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Our country home décor wallpaper brings a sincere appreciation for the style and warmth of the countryside. With the rustic beauty of a farmhouse, and the elegance of a country home, these country-chic wallcoverings incorporate plaids, antique charm, Americana memorabilia, and natural elements of wood and rock. For the love of all things country, this wallpaper collection evokes charming bed and breakfasts, picturesque hunting lodges, and vintage farms. 

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Cream Vine Cameo Floral Heart Border

Adorable and precious, this whimsical vine cameo heart floral is touching in any kitchen.

Beige Country Pot Shelf Border

Cute Country pot shelf motif border in earthy tones, great for kitchen décor.
$2.33 $1.74/Sq Ft.

Beige Folk Art Floral And Bird Border

A new rendition of folk art. This floral and bird design in deep rooted tones adds a warm aura to any room.

Black Chicken Walk Border

Roosters roostering in the yard above a checkered trim. This border adds the true country flavor to your walls.
$2.33 $1.74/Sq Ft.

Black Moose Forest Silhouette Border

Bring the great outdoors home with this artistic moose scenic silhouette border in darkened textured tones.
$2.91 $2.18/Sq Ft.

Blue Lighthouse Town Border

A scenic lighthouse picturesque town border that has an old New England Flair.
$19.99 $14.99

Cream Folk Art Floral And Bird Border

A new rendition of folk art. This floral and bird design in lighted earth tones adds a warm aura to any room.
$2.33 $1.74/Sq Ft.

Cream Folk Floral Trail Border

Vintaged folk floral trail with country trim border over a tanned peach backdrop.
$2.91 $2.18/Sq Ft.

Green Scenic Deer Border

Scenic deer in a mystical woods setting in tinted green brings the great outdoors to your walls.
$2.46 $1.85/Sq Ft.

Green Whimsical Bird House Floral Border

Donna Dewberry's whimsical floral bird house design is a joyous border on any wall.
$1.95 $1.46/Sq Ft.

Khaki Country Street Border

Country neighborhood motif below a stenciled alphabet border brings folk art to your walls.
$19.99 $14.99

Khaki Country Table Border

Everything country on the table with this adorable border motif.
$2.33 $1.74/Sq Ft.

Khaki Duck And Dog Nap Border

Soft and lounging, a border of these adorable sleepy puppies and ducks stretching in a pile of leaves adds comfort to any room.
$2.22 $1.67/Sq Ft.

Light Blue Country Leaf Trail Border

The stars are out with this adorable berry leafed trail border. Adding a country vibe to any room.
$3.55 $2.67/Sq Ft.

Light Blue Prairie Girl Petit Floral Trail Border

Darling petit prairie girl floral border sweet as can be on any wall.
$3.88 $2.91/Sq Ft.

Light Green Gardeners Backyard Border

Charming backyard apple picking yard work border with a whimsical country flair.
$2.33 $1.74/Sq Ft.

Light Yellow Folk Floral Trail Border

Vintaged folk floral trail with country trim border over a whitened yellow backdrop.
$3.12 $2.34/Sq Ft.

Multicolor American Flag Shapes Border

Love America in this die-cut fun flag shaped design. Add country to the walls.
$2.67 $2.00/Sq Ft.

Multicolor Berry And Sunflower Motif Border

Sunflower and berry gardener's border truly adds a homely feeling to any wall.
$2.33 $1.74/Sq Ft.

Multicolor Country Angel Border

Scenic and picturesque, this border of a country angel hanging stars in the sky above a rural setting adds heart to any wall.
$1.78 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Multicolor Country Fairy Border

Backyard gardening angels border is magical and country designs at it's best.
$2.33 $1.74/Sq Ft.

Multicolor Flower Box Shelf Border

Darling flower pot shelf with seeds and plums, this fun country motif border is great for your kitchen décor.
$24.99 $18.74

Multicolor Hen American Coop Border

Delight in America with this hen box country design, picturesque on any wall.
$1.95 $1.46/Sq Ft.

Multicolor Rabbits And Berries Border

Donna Dewberry's adorable bunny and berry design adds a whimsical aura to any wall.
$1.95 $1.46/Sq Ft.

Off-White Country Shelf Border

Add a new shelf to your walls with these cute knick knacks border.
$2.67 $2.00/Sq Ft.

Red Berry Branch Border

Berry branch the walls with this delightful country design bordered in cream and burgundy red.
$3.76 $2.82/Sq Ft.

Red Country Cameo Tablecloth Border

Heart warming country tablecloth design border of roosters, plaids and sunflowers livening up kitchen décor.

Red Floral Script And Scroll Border

Floral bunches over a romance red tonal scroll backdrop, rich on any wall.
$2.33 $1.74/Sq Ft.

Yellow Birdhouse Motif Border

Donna Dewberry's birdhouse floral border design freshens up any room with it's bright color pallet.
$2.33 $1.74/Sq Ft.

Abigail Pink Rosebud Trail

This stylish vintage wallpaper brings timeless charm to walls. With a Victorian feel and delicate pink and green details, this rosebud floral trail is beautiful.
$67.98 $50.98

Bed Breakfast Cream Jacobean Stencil

Subtle and elegant, this cream on beige jacobean trail wallpaper evokes a charming bed and breakfast warmth on walls.
$1.21 $0.90/Sq Ft.

Cottage Floral Light Brown Stencil Floral

Reminiscent ot warm coffee with cream, this sweet wallpaper brings a sincere and inviting brown hue to walls with a pretty cream colored floral trail.
$1.21 $0.90/Sq Ft.

Daisy Beige Floral Trail

This delicate floral wallpaper is pretty and sweet. A soothing neutral beige sets a pleasant hue for walls beneath a wildflower daisy trail.
$1.21 $0.90/Sq Ft.

Daisy Yellow Floral Trail

A clean white background makes this lively daisy floral trail wallpaper bright and friendly. Set a happy tone on walls with red and yellow flower print elegance.
$1.21 $0.90/Sq Ft.

Eva Beige Floral Trail

Warm, with a sofy vintage wallpaper appeal, this floral trail design brings a soft beige texture beneath green and purple leaves and flowers.
$1.21 $0.90/Sq Ft.

Eva White Floral Trail

This wallpaper is a lively natural design featuring a delicate trailing vine of dainty blue, red, and yellow flowers above a fresh white.
$1.21 $0.90/Sq Ft.

Faye Pastel Texture

This melon hued fine wallpaper splashes sunny pinks, greens, and yellows onto walls for a designer textured look.
$1.06 $0.80/Sq Ft.

Faye Purple Texture

Like majestic lilac, and violet hued clouds, this beautiful wallpaper brings depth and style to walls with a gauzy texture.
$1.21 $0.90/Sq Ft.

Garden Blue Wash Floral

In true country-chic fashion, this pretty wallpaper brings a garden of watercolor blue flowers to your walls.
$1.21 $0.90/Sq Ft.

Harry Pink Pinstripe

A beautiful pinstripe design, this traditional wallpaper dresses your walls with fine fabric, bringing lovely pink and pale green lines to walls.
$1.06 $0.80/Sq Ft.

Hush Aqua Gauzy Texture

This spongepaint textured wallpaper has the softest greens and blues dancing with white for an airy texture on walls.
$1.06 $0.80/Sq Ft.

Hush Pink Gauzy Texture

Rosy blushes of pink and gold bring a spongepainted look to walls with this soft textured pink wallpaper.
$1.06 $0.80/Sq Ft.

Lydia Dark Brown Jacobean

A warm and welcoming chocolate brown, this jacobean wallpaper is traditional yet lively. Bring a sincere and designer element to walls, trailed with well detailed jacobean branches in gold and green.
$1.21 $0.90/Sq Ft.

Maxine Pink Toile

A precious toile scene, this wallpaper brings a provincial French look to walls. Pretty in pink, this scenic wallpaper is sweet and timeless elegance.

Rosebud Lavender Floral Stripe

This pretty wall paper is striped with a delicate pale purple hue, and dotted with lovely lavender rosebuds.
$1.21 $0.90/Sq Ft.

Rosebud Light Green Floral Stripe

This wall paper is so subtle and lovely! Look closely to find a pale green stripe beneath delicate yellow rosebuds.
$1.21 $0.90/Sq Ft.

Rosebud Taupe Floral Stripe

This darling vintage wallpaper has timeless appeal. Featuring a pretty rosebud stripe pattern, the design integrates taupe, cream and pink with rosebuds and tiny polka dots.
$1.21 $0.90/Sq Ft.

Stria Light Brown Stripe

For a warm, international stripe, this stria pattern makes a handsome wallcovering. This cultured almost retro wallpaper is warm and coordinating in gentle browns.
$1.21 $0.90/Sq Ft.

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