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EZ Hang Textures add style to any room with easy to install pre-pasted wallpapers. Enhance the look of any space with these stylish textures for walls. Inspired by fabrics, natural materials, and contemporary prints, the collection includes textures and colors to compliment any style. These easy to hang wallpapers are a comprehensive resource of the best-selling and best value looks.

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Albin Beige Linen Texture

Welcome an authentic beige texture to your walls with this linen inspired wall covering. Creamy details give it a smooth and touchable allure.
$0.99 $0.74/Sq Ft.

Albin Charcoal Linen Texture

Adorn your walls in a deep, rich charcoal linen texture. This wall covering exudes masculine charm with a stylized and sophisticated appeal.
$0.99 $0.74/Sq Ft.

Albin Cream Linen Texture

This subtle wallpaper warms up any space with a chic texture evocative of stretched canvas. Add intrigue and a gentle stylized feel to walls in a timeless cream neutral.
$0.99 $0.74/Sq Ft.

Albin Light Brown Linen Texture

A rustic linen texture for walls in a hue reminiscent of burlap. This subtle wallpaper adds a warm look to walls in a timeless neutral.
$0.99 $0.74/Sq Ft.

Albin Light Grey Linen Texture

Invite a smart grey texture to your space with this stylishly designed wall paper. A mixture of taupe's and greys elegantly align to bring to your home a fashion forward refinement.
$0.99 $0.74/Sq Ft.

Albin Purple Linen Texture

This ravishing, deep purple wall covering brings a luxuriant linen texture to your walls. A grand and fanciful print designed to wine and dine.
$0.99 $0.74/Sq Ft.

Albin Sage Linen Texture

This enchanting sage textured wall paper brings a natural freshness to any space. Crisp grass colored details abound for an immaculate finished touch.
$0.99 $0.74/Sq Ft.

Albin Neutral Linen Texture

Entice immaculate beauty into your room with this iridescent and delicate neutral textured wallpaper. The perfect amount of class and balance work together to enhance any wall in your home.
$0.99 $0.74/Sq Ft.

Casper Brass Shiny Blotch

Tones of a rich brass tastefully play across this satin texture wall covering. Gleaming hues of a burnished beige, create both depth and appeal to any entryway.
$1.13 $0.85/Sq Ft.

Casper Light Green Shiny Blotch

Like a beautifully painted canvas, this polished satin texture alludes rustic elegance by creating a luxurious gleaming wallpaper mixed with an iridescent watercolor design.
$1.13 $0.85/Sq Ft.

Chauncy Pink Shiny Blotch

A ladylike charm exudes from this soft, pink wall paper. With just the right amount of shimmer, this intricate satin texture brings a lavish sophistication to any room.
$1.06 $0.80/Sq Ft.

David Black Basket Weave Texture

This chic wallpaper combines an ornate basket weave texture with a cultivated and seasoned design.
$0.99 $0.74/Sq Ft.

David Brick Basket Weave Texture

This highly textured basket weave design brings to your room an inviting warmth. A deep brick red meshes collectively together between beige and grey, creating a wallpaper that's lush and refined.
$0.99 $0.74/Sq Ft.

Elia Beige Blotch Texture

A refined golden blotch texture adorns this delicately designed wall covering. Subtle notes of a handsome rose weave their way across a satiny finished canvas, for a spectacular laden design.
$1.13 $0.85/Sq Ft.

Elia Cream Blotch Texture

This fancy blotch textured wall covering invites both charisma and charm into your room. Adorned in slightly pearlescent creams and neutrals, this awe-inspiring backdrop is the perfect design solution for a variety of spaces in your home.
$1.13 $0.85/Sq Ft.

Elia Pewter Blotch Texture

This enchanting marbleized blotch textured wall paper brings a beautiful richness to your home. A gleaming, pearlized taupe electrifies and ignites your room in a profound elegance that leaves a lasting impression.
$1.13 $0.85/Sq Ft.

Elia Sand Blotch Texture

This elegant pewter blotch texture brings a neutral richness to any room. Design a space that's all your own with a wallpaper design that's both unique and luxurious.
$1.13 $0.85/Sq Ft.

Finn Beige String Texture

Illuminate your room in a golden sheen with this stunning satin gilded wallpaper. A gleaming string textured backdrop welcomes into your home a worldly grandeur that's both splendid and inviting.
$1.13 $0.85/Sq Ft.

Finn Blush String Texture

Adorn your room in a dazzling rose colored wall paper. A satin string texture gilded in champagne and metallics, creates a Victorian splendor inside any space
$1.13 $0.85/Sq Ft.

Finn Lavender String Texture

Bring into your space a grand pearlescent wall paper of a fine string texture. A soft lavender beautifully ignites with a mix of oatmeal, champagne and light green. This fabulous combination of colors, invites into your home an enchanting charm that is everlasting.
$1.13 $0.85/Sq Ft.

Gian Neutral Linen Stripe

A beautifully clean, linen stripe texture adorns this immaculate wallpaper, bringing an open and spacious air to any space. Soft cream stripes drift among beige and hints of blue to draw your room perfectly together.
$1.13 $0.85/Sq Ft.

Gian Taupe Linen Stripe

Fashion meets wall paper in this causal yet contemporary linen textured design. An intricate woven pattern including subtle colorful touches, provides the perfect entrance into any home.
$1.13 $0.85/Sq Ft.

Laurin Lavender New Stria

Bring to your space a fashionable air that's both exciting and new, with this breathtaking lavender striped textured wallpaper. It's serene design boasts a Victorian charm that is sure to woo your guests!
$0.99 $0.74/Sq Ft.

Laurin Light Grey New Stria

A harmonious texture of aligning stripes canvas this slightly embossed wall covering. A soothing, muted gray welcomes into a room a structure and sophistication that's warmly inviting.
$0.99 $0.74/Sq Ft.

Laurin Mauve New Stria

A ladylike mauve hue surrounds this lovely striped textured wall covering. A versatile canvas for many rooms and occasions, this luscious design will add an extra flair to your home.
$0.99 $0.74/Sq Ft.

Laurin Sage New Stria

Mask your walls in this savvy, neutral striped textured wall paper. Hints of sage float slowly down, bringing into your home a stunning work of art.
$0.99 $0.74/Sq Ft.

Linus Beige Fine String

Bring an illustrious enchantment to your room with this textured golden wall covering. A fine string metallic hue coats your walls in a delicately spun trail.
$1.13 $0.85/Sq Ft.

Linus Cream Fine String

Frost your walls in a luxurious cream textured wallpaper, that's been classically designed with an exceptionally stylized twist.
$1.13 $0.85/Sq Ft.

Linus Pewter Fine String

This exquisite pewter wall paper coaxes old renaissance charm atop a handsome textured design. Sleek fine string details take root to create a suave entrance in any home.
$1.13 $0.85/Sq Ft.

Liu Brown Vinyl Grasscloth

Invite a natural grasscloth texture into your room with this bamboo inspired wall paper. Tranquil coffee browns mixed with flashes of green, create a space in your home filled with intrigue and appeal.
$1.13 $0.85/Sq Ft.

Liu Green Vinyl Grasscloth

This eco-fabulous grasscloth texture is the perfect solution for bringing a magnificent new look to your space. A bamboo inspired design invites into your home a worldly and stylish backdrop.
$1.13 $0.85/Sq Ft.

Liu Sage Vinyl Grasscloth

This luscious sage grasscloth textured wallpaper brings to your room both an exotic and environmentally friendly design. A bamboo inspired pattern adorned in rich hues, creates the perfect awe-inspiring canvas.
$1.13 $0.85/Sq Ft.

Loris Brown Blotch Texture

This velvety brown, marbled textured wall paper brings a smooth and radiant sheen to your walls. Details of green and red glisten from its core, creating a rich print that boasts glamour and prestige.
$1.06 $0.80/Sq Ft.

Loris Peach Blotch Texture

Dine elegantly on a fresh peach backdrop of a beautiful marbleized texture with this soft and luscious wall covering. Dainty but enchanting, its artfully crafted design marvels and delights!
$1.06 $0.80/Sq Ft.

Nils Beige Rag Texture

Paint your walls in this artfully spun textured wall covering that brings a glorious distressed appeal to your room. A beige backdrop gives way to grand brushstrokes of teal and burnished red, for a unexpected burst of fascinating color and depth.
$1.06 $0.80/Sq Ft.

Nils Blue Rag Texture

This highly-stylized distressed blue textured wallpaper, will bring a cool and calming air to any room. A slightly dimmed sky blue hue interwoven between bursts of white, creates an ideal plaster-like finish on a variety of walls.
$1.13 $0.85/Sq Ft.

Nils Olive Rag Texture

Get creative with this stylish, olive green distressed texture. A picturesque marbleized print makes this wallpaper the perfect companion when designing a space that boasts exquisite artistry.

Nils Taupe Rag Texture

Invite this intricate, soft taupe wall paper into your home for a distressed and attractive allure. Smooth strokes of neutrals combined with a grey dusting, bring a rustic, plaster like feel to your walls that's outstanding and timeless.
$1.06 $0.80/Sq Ft.

Raury Green Blotch Texture

This blue and green blotch textured wall paper is both wistful and dreamy in nature. Gorgeous shadows of color drift majestically to and fro, creating a unique and gentle canvas for any room.
$1.06 $0.80/Sq Ft.

Raury Yellow Blotch Texture

Create an everlasting daydream with this whimsical, watercolor-esque textured wallpaper. A mirage of pale yellow, pink and green hues, create a wondrous and imaginary backdrop for any space.
$1.06 $0.80/Sq Ft.

Spore Beige Bubble Texture

Bring into your home a rustic, sandy charm with this neutral textured wallpaper. A soft bubble sheen drifts across a beige canvas, bringing forth the artistic beauty of the unrefined
$1.13 $0.85/Sq Ft.

Spore Espresso Bubble Texture

This rich espresso texture brings a handsomely bold presence to any space. Slightly metallic bubbles expand its canvas, to create a modern wallpaper with an elaborate touch.
$1.13 $0.85/Sq Ft.

Spore Neutral Bubble Texture

A fabulously designed pebble texture gleams bright on this breathtaking wall paper. A soft pearlescent glow enhances its neutral tone, to transform your home into an inviting sanctuary.
$1.13 $0.85/Sq Ft.

Spore Taupe Bubble Texture

Invite a gorgeous taupe luster into your room with this intricately textured wall covering. Tiny iridescent pebbles dance together to expose a subtle but enchanting scene.
$1.13 $0.85/Sq Ft.

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