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Our country home décor wallpaper brings a sincere appreciation for the style and warmth of the countryside. With the rustic beauty of a farmhouse, and the elegance of a country home, these country-chic wallcoverings incorporate plaids, antique charm, Americana memorabilia, and natural elements of wood and rock. For the love of all things country, this wallpaper collection evokes charming bed and breakfasts, picturesque hunting lodges, and vintage farms. 

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Home Sweet Home Display Shelf Border

A darling assemblage of nostalgic images, this wallpaper border has a country kitchen down home feel. Including a plaque declaring this "home sweet home" and a polka dot border, this border is welcoming and sweet.
$4.94 $3.71/Sq Ft.

Josephine Blush Stripe

This classic stripe wallpaper blushes a timeless pattern onto your walls, perfect stripes in a soft tea rose and cream color way.

Josephine Lavender Stripe

Cute and classy, this stripe wallpaper has a soft violet hue with a timeless appeal.

Kentucky Cream Wood Panel

Very rustic and chic, this wood panel wallpaper channels a vintage charm in a modern appreciation for Americana style.
$1.28 $0.96/Sq Ft.

Lafayette Beige Small Leaf Trail

Tasteful and pleasant, with a spirited swirl of leaves, this beige and white leaf trail wallpaper brings a beautiful balance to your walls.
$1.21 $0.90/Sq Ft.

Lafayette Green Small Leaf Trail

A classic country-chic pattern, this delicate swirling leaves wallpaper is the perfect balance of decorative, with a nod to nature.
$1.21 $0.90/Sq Ft.

Laura Beige Floral Stripe

This tonal floral stripe wallpaper in pleasant antique beige is accentuated by soft magenta flowers.
$1.21 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Lauren Neutral Pinstripe

A delicate pinstripe pattern wallpaper with creamy milk chocolate and cherry stripes.

Lauren Pink Pinstripe

This Lauren pinstripe wallpaper is soft and subtle, a creamy backdrop with delicate pink stripes.

Lauren Purple Pinstripe

The Lauren wallpaper is the most delicate pinstripe possible, a sweet combination of cream, lilac and berry.
$1.21 $0.18/Sq Ft.

Lauren Sage Pinstripe

This subtle pinstripe wallpaper is classic and coordinating, with subtle earthen stripes of sage and fawn.

Lincoln Brown Wood Panel

Seriously rustic and authentic, this exposed pine wood panelling creates the look and feel of a log cabin on your walls.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Michigan Mountain Lake Border

A breathtaking vista of a mountainside lake, this resplendent wallpaper border brings a natural serenity to your room.
$3.78 $2.83/Sq Ft.

Pinecone Border Brown Pinecone Scenic Border

Pinecones, a symbolic and beautiful natural form, are also quite dear to the American heritage. This fine pinecone wallpaper border brings a sense of warmth to walls in a lovely scenic shelf.
$3.78 $2.83/Sq Ft.

Ponderosa Brown Pinecones

Like a warm and inviting bed and breakfast, this charming pinecone wallpaper has a sincere style. Classic country-chic in espresso and beige.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Rebecca Lavender Floral Trail

A delicate trail of tiny violet and goldenrod hued flowers flocked by butterflies makes this wallpaper a sweet and subtle wall accent.

Sarah Purple Floral Trail

Elegant curling vines link pretty mauve blossoms in this delicate floral scroll wallpaper, sure to add a charming depth.

Savannah Mauve Small Floral Trail

Quiet, but radiating a fine beauty, this floral wallpaper has a timeless quality. Soft purples, blues and yellows dance over a delicate whisper of texture.
$1.28 $0.96/Sq Ft.

Savannah White Small Floral Trail

A graceful show of flowers on your wall, this pretty wallpaper is cheerful and timeless.
$1.28 $0.96/Sq Ft.

Silt Taupe Texture

Like a soft sandy spot as you look into a river, this gentle texture adds an appealing organic nuance to walls.
$1.28 $0.96/Sq Ft.

Somerset Floral Trail

Gracious and pleasant, this floral trail has the refreshing assets of a wahite wall and the splendor of a delicate vine of flowers.
$1.28 $0.96/Sq Ft.

Tartan Wool Brick Plaid

Treat your walls to a traditional wool plaid warmth. This tawny red and golden brown tartan weave has an authentic fabric detail, bringing a classic style to walls.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Tilton Black Plaid

A chic gingham plaid wallpaper in espresso and coffee cream hues, this designer pattern warms a room.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Tilton Blue Plaid

Plaid is a transitional style, chic in so many settings! This country chic charmed wallpaper has a light blue and soft green tartan.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Tilton Sage Plaid

Plaid is a classic country-chic fabric. This green and beige tartan wallpaper has a traditional feel, but has been designed with todays tastes in mind.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Tilton Tawny Plaid

A warm country-chic plaid wallcovering, this designer pattern has a warm colorway of tawny reddish browns and beige.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Timber Brown Wood Panel

Reinvent a wall with a rustic wood theme. This authentic wallcovering truly replicates the look and feel of a vintage wood panel.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Timber Dark Brown Wood Panel

A rugged wood, with an enduring and vintage style, brings authentic country style to your walls. This rich brown wood panel wallpaper is ideal.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Timber Light Brown Wood Panel

Get the exact rustic feel you are craving. This wood panel wallpaper brings an organic warmth to a room.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Tudor Beige Country Jacobean

Imagine your delight, when pulling forth a cork from a fine vintage wine, to find it stamped with a beautiful swirling jacobean floral pattern? This warm and lovely wallpaper will give you a similar gratification.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Valerie Peach Floral Trail

This floral trail wallpaper is ultra pretty with subtle and fresh peachy blossoms, tiny trails of petals and leaves.

Vermont Blue Small Daisy

A soft powder blue and white daisy pattern with a vintage wallpaper feel. Inviting and happy, this design has the enduring charms of a bed and breakfast.

Vermont Brick Small Daisy

Warm and inviting, this daisy wallpaper is charming for todays happy home, with a vintage bed and breakfast feel.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Vermont Green Small Daisy

A classy country-chic feel, this green daisy print wallpaper could easily be charming you from the walls of a bed & breakfast.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Vermont Light Pink Small Daisy

A shy blush of pink and a vintage daisy pattern give this sweet wallpaper design a darling charm.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Village Blue Medallion

Modern, but with a sweet, timeless appeal, this floral medallion design brings a happy pattern to walls in the perfect country-chic blue and white combination.
$1.21 $0.90/Sq Ft.

Wainscot White Wood Panel

A decorative wainscoting adds a warm feel to a room. This wood panel wallpaper is bright and organic birch white.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Wild Deer Border Green Deer Border

Gorgeous and pure imagery of wild deer in a thriving forest. This deer wallpaper border is both striking and serene, enhanced by a fine green frame and a braided gold detail.
$5.23 $3.92/Sq Ft.

Woodland Humor Brown Rustic Personification Border

This cute country border will never cease to amuse you and your guests! Depicting forest animals engaging in the beauty rituals of people, with cute captions, this border is a rustic vintage delight.
$4.53 $3.40/Sq Ft.

Mammoth Brown Lumber Wood Wallpaper

Get the rustic look of your dreams with this beige faux wood wallpaper. Its warm hue gives it a homey feel, while grain details create a realistic wooden plank look. Mammoth is a paste the wall, non woven wallpaper.
$0.53 $0.40/Sq Ft.

Barbary Blue Crosshatch Texture Wallpaper

Bright and bold, this vibrant blue wallpaper has a shabby chic look. Its crosshatched pattern adds to its rural style and is perfect for adding dimension to walls. Barbary is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$1.06 $0.80/Sq Ft.

Aerides Blue Meadow Wallpaper

A variety of blue forest flowers blossom against a cream background in this country wallpaper. With an ombre effect and a subtle linen print, this charming wallpaper is perfect for adding dimension to walls. Aerides is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$1.24 $0.93/Sq Ft.

Ferox Cream Wood Planks Wallpaper

Rustic and charming, this cream wallpaper is made to resemble wooden planks. Its raised ink details give it the look of actual shiplap, perfect for farmhouse or shabby chic kitchens. Ferox is a prepasted, easy walls wallpaper.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Lyon Cream French Lilac Wallpaper

Pastel blue lilacs bloom from curling cream stems in this traditional floral wallpaper. With its neutral color palette and dreamy flowers, this wallpaper has a romantic feel. Lyon is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$1.24 $0.93/Sq Ft.

Siesta Key Multicolor Scrap Wood Wallpaper

With a distressed style and pastel hues, this faux wood wallpaper has a beachy feel. Soft green, blue and white planks have the appearance of peeling paint, adding to its realistic look. Siesta Key is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Celandine Beige Floral Scroll Wallpaper

With the look of worn wood, this cream wallpaper has a cottage style. Light green acanthuses bloom from tan scrolls, creating a homey, shabby chic wallpaper. Celandine is a prepasted, easy walls wallpaper.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Singapore Navy Toile Wallpaper

With a faded navy print, raised ink details and a cream wood background, this wallpaper has a charming rustic style. Songbirds perch upon the curling stems of forest flowers, creating a pleasant traditional wallpaper. Singapore is a prepasted, high performance wallpaper.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Ferox Eggshell Wood Planks Wallpaper

Get the look of wood with this eggshell shiplap wallpaper. With raised ink details, this pattern resembles wooden planks and is perfect for farmhouse styled homes. Ferox is a prepasted, coated heavyweight paper wallpaper.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

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