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A feature wall is a beautiful way to decorate with wallpaper. Choosing one wall to accentuate allows you to choose brighter colors and more striking designs without the fear of going overboard. Go big and go bold, even in a small space, with a wallpaper feature wall. These sassy designs give you the glamour you crave, while still allowing a sophisticated balance in the room. Have fun with your walls! Our feature wall wallpaper designs are a glorious way to enjoy color and pattern. 

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Ankara Blue Diamond Medallion

Like an exotic Indian tapestry, this diamond medallion wall paper brings a global chic allure to walls that's artfully refined in a blue, cream and brown palette.

Ankara Taupe Diamond Medallion

A richly ornate texture dressed in a diamond medallion design, adds a lush noble finish to walls. This designer wall paper featuring a grey, taupe and purple palette, evokes exotic beauty.
$145.98 $124.08

Kerala Brown Jacobean Damask

Richly embellished, this Jacobean damask wallpaper brings a lush espresso hue to walls flavored in designer detail. A tapestry of green, beige and red, coats a room in an embroidered exotic flair.
$145.98 $124.08

Namaste Brown Jacobean Floral

Like an intricate woven tapestry, this beautifully ornamented wall paper brings an authentic embroidered appeal to walls in a Jacobean floral design. A colorful palette of blue, green, pink and red, float majestically across a velvety chocolate texture.

Namaste Pink Jacobean Floral

With a Spring inspired palette, this exotic Indian wall covering evokes timeless charm. A vibrant floral design with rich Jacobean influence, bursts picturesque beauty on walls.

Syracuse Grey Leafy Damask

Once a luxurious resort villa, Pompeii lay in ruins after a tragic natural disaster. Shining light on the legacy of the famous Italian villa, this designer wallpaper creates an impressive ombre stripe effect in pewter and mauve tones. An heirloom patina effect adds depth behind the luxe damask print.

Syracuse Sage Leafy Damask

This dreamy designer wallpaper creates a chic ombre stripe effect with exalted hues of sage and gold. A time honored patina gives this damask design a legacy allure.
$145.98 $124.08

Blue Geo Base

$79.98 $67.98

Bronze Vega

Brown Larosa

Red Swirl

$85.98 $73.08

White Juno

Blue Clouds

$87.98 $74.78

Blue Puffy Clouds

$87.98 $74.78

Green World Map

$87.98 $74.78

Lavender Sunny Plaid

$87.98 $74.78

Mauve Vintage Damask

$87.98 $19.99

Neutral World Map

$87.98 $19.99

Ocean Clouds

$87.98 $74.78

Off-White Sunny Plaid

$87.98 $19.99

Red Simple Damask

$87.98 $19.99

White Marble Stripe

$87.98 $74.78

Bromley Charcoal Satin Damask

A cultured and ornate damask wallpaper pattern in deep steel grey and silver silk.
$89.98 $76.48

Isleworth Burgundy Floral Scroll

A grand choice for any formal space, this burgundy and brass scroll wallpaper is quite striking, with lush satin effects.
$89.98 $76.48

Leopard Dark Brown Animal Print

This designer animal print wallpaper brings glamour and adventure to your room! Eternally chic, leopard print is hot and stylish.

Thames Charcoal Leafy Scroll

A glamorous yet sophisticated palette of charcoal and silver unfurls a splendid scroll pattern for walls.
$89.98 $76.48

Westminster Burgundy Damask

With a distinguished nod to timeless luxury, this red damask wallpaper takes luxury to new heights with a radiant silk finish.
$89.98 $76.48

Westminster Dark Blue Damask

A handsome and grand damask wallpaper with fine silk details. The deep navy and heirloom silver colorway has a stately, traditional allure.
$89.98 $76.48

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