus detail makes this baroque style wallpaper an elegant décor piece.
$89.98 $67.48

Voluta Blue Acanthus Scroll

As if the majestic sky was its backdrop, this luxe scroll wall covering adds an enchanted appeal to walls in a soft mirage of blues, greys and creams.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Voluta Bronze Acanthus Scroll

A majestic scroll design outfitted in gorgeous acanthus leaves. With a touch of golden shimmer, this baroque inspired wallcovering looks both noble and exquisite on walls.
$89.98 $67.48

Voluta Cream Acanthus Scroll

This graceful and flourishing wall paper design brings a baroque inspired scroll to walls cultured with fresh acanthus detail and a serene and neutral color palette.
$89.98 $67.48

Voluta Green Acanthus Scroll

A beautiful baroque inspired wallpaper of an elegant scroll design is magnificently set against a green textured canvas.
$89.98 $67.48

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