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The designs in the Countryside Collection are tailored for rustic, Americana tastes, including farmhouse style furniture passed down through generations, mason jars full of wild flowers, fresh baked pies and chickens in the yard. With a host of beautiful borders to anchor every room in the house, the patterns are designed to mix and match like a quilt. Classic gingham prints and time-honored damasks mix with weathered wood panels, vintage tin stars and trailing berry vines, creating a home full of color and pattern that celebrates the traditions that make your house a home.

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Adamstown Cream Vintage Newspaper

Vintage ads for goods and services of yesteryear, like cameras, cologne, watches, and even wallpaper are compiled into a novelty design for walls. This memorable wall paper comes in a warm antique palette that's treated to a chic distress effect.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Adamstown Ivory Vintage Newspaper

This nostalgic wallpaper makes a page from the classified section of the newspaper into a chic print for walls.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Alanna Blue Farmstead Border

An idyllic country wallpaper design that transfers you to a simpler time, where quaint red barns, grazing pastures and tall sturdy trees remind you of the simple pleasures that life has to offer.
$42.99 $32.24

Apple Creek Beige Country Toss

Fashioned atop a beige stone texture, this darling country wallcovering brings a lovely toss of wreaths and hearts, birdhouses and stars, and pretty ribbons and fresh Berriesto walls, that create a warm and inviting entrance for any room in your home.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Apple Creek Stone Country Toss

A charming picture of sweet angels, crafted hearts, elegant wreaths and shimmering stars bring county chic style home to stay with a wallpaper design that looks darling atop a rustic stone backdrop.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Arronsburg Ivory Damask

With the air of a rich colonial fabric, this damask wallpaper in black and white is only more refined on a slightly weathered backdrop.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Arronsburg Linen Damask

Perfect for a Colonial inspired living room, dining room or bedroom, this elegant wallpaper design brings a flourishing damask print to walls in soft shades of linen and charcoal.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Bailey Black Rooster & Script Border

A colorful collection of roosters happily trot across this countrified wallpaper border, where a graceful weathered script hangs upon a black shaded backdrop.
$36.00 $27.00

Bailey Brick Rooster & Script Border

Designed in a rustic shade of red, this rooster wallpaper border trails a vintage scene of colorful birds and weathered script across walls that brings country style to the forefront of your room.
$36.00 $27.00

Bailey Sky Rooster & Script Border

Bring the warmth of the countryside to your home in a sky colored wallpaper border filled with artistically designed roosters atop a bed of antique script.
$36.00 $27.00

Bristol Blue Medallion Toss

Elevated atop a gorgeous antique backdrop, this mature wall paper design of exquisitely erected medallions, brings an effortless beauty to walls in an elegant blue and cream blend.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Bristol Ivory Medallion Toss

Charmed in a quaint medallion motif, this ivory clouded wallcovering adds an elegant polish to walls that creates a chic neutral backdrop for décor.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Bristol Linen Medallion Toss

Bring the look of Colonial Williamsburg to your home with this countrified medallion wall covering in a warm linen shade.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Bristol Wheat Medallion Toss

Travel back in time with a refined wallcovering that boasts of Colonial Williamsburg, where teatime was a tradition and women gleamed in the most elegantly designed dresses.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Bryndle Beige Barnstar & Sprigs

Tailored atop a warm beige canvas, this Americana style wallcovering welcomes a rustic simplicity to walls with a five-pointed star and berry sprig design.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Bryndle Grey Barnstar & Sprigs

Originally meant to represent the trademark of a specific barn builder, barn stars add chic rustic detail to a room. With a mix of grey tin stars and lush red berries, this stone textured wallcovering is the epitome of country style.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Christiana Sand Damask Medallion

Orchestrated in a soft neutral palette, this damask wallpaper flares with a global energy, setting the stage for a warm and memorable interior.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Country Vine Burgundy Distressed Texture

Cover just one wall or all four in this sizzling burgundy wall paper with a lovely antiquated look and feel.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Delaney Green Sunny Plaid

Woven in warm hues that include green, red and tan, this plaid wall paper inspires a cozy lodge style retreat filled with a warm crackling fire and steaming hot cocoa.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Delaney Sky Sunny Plaid

Bring a summer feeling to walls with this cheerful plaid wall paper, where laying in the grass and picnicking in the sun seem to always be just around the corner.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Dixie Aqua Floral Trail

Like an enchanted secret garden, this aqua infused wallpaper adds a delicate trail of flowers to walls that's as beautiful as it is mystifying.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Dixie Green Floral Trail

Whether for a quaint cottage by the sea or a country style home, this floral wall paper brings an enchanted look to walls in a green, blue and ivory design that's crackled in antiquated charm.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Farnhan Black Animal Toss

Bring your favorite devoted farm animals to walls with this black and grey wall covering featuring block print silhouettes atop a crackled stone texture.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Farnhan Blue Animal Toss

Charming silhouettes of loving farm animals abound atop this country chic wall paper. Decorated in a warm slate blue that dazzles with heirloom effects and down home style, transform your house into a home with a this comforting and nostalgic design.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Farnhan Brick Animal Toss

With the welcoming feel of a stenciled design, this farm fresh wall paper in a rustic coupling of red and tan makes for an warm and inviting entrance to a kitchen, dining room or living area.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Fisher Sage Country Outhouses Border

Trails of creeping ivy outline a quaint scene of wooden outhouses on this country style wall paper border, where a delightful chorus floats from a colorful medley of birdhouses and trees.
$40.00 $30.00

Grace Black Farmers Market Border

Cows, roosters, pigs, oh my! This butcher shop theme wall paper border brings a stylish country flair to décor in a design that features bold type, faux wood textures and block print animal silhouettes.
$36.00 $27.00

Grace Blue Farmers Market Border

Featuring block print silhouettes and stylish typography accents, this butcher shop theme wallpaper border is charming for a country style kitchen.
$36.00 $27.00

Grace Brick Farmers Market Border

Providing a farm fresh complement for a noteworthy kitchen décor, this butcher shop theme wallpaper border brings stylish block print silhouettes to walls, accented in fresh bold type and a dazzling checkered and star border.
$36.00 $27.00

Greer Aqua Gingham Check

This gorgeous aqua and cream wall covering is a blend of both old and new, featuring a beautifully aged gingham in a fresh and chic palette.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Greer Blue Gingham Check

Featuring a weathered gingham print that boasts of long days spent in the sun and rolling hills of freedom, this fabric inspired wallcovering brings a country feeling to décor that washes walls in a cooling palette of blue and white.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Greer Burgundy Gingham Check

A smell of fresh squeezed lemonade and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches seem waft from this picnic inspired wall paper design that brings the feeling of a warm summers breeze to your room.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Greer Navy Gingham Check

This handsome navy and grey checkered wallpaper is a celebration of country décor, where warm textile prints and rugged backdrops remind us of the beauty that lies all around us.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Greer Sage Gingham Check

Like your favorite plaid shirt, this checkered wall paper adds cozy detail to walls in organic tones of green and beige.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Harley Blueberry Rosehip Trail

Not allowing roses to get all the credit, this exotic wallpaper design brings the fruit of a rose plant to walls in a fresh blue and ivory trail.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Harlow Black Everything Grows With Love Border

Sow seeds of love throughout your home with this garden pretty wall paper border, where a shelf full of pretty trinkets, seeds and tools, invites a charming look to your room.
$36.00 $27.00

Harlow Blue Everything Grows With Love Border

Designed with gardening in mind, this country style wallpaper border coordinates in perfect harmony, bringing a happy scene of wooden signs, flourishing potted plants, bird houses and baskets full of seeds to your newly decorated room.
$36.00 $27.00

Hattie Red Cityscape Stripe

A classic red and white stripe wallpaper design bringing rich Americana flavor to walls.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Joelle Burgundy Country Vine Trail

Replicating the look of a needlepoint design, this embroidery style wall paper adds a warm, nostalgic beauty to any space.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Josie Blue Paw Print Texture

Speckled with a delicate paw print design, this blue and cream wall covering washes walls in a delightful and soothing calm.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Josie Burgundy Paw Print Texture

A rustic simplicity surrounds this stone textured wallpaper, where a red three leafed design looks charming enough to be small paw prints.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Josie Green Paw Print Texture

With a charming stencil design in the shape of a three leaf clover, this green and white wallcovering blooms with a renewing energy.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

June Black Heritage Tin Star Border

Mounted on a canvas of antique wood, this star and berry wall paper border looks to have been passed down from generation to generation, only becoming more beautiful with age.
$39.99 $29.99

June Blue Heritage Tin Star Border

Create a look that stands the test of time with this tin star wall paper border, where a seasoned backdrop and winding berry trail glisten in a brilliant shade of blue.
$36.00 $27.00

Kinsey Black Live Laugh Love Border

As if handed down from generation to generation, the Live, Laugh, Love wallpaper border brings a warm cheer to walls inspired by the importance and value of family and friends.
$36.00 $27.00

Kinsey Blue Live Laugh Love Border

Remember to always enjoy life to the fullest with the Live, Laugh, Love wall paper border, a perfect motto to inspire daily motivation and cheer.
$36.00 $27.00

Kinsey Cream Live Laugh Love Border

Fashioned in a country chic palette of blue and cream, the Live, Laugh, Love wallpaper border brings an antique feel to walls with a weathered wood backdrop and a trail of enchanting berries.
$36.00 $27.00

Laney Blue Sunday Plaid

Gracefully weathered, this blue and tan wallcovering tailors walls in Sundays best print of a dashing plaid design.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

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