Damask Wallpaper

Damask wallpaper is synonymous with luxury and sophisticated style. With a rich history as a cultured and fashionable design element, todays damasks draw on regal Victorian fabrics. These damask wallpaper patterns bring a timeless beauty to walls, with realizations of the damask ranging from traditional to glamorous. Recognized globally as a compelling form, the damask is at home in any decor style from opulent and lavish to sleek and modern. 

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Lopeka Light Grey Modern Damask

Warm and playful, with the allure of sublety, this modern damask print wallpaper swirls a pretty design on walls in a buttercream and pale dove grey colorway.
$169.98 $29.99

Lux Lavender Metallic Damask

This modern damask wallpaper is designed with a glorious scale and the cultured design of a mosaic tile. A warm and sophisticated lilac and pewter palette brings the right touch of color and sheen to décor.
$3.02 $2.26/Sq Ft.

Lux Pewter Metallic Damask

The glamorous scale of this modern damask wallpaper is balanced by a sophisticated palette of pewter with sterling silver mosaic tile accents.
$3.02 $2.26/Sq Ft.

Lux Silver Foil Damask

A large scale damask design is achieved in a modern mosaic style. This couture wallpaper is printed with posh silver foils for a high luster metallic glamour.
$3.55 $2.66/Sq Ft.

Massa Cream Large Ornate Damask

Stylize walls in an ornate textured wallpaper featuring a brilliant cream damask print of crisp courtly beauty.

Massa Grey Large Ornate Damask

This captivating wall paper of a regal damask design, canvases a room in a gorgeous shimmer of grey and cream.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Massa Pewter Large Ornate Damask

A sensational ornate damask atop a glorious pewter texture, inspires a majestic wallpaper of dignified grace.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Medusa Burgundy Swirl Modern Damask

A sexy dark mahogany and gunmetal wallpaper pattern. Dresses your walls in a flowing pattern of swirls on a chic natural texture.
$2.66 $2.00/Sq Ft.

Medusa Olive Swirl Modern Damask

This sexy wallpaper designs a stylish olive texture, adorned in a swirling evocation of shimmering brass.
$149.98 $112.48

Medusa Pearl Swirl Modern Damask

A high style designer wallpaper, this swirling beauty takes modern cues from the damask in a seductive play on matte and pearl textures.
$2.66 $2.00/Sq Ft.

Medusa Taupe Swirl Modern Damask

A contemporary version of a roaring 20s starlet, this seductive wallpaper has great depth and detail with raised ink and a pearl accent in taupe and beige.
$149.98 $112.48

Paolina Beige Embossed Large Damask

A striking embossed wall paper in a beige damask design, brings a stylishly ornate appeal to walls.
$2.84 $2.13/Sq Ft.

Paolina Bronze Embossed Large Damask

Create a stylish sanctuary in your home with this captivating bronze wallpaper. A richly embossed damask design, invites an elegant charisma to a room that's fabulously chic.

Paolina Champagne Embossed Large Damask

This gilded champagne wallcovering displaying an elegant embossed damask design, dresses walls in an enriched splendor.
$2.84 $2.13/Sq Ft.

Paolina Lavender Embossed Large Damask

A magnificently embossed wall covering in an elegant damask print, brings an old-fashioned glamour to walls. A marbleized lavender backdrop emanates impressive beauty.
$2.84 $2.13/Sq Ft.

Paolina Light Green Embossed Large Damask

A fabulous embossed wallpaper of a large damask design, embellishes walls in a light green sheen, creating a captivating and unique haven of artistic beauty.
$2.84 $2.13/Sq Ft.

Paolina Light Grey Embossed Large Damask

A luxurious embossed wallpaper of elegant scrolling damasks on a light grey backdrop, create a romantically polished look inside your home.

Parisi Beige Embellished Damask Stripe

An embellished striped wallpaper featuring a gorgeous damask print, adorns walls in a glistening beige texture full of charisma and charm.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Parisi Cream Embellished Damask Stripe

This embellished striped wall covering featuring an lavish damask design, invites a beautiful cream polish to a space that's refreshingly elegant.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Parisi Grey Embellished Damask Stripe

Welcome a stylish striped design to walls with this embellished damask wallcovering. A glistening grey backdrop adds the perfect touch of brilliance to your newly designed space.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Parisi Light Blue Embellished Damask Stripe

A gleaming blue wallpaper of an embellished damask stripe, adds a sophisticated and delicate touch to a room.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Parisi Pewter Embellished Damask Stripe

Coat walls in a refined pewter texture with this embellished striped wallcovering, featuring a stately damask print of imperial charm.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Pastiche Brass Damask

Truly seducing the eye with its elite finery, this modern brass and gold damask wallpaper unfurls its beauty with a precise allure.
$139.98 $104.98

Pastiche Brown Damask

This brown damask wallpaper is a work of art on walls, creating an elite elegance in pewter and sepia detail.
$139.98 $104.98

Pastiche Cream Damask

From Versailles to the Crystal Cathedral this work of art wallpaper would tempt the eye in any décor. A glorious champagne damask on a fine white texture.

Renna Beige Large Scroll Damask

A soft beige and cream palette provides a perfect serene escape inside your home. This scrolling damask printed wall paper brings a freshly romantic appeal to walls.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Renna Cream Large Scroll Damask

A scrolling damask wall covering of gleaming neutrals, dresses walls in a grand design of ornamented style.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Renna Grey Large Scroll Damask

Adorn your room in a glistening grey wall paper featuring an ornate damask design. This stylish scrolling print exudes effortless grace.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Royale Brown Wavy Damask

This exquisite damask wallpaper dresses your walls in a dark chocolate fantasy of swirling beauty. Fine texture effects with gel ink add a boutique style detail.
$149.98 $112.48

Royale Champagne Wavy Damask

Seductive and fine, this damask wallpaper swirls a contemporary drama of Renaissance inspiration on walls in champagne and taupe.
$149.98 $112.48

Royale Copper Wavy Damask

An exquisitely lovely wallpaper, this copper and cocoa hued damask fills your space with high style.
$149.98 $112.48

Royale Cream Wavy Damask

Ornate and luscious, this damask wallpaper dresses your walls in a boutique style beauty. Champagne and cream.
$149.98 $112.48

Royale Gold Large Damask

A fancy French design gets vamped up to new heights of glamour in this golden damask wallpaper design.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Royale Platinum Wavy Damask

A gorgeous damask wallpaper with a fresh glamour, this platinum design basks your walls in a Hollywood worthy glory.
$149.98 $112.48

Royale Silver Wavy Damask

This silver damask wallpaper will light up your life. High fashion, with boutique style details and an exquisite silver shimmer.
$149.98 $112.48

Siri Brown Damask Crepe

Looking for luxury? This mica infused, taupe brown damask design is a gorgeous wallcovering choice.

Siri Green Damask Crepe

Green is relaxing to the eye. This decadent shimmering green damask wallpaper is a soothing and luxurious design.
$2.66 $2.00/Sq Ft.

Siri Platinum Damask Crepe

Platinum elegance, touched with a wintery shimmer, dresses your walls in a fine damask design.
$2.66 $2.00/Sq Ft.

Siri Purple Damask Crepe

With the finest global chic details, this shimmering lavender damask wallpaper dresses your walls in soothing luxury.

Siri Silver Damask Crepe

Few color combinations are as enduringly chic as silver and black. This deluxe damask wallcovering design is sophisticated and stylish.
$2.66 $2.00/Sq Ft.

Sultana Beige Lattice Texture

Streaks of radiant gold can be seen peaking through this enchanted wallcovering. A soft beige texture artistically painted in a beautiful global geometric.
$3.19 $2.39/Sq Ft.

Sultana Copper Lattice Texture

A textured wall paper with a rich copper finish and donned in chic metallic inks! This cultured design has a lovely Moroccan flair, inviting to décor a fresh exotic fervor.
$3.19 $2.39/Sq Ft.

Sumatra Gold Ikat Damask

With a cultured ikat damask design, this gold, cream and silver wallpaper lends a well-traveled poise to a space. The soft silk texture and glitter ink creates a romantic, global-chic fabric effect on walls.
$3.37 $2.53/Sq Ft.

Sumatra Pewter Ikat Damask

Like a luxurious fabric from an exotic market, this pewter grey ikat wallpaper lends a sophisticated, cultured allure to your décor. Chic silver glitter and raised inks enhance the intrigue of this fine design.
$3.37 $2.53/Sq Ft.

Sumatra Silver Ikat Damask

Evoking scenes from an exotic marketplace, this gorgeous silver ikat wallpaper creates a luxurious silk fabric look in décor. The cultured print is enhanced by chic stria glitter, raised inks and a satin sheen.
$3.37 $2.53/Sq Ft.

Tendilla Beige Lattice

With a time-worn appearance that's both rare and exquisite, this cultured geometric etched in bronze metallic inks, refines walls in a dazzling old world grandeur.
$3.19 $2.39/Sq Ft.

Tendilla Champagne Lattice

Bring a global air to walls with this intricate wallpaper that enchants a room in shades of champagne, cream and gold. A luxurious pattern with a chic geometric appeal, both exotic and stunning!
$3.19 $2.39/Sq Ft.

Tendilla Taupe Lattice

This ornate geometric is a stately décor piece. Old world influences updated with chic metallic accents, makes this global wallpaper a regal choice for walls.
$3.19 $2.39/Sq Ft.

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