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Our coastal wallpaper selection is for décor inspired by the ocean, featuring seaside scenes, nautical looks and beach theme wallpapers. Soothing sand and sea hues, sailboats, shells, maps, boats and more can be found in this beautiful collection of coastal wallcoverings. 

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Barn Board Grey Thin Plank Wallpaper

This rustic wood wallpaper is the perfect way to create a stunning feature wall. The blue and grey color palette creates a beachy faux wood wall. Thin planks create an intricate look.
$24.99 $18.74

Cloud Faux Grass Wallpaper by Sarah Richardson

A raised ink texture and beautifully layered hues channel all the refined elegance of real grasscloth, without the fragility of organic fibers. The pale blue will bring a soft and calming wash of color to walls. Faux Grass is an unpasted, nonwoven wallpaper.
$159.98 $119.98

Decowave Aegean Wallpaperby Sarah Richardson

While harkening to the ocean renderings found in traditional Japanese art, this pattern is undeniably modern (with a splash of whimsy). Rich jewel tones in shades of green-tinted blue create a bold yet elegant atmosphere. Decowave is an unpasted, nonwoven wallpaper.
$159.98 $119.98

Decowave Cloud Wallpaper by Sarah Richardson

While harkening to the ocean renderings found in traditional Japanese art, this pattern is undeniably modern (with a splash of whimsy). The soft shades of blue channel the serene quality of waves lapping a shore. Decowave is an unpasted, nonwoven wallpaper.
$159.98 $119.98

Decowave Denim Wallpaper by Sarah Richardson

While harkening to the ocean renderings found in traditional Japanese art, this pattern is undeniably modern (with a splash of whimsy). The design's grey-toned blues are reminiscent of the sea after a storm, its colors muted but still just as captivating. Decowave is an unpasted, nonwoven wallpaper.
$159.98 $119.98

Decowave Platinum Wallpaper by Sarah Richardson

While harkening to the ocean renderings found in traditional Japanese art, this pattern is undeniably modern (with a splash of whimsy). The taupe and grey palette is a departure from the sea's customary blues, allowing the wave print to transcend coastal decor and be a versatile player in any style home. Decowave is an unpasted, nonwoven wallpaper.
$159.98 $119.98

Deena Blue Distressed Wood Wallpaper

Create a faux wood wall with this reclaimed wallpaper. Grey planks are artfully distressed with splashed of blue for a modern look. Can be hung traditionally for vertical planks, or across the wall for a horizantal orientation.
$139.98 $104.98

Deena Grey Distressed Wood Wallpaper

This faux wood wallpaper has a mix of taupe, sand, and grey colored planks. The neutral tones makes this pattern versatile enough for a country chic, beach, or bohemian style home. Choose whether to hang vertically or horizantally to customize the planks' orientation.
$139.98 $104.98

Deena Turquoise Distressed Wood Wallpaper

Mint, turquoise, and a hint of peach make this faux wood plank pattern one of a kind. This beachy wallpaper effortlessly captures the reclaimed trend. You can choose to hang this wallpaper as it comes for modern vertical planks, or across your wall for a more traditional, horizantal look.
$139.98 $104.98

Scrap Wood Red Weathered Texture

This weathered wood wallpaper is the epitome of modern Americana. A mixture of old and new, this design spans the test of time with a distressed texture and classic colors that come together in a beautiful harmony.
$139.98 $104.98

Scrap Wood Sky Blue Weathered Texture

Elevate your style with this distressed wood wallpaper. A muted blue and green color palette creates a serene ambience that contrasts with the rough weathered texture of the boards.
$139.98 $104.98

Scrap Wood Turquoise Weathered Texture

A medley of blues come together to form a modern masterpiece. This wood wallpaper is the perfect balance of hard and soft. The distressed design is complemented by a bright and energetic color palette.
$139.98 $104.98

White Washed Boards Aqua Shiplap

Wood wallpaper as you've never seen it before. This beautiful aqua colorway is reminiscent of beach glass in a nod to the shiplap wood origin.
$139.98 $104.98

White Washed Boards Grey Shiplap

Grey and wood are two of the hottest design trends to emerge in the past year. This wood wallpaper combines these two styles for a chic, modern look. The shiplap planks embrace the past and present.
$139.98 $104.98

White Washed Boards Honey Shiplap

This wood wallpaper has a honey overlay that gives the design a glazed look. The golden hue adds warmth while the wide planks create a rustic appeal.
$139.98 $104.98

White Washed Shiplap Boards

Update your space with this wood wallpaper. The white colorway will brighten up your space while the textured look adds warmth. A wide plank print gives the look of a historic shiplap.
$139.98 $104.98

Jubilee Teal Medallion Damask

Add a pop of color to your home décor with this teal medallion wallpaper. The watercolor design is the perfect mix of blue and green that allows the white damask print to pop. Intricate dots and curves create a hand drawn effect.
$139.98 $104.98

Plume Coral Ogee

Add a fun print to your walls with this geometric wallpaper. The ogee print is done in a chic color palette of grey and coral with a modern watercolor effect. The white background allows the print to pop.
$139.98 $104.98

Alfresco Black Palm Leaf Wallpaper

This black and white palm leaf wallpaper is a perfect modern take on a classic print. The white linen print background adds extra dimension.
$139.98 $104.98

Alfresco Green Palm Leaf Wallpaper

This green palm leaf wallpaper is full of vibrant color. The lime green leaves pop against a beige linen print background.
$139.98 $104.98

Alfresco Navy Palm Leaf Wallpaper

This large scale palm leaf wallpaper is a modern way to give your home a tropical style. The blue leaves in shades of indigo pop against a white linen background.
$139.98 $104.98

Alfresco Taupe Palm Leaf Wallpaper

This neutral palm print wallpaper is perfect for a modern home. The taupe and white print is a chic monochromatic style.
$139.98 $104.98

Copacabana Navy Pineapple Wallpaper

A pop art pineapple wallpaper in cool shades of navy, cerulean, and aqua. The ten inch pineapples are a fun and whimsical print that is sure to bring a smile to your face.
$139.98 $104.98

Copacabana Turquoise Pineapple Wallpaper

Bring whimsy and color to your walls with this pineapple wallpaper. The pop art print is bursting with color is bright shades of aqua, turquoise, and green. Pineapples measure ten inches tall.
$139.98 $104.98

Copacabana Yellow Pineapple Wallpaper

This pineapple wallpaper is bursting with color! The sunshine yellow print is topped with pine and green detailing. Pineapples measure ten inches tall.
$139.98 $104.98

Fiji Beige Floral Wallpaper

Give your room a fresh new look with this tropical floral wallpaper. The neutral design subdues the large scale print adding a chic linen texture.
$139.98 $104.98

Fiji Mustard Floral Wallpaper

This large scale floral wallpaper gives the look of a woven fabric. Shades of grey, cream, and mustard create a modern style.
$139.98 $104.98

Fiji Navy Floral Wallpaper

A large scale floral wallpaper with a tropical style. The design has the look of a woven textile with a large scale print.
$139.98 $104.98

Fiji Turquoise Floral Wallpaper

A floral wallpaper with a linen print background. This neutral design gets a pop of color with turquoise line work.
$139.98 $104.98

Mare Grey Wave Wallpaper

Ride into style with this grey wave wallpaper. The grey and white print is modern and intricate.
$139.98 $104.98

Mare Navy Wave Wallpaper

A chic blue wave wallpaper in a Japanese style. The large scale design brings color and movement to walls.
$139.98 $104.98

Mare Red Wave Wallpaper

A unique twist on a wave wallpaper. The red and white print has a high contrast style.
$139.98 $104.98

Mare Teal Wave Wallpaper

Bask in the summer waves with this teal wallpaper. Hundreds of lines form a cascade of waves that flow from one to another.
$139.98 $104.98

Natalie Beige Faux Grasscloth

A beautiful grasscloth is transformed into this amazing wallpaper. The printed design features reeds of taupe, beige, and white that create a luxe effect.
$139.98 $104.98

Natalie Grey Grasscloth Print

The look of grasscloth with the ease of a traditional wallpaper. This unique design highlights all of grasscloth's natural beauty. Hues of grey, white, green, and even hints of purple add beauty and depth to the paper.
$139.98 $104.98

Natalie Sage Faux Grasscloth

The grasscloth print come to life in a beautiful sage green color. Hints of blue run throughout and white strips balance out the weave. A beautiful wallpaper that has beachy and country elements.
$139.98 $104.98

Natalie Taupe Faux Grasscloth

The look of elegant grasscloth is replicated in the unique wallpaper. Taupe, pistachio, and white create a perfect neutral color palette.
$139.98 $104.98

Natalie Teal Faux Grasscloth

Dark blues, teals, and light subtle greens intertwine in this grasscloth print wallpaper. With all the vibrancy of a deep blue sea adventure, this wallcovering is simply stunning.
$139.98 $104.98

Grazia Beige Floral Silhouette

An elegant floral silhouette in a soothing beige hue. This graceful wallpaper redesigns walls adding a breath of fresh air to your room.
$89.99 $67.49

Grazia Blush Floral Silhouette

This beautiful blushing floral awakens walls, adding soft color to your space in the form of a botanical silhouette.
$89.99 $67.49

Korall Green Meadow Wallpaper

This whimsical pattern is alluring in rich shades of green, ranging from jade and teal to moss and olive. Forest creatures mix with sea plants over a charcoal background.
$119.98 $89.98

Korall Multicolor Meadow Wallpaper

The bright and happy colors of this wallpaper mirror the fun feel of the pattern. Forest creatures in burnt orange and grey frolic among fantastical sea plants.
$119.98 $89.98

Korall Orange Meadow Wallpaper

A fantastical pattern of woodland creatures and sea life pop against a dark chocolate background. The wallpaper's color palette gives it a retro feel.
$119.98 $89.98

Korall Teal Meadow Wallpaper

Woodland creatures meet underwater life in this one-of-a-kind wallpaper. The intricate pattern is beautiful in shades of dusty teal, taupe, blue, grey, beige, and white.
$119.98 $89.98

Arcadia Beige Banana Leaf Wallpaper

Keep it neutral with this banana leaf wallpaper. The beige design gives this classic pattern a modern update. Hints of pearlescent ink add a subtle shimmer.
$159.98 $119.98

Arcadia Blueberry Banana Leaf Wallpaper

Turn your home into an island oasis with banana leaf wallpaper. This modern design is done in sleek shades of light blue, grey, lilac, and beige. The cool toned design is a perfect update for this classic print.
$159.98 $119.98

Arcadia Grey Banana Leaf Wallpaper

This banana leaf wallpaper will turn any home into a tropical paradise! This modern design is done in sleek shades of cool grey and warm taupe. The neutral design is a perfect update for this classic print.
$159.98 $119.98

Arcadia Light Green Banana Leaf Wallpaper

Add a fresh look to your walls with this banana leaf wallpaper. The tropical design pops in shades of green and taupe. Hints of gold add a slight shimmer in the center of the leaves.
$159.98 $119.98

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